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Amends, Friendships and Moving On Chapter 18
Author: xandercordy1
Pairing: S/X naturally
Disclaimer: See first chapter, I own nothing
Feedback: Yes, please, I beg of you cause I'm a feedback junkie
Summary: Spike comes back to help Angel during Amends and ends up falling for a certain dark haired Scooby we all know and love. So very beyond sorry about how long it's been between updates. R/L has really been kicking my ass. Short version....computer breakdowns, waiting to get another one, husband fighting foot infection due to diabetes for 7 months before having to have his toe amputated, so muse has been gone due to stress, worry and longer hours at work. I hope some of you remember the story and for those of you who don't, please check it out. Hopefully, there won't be such long intermissions between chapters. I have at least two ready to go and several others written in books. Just need to sort them out, type them up and they'll be posted as soon as possible, barring any complications.

Previous parts can be found Here

Chapter Eighteen

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