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Fic: Deathboy & Co, Part 3

Title: Deathboy & Co
Chapter: 3/??
Authors: Nash (nashmaveric)
Fandom: BtVS and Discworld
Pairing: Spike/Xander at some point in the future
Rating: PG for now
Characters: Sadly, not mine. Two of my most favourite character creators made them up. They all belong to Whedon and Pratchett, may they both keep on writing for years to come.
Concrits: welcome in comments
Author's note: Death’s apprentice and adopted daughter had two children, Jessica and Susan Sto Helit. Jessica didn’t like the idea of being Death’s grandchild so she run away from home to another dimension, married the first man she met and had a kid ::points to Xander:: The plan was, Death’s powers could not be part of someone who had produced life so she’d be off the hook.
Betaed by: electricalgwen
Previous parts: Part 1, Part 2

In the last Part:


The monster froze stood perfectly still.

“Oh, oh! That’s good, that’s good!” Xander grinned, bouncing a little. “Scythe. I mean, SCYTHE. ” The blade sprung into being, just as the monster shook itself free and made to throw Buffy against a stalagmite.

Xander sprung forward, scythe firmly in hand and dragged the blade through the monster’s neck. He couldn’t tell who was more shocked, him, Buffy or the monster, when a second later it exploded into ash.

“Well, that was interesting.” Buffy said hoarsely, rubbing at her neck.

* * *

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