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In his cups

Title: In his cups
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: R
Summary: Spike is drunk, he loves Xander, of course Xander as ever is oblivious.

Xander knocked on the door of the crypt.
He didn’t get an invitation to come in, but he did hear the sound of glass smashing, so he took it on himself to go in and investigate.

The place was a tip even to his eyes, empty JD bottle strewn about the floor, broken ones over by the hatchway down to Spike’s inner sanctum. He heard mumbling coming from down the hatch and went to see what was going on.
He gingerly backed down the steps and all but stood on Spike who was sitting on the floor with his arms wrapped around the ladder.

“What the hell are you doing Spike?”

Spike looked up, soppy grin on his face.
“Ahh, Zhhhhanda! My hero, come to wesh - wesh-cue me from- from…..” he trailed off flinging his arm out, the half empty bottle in his hand sailed away to hit the wall.
“Bugger – ‘sall gone, no more left, wanna be numb Xan, don’t wanna feel, numbnumbnumb.”
“You – are – drunk! Shitfaced! Spike! What on earth?” He was drunker than Xander had ever seen him, absolutely wrecked, and he had seen Spike drunk many a time.

“Come on pal, let me get you up off the floor and onto your nice soft bed. Come on, that’s a good vampire” Xander coaxed in his most gentle –I’m-dealing-with-a-drunken-lunatic-vampire-voice.
“How’d you know m’bed’s shoft, never bin init, wanna get in? Pleeease Xan, get in, mmmm all warm, lovely, lovely warm Xander. XanderXanderXander.” He sing-songed.

“Hey, stop with the name calling, I might get used to it. What happened to Git and Tosser, or even Harris eh?”
“Not a Git, not a Tosser, lovely you are.” Spike smiled drunkenly at Xander, reaching out to touch him, hand falling away before it could.
“Yeah I know, lovely warm Xander” he laughed. Poor Spike would regret this in the morning, he wondered if Spike would have a hangover – should he leave him water to drink? He aught to check the fridge for blood too, just in case.
“Tell me Xander, jush shay it, jush f’me pet.”
“What’re you talking about now Spike eh?” he asked distractedly as he manhandled him onto the bed. He felt light, lighter than normal.
“You been losing weight Spike? Not getting enough blood, shall I go warm you some up?”

Spike started giggling which turned into hiccoughs. Xander unfastened his boots and pulled them off, socks too, then tried to get the cover from underneath Spike who was still giggling and hiccoughing. He wasn’t getting very far.
“Tell me Zhaaander, tell me you love me. Go on shay it, dare ya, shay it n I’ll be good for ya! Tell me, make me happy. Only one Xan, only you looksh after me. ”
“If it’ll make you happy and you’ll be a good boy then I love you” he said smiling at how really, really drunk Spike must be.
The giggling and the hiccoughs stopped, Spike had flung his arm across his face and Xander could hear little snuffling noises, it seemed almost as if Spike were crying – nah, Spike wasn’t an unhappy drunk. Well not that he had ever been before.

“Spike, now you’re starting to worry me. You can’t choke on your own vomit can you? Don’t want you doing a Jimmy Hendrix on me. Do vampires vomit?”
“Would ya care Xan?”
“Course I would”
“You hate me”
”Don’t hate you. Might not like you sometimes, but, no, don’t hate you.”
“Love you Xander”
”No you don’t Spike. You really are drunk y’know? This is a doozy Spike, you are so gonna regret all this in the morning”
“Xander?” Questioning.
“Spike!” Exasperated.
“I DO love you”
Xander sighed, poor Spike, he was so far gone. Xander made the mistake of glancing up and caught the look in Spike’s teary eyes as he softly said once more
“I do love you Xander”
Xander saw it. The vulnerability and the love in those twin blue pools. He felt it as cool fingers ghosted over his cheek. The breath was sucked out of him, his stomach flipped, dropping away, plummeting like an out of control elevator.
Loved. Loves.


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