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Public Announcement: Transferring ownership of the story 'Companions'.

I don't know if this will be considered an appropriate post. But since it's about a Spike and Xander fic. I'm posting it here to head off any  suspicions or accusations of plagiarism.

This a duplicate: Posted to slashtheboyz' Live Journal and here at bloodclaim, publicly for a permanent record of my agreement to hand over my Spike and Xander story 'Companions' to slashtheboyz. I decided a while back not to complete the story. I hereby declare that the story 'Companions' is mine, the plot is my original idea and the original characters are my creations. I retain all rights to them, until I transfer ownership to slashtheboyz. Then all rights to the story 'Companions' will belong solely to slashtheboyz. I require no credit or mention for the parts I have written if she agrees to take ownership of, and complete the story 'Companions'. If she decides not to take ownership of the story 'Companions'. I will retain all my rights. I will not and am not giving the story 'Companions' to anyone else and no permission is being given or implied for any other person or entity to use any part of the story 'Companions'; the title, the plot, or the characters, or any other part of the story 'Companions' for any other purpose, without requesting permission in writing, and express written permission granted by me.

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