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I don't know where to post this but

I am going to put this behind a small rant cut.  This is one of my absolute all time pet peeve of Spander 
and the Buffy verse in general in reguards to Xander being able to see out one eye.

I love Xander and Spike.  They are my favorite characters.  They have been since 
they first showed up on the first run episodes.

I just have a little problem with some of the fan fic.  I am just really tired 
of the way Xander is  written post series of not being able to do things because 
of his losing his eye.

I don't know how many stories I've read that he can't drive or be a 
carpenter etc etc.  Well kids my father was blind in one eye.  He drove cars
and company trucks for 30 years after he lost his sight in one eye.  He was 
telephone repairman - he climbed the poles with no problem. He climbed ladders,
went on roofs with no problems.  He may have considered handicapped 
by his license meaning he wore glasses but he never has a problem 
getting his license renewed.

I know it may be a part of your story but I for one am tired of little story 
prop of stopping Xander doing anything he wants.

I think it makes him even more human with actually coming out wounded.   
Having sight in one eye does take away your depth perception but you will eventually adapt.

I know it is not important in the grand scheam of things in fanfic,
but it just always bothered me and tonight I just had to get on my 
soapbox for a moment.

This is daneffew getting off her box and going back to finish reading 
the story that started this liitle diatribe.

Thanks for listening..

I hope I didn't offend anyone and please delete if not allowed.
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