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As we now have over 1000 members... (waves to everyone)

... I thought it might be time to remind you all of the most important rules around here. (You can find the full list on the profile page here:  Bloodclaim profile page .)

Make sure your work is clearly rated using either the US or UK system, or something simple like 'Adult', 'Teen' or 'All', so nobody reads, by mistake, something they shouldn't.

Warnings. These should be posted where appropriate (for graphic sex, violence, kinks, etc). Also, in the case of artwork, you should at least put NSW (Not Safe for Work) when there is partial or full nudity.

A link to previous chapters needs to be included in each new post. Adding your fic to your Memories immediately after posting makes this easy. Thanks!

Headers also help people keep track of which fic is which, and lets people know whether or not they want to read it. The list below suggests the sort of headers you might want to include in your fic posts:

        Pairing: Spike/Xander
        Concrit: by email please/in comments/no
        Previous chapters:
        Graphics: (size, and artist)

S/X art - icons, manips, layouts, headers, friends only banners, cover art, etc - must be put behind lj cuts. The only allowed exceptions are icon posts, where two or three teaser icons can remain outside the cut so that people know whether or not they want to see the rest.

Beta requests for your S/X fic.

If you're not sure that your post fits the criteria, please email me and ask. Any non-relevant posts will be deleted at the mod's discretion.

Thank you, everyone, for helping to keep this community, this corner of fandom, alive and kicking! :D

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