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Story search (theme): Xander not appreciated

Hope no one minds, I have a story search about under-appreciated Xander. There is a thread some posts back, called 'Canon point clarification please?', the thread ends with a discussion about how unfairly Xander is often treated on the show and how he is under-appreciated by the others (mostly Giles, Buffy and Willow but also Cordelia and Angel).

Some of the things that came up or make a similar point are:

No one thanking him for stealing the rocket launcher even tough he saved the day.

No one thanking him that he saved Buffy's life after the Master killed her.

Giles babying Buffy and Willow but not having much use for Xander.

Giles letting Willow and Buffy get away with a lot of mistakes but often being hateful to Xander.

Angel offering Xander as a snack to Spike without repercussions.

Everybody liking suave!TothXander better, up to the point of accusing the goofy half of being a demon.

Xander being forced out of the group because it would be too dangerous etc...

Now to my question, are there any stories (Xander(Spike or otherwise) that deal with that? Maybe someone bringing up to the group that they are shortchanging Xander, or Xander having enough of how they treat him and defending himself. Or perhaps the group realizing how much Xander has done for them, or Xander becoming part of another group (crossover? Angel?) who appreciate him much more and treat him better. There are many more possibilities on how Xander being unappreciated could come up in a story and I'm sure some of them have been written. Does anyone here have any recommendations? I would be very grateful if you could help me out :-), Thank you very much!


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