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S/X Fic Searches


I'm looking for 2 specific fics that I seem to have lost the links for and really want to read again.

1) It's a Human AU where Xander and Faith are friends and share an apartment and Xander works building sets I think, for a theatre in the park. I remember something about a bookstore where I think Spike and Faith worked and that's where Xander met Spike? I know it's not much but those are the only details I really remember the rest is kind of fuzzy.

2) I have even less details for this one but I think that it's an AU during the last season of Buffy or during the fight with Glory. Spike has left Sunnydale but keeps in contact with Xander and at one point Xander and Dawn arrive at Spike's place. I vaguely remember that they think that everyone else is dead. Xander and Spike sort of become Dawn's parents and there is a neighbour. I know it's vague but I'm pretty sure it was posted on this community a while back.

Can anyone remember either of these? I've been searching for both of them for over a month now and just can't seem to find them. Help!
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