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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

Thanks to Petxnd for the lovely banner

Everyone sat around the large oval table and chatted comfortably.
Each of them talking over the other and all laughing easily together
as only family does.

Xander had located plates and silverware and had, with some
hesitation popped open the bottle of wine he had brought to
celebrate his and Spike's first night together in their new home.

Gunilla and her husband divided up the huge pot of wiener
schnitzel they had brought and all the members of the circle
happily dug into their lunch. Andrew had scooted his chair as
near Xander as he could and still eat without bumping elbows with
the object of his affection. He tucked his napkin in to the collar of
his shirt and propped his elbows up on the table.

Xander piled his plate high and was the first to start the conversation.
"Well, we know it has to mean more than just the fact that a turtle is
green cause, well, yeah, a turtle is green. Unless it has been in an
aquarium too long then they turn sort of icky brown, but I don't think
that is relevant in this case."

Willow and Tara, both chewing a mouthful of German goodness looked
at each other and crinkled their noses at the thought of a scroungy,
barnicle covered amphibian.

Andrew shuffled his feet apart slowly till his knee bumped Xander's
under the table. He took it as great encouragement when Xander didn't
pull away and his face stretched in a big grin as his confidence and
the penis in his tighty whitey's both grew.

"I think till all this is sorted out that one of us should stay here
with Xander. You know, protect him from that guy, that Spat or
Sprig or whatever his name is and make sure he knows that we don't
want him here. Now since you two have jobs and stuff, it can't be you."

Andrew waved his fork in front of Gunilla and her gruff, chubby hubby.
He then turned to the girls.

"And you guys need your privacy. Hee hee. And sides you go to school
so it can't be you. I guess that just leaves me. I'll stay here with Xan.
I'll look out for him. O.k? O.k, Xan?"

Xander had been lost in his own thoughts during the boys rambling
conversation and hadn't heard a word of it. Something about a green
turtle was dancing around in the back of his brain. The tid bit was hiding
in a far corner that his brain's fingers couldn't quite reach to pull out
and present it as a memory.

When he did come to the realization that he had been asked a question,
he also noticed the bony, corduroy covered knee that was presently
rubbing, bouncing and frotting against his under the table. At the same
time the arousal fueled emotion that poured off the boy hit each member
of the circle causing an uncomfortable spark to creep up their spines.

"What? Andrew, stop that!"
Xander hop-scooted his chair away from the body and pouty faced
boy that sulked beside him. Willow and Tara continued eating and
did their best to show no reaction not wanting to add to Andrew's

Gunilla's reaction was completely the opposite. She immediately waved
a tiny sausage just inches from the nose of the hormonal teenager.
"You must not do dat! Our Xander is not going to fuck you! He is
a grown man and you are as yet the young boy. You is not all haired
over yet and you is trying to get into da pants of our Xander. You
stop dat right now. Dat is not good for you and dat is not good for
Xander. But most of all dat is not good for the Circle and what affects
da circle affects us all."

Andrew shrank and cringed at the reprimand and hearing his intentions,
hopes and dreams laid out so clearly for everyone's inspection
Gunilla had been like a grandmother to him and, in her own way, much
more loving and accepting of him than anyone in his own family had ever
been. But, they all knew how brutally blunt she could be as each had,
at one time or another, been on the receiving end.

Andrew dropped his clasped hands into his lap and lowered his head.
"I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm sorry Xander. I'll be good."

Xander put his arm around Andrew's shoulder and tugged him close.
"That's o.k. I know you don't mean any harm by it. You just need to
find someone your own age and you will. When you least expect it
you will find the perfect person. The one that destiny has selected
just for you."

"Xander is talking right. You are the young boy and need to learn
of the facts of life. Right after we are done with the lunch dat we eat you
will go into the library with my husband and he will talk all the sexual facts
of life that a boy needs to know. You are still the anal virgin. Yes?"

Xander felt Andrews horrified body tension under his arm He knew,
like everyone else at the table that when Gunilla made a proclamation, it
was as good as stamped in stone. Willow and Tara stuffed their mouths
full in an attempt to stifle their snickers.

Andrew turned a pleading face toward Xander and whimpered. Xander
just shrugged.
"Look at it this way, Andrew, you want to be ready don't you? When
that special someone comes along. Just like when Spike did for me?"

As soon as the name rolled off his tongue, Xander's eyes lit up with
"Spike! Turtle! That's where I heard the word before. The other day
when I looked at some of Spike's police crime photos the name turtle came
to me. "Greene turtle" has something to do with a murder case Spike is
working on."

The group instantly, and Andrew hoped permanently, forgot about his scolding
and schooling and focused their energy and conversation on the meaning
behind Gunilla's automatic writing. Xander's certainty of where they
should look felt right to the circle and they began to formulate a plan.

Before any of the ideas could take shape and direction, the group
was startled by the sound of someone slamming the gargoyle shaped
knocker on the heavy wooden front door.

In silence, the members of the circle all looked back and forth. No one
got up. No one moved. The door knocker sounded again and Xander
rose to his feet. Each of the psychics in the room already knew who
stood outside on the stone threshold. Unfortunately their abilities
didn't tell them if this was to be a repeat of the scene from yesterday or
if the energy was good.

Xander took a deep breath and opened the door.

Neither man spoke further, each waiting on the other to break the silence.
One minute. Two minutes. Feet shuffled. Mouths opened, then closed.

Just as Spike was about to give up, give in, apologize..... something,
a voice from within the dining room boomed out.

"Villiam? Is dat you? You vill comen see here and ve vill talk now. Yes?"
Spikes's eyes bugged open comically and his chin hit the floor.
He glared and pointed a finger accusingly at Xander.
"You've got Hiney in there don't you? Admit it. That's Hiney! What the
fuck Xander?"

Xander blinked in confusion.
"Yeah, you know Gunilla's husband? Wow, small world huh?"

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