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In his cups

Title: Bones
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: R
Summary: Xander wants Spike to get his bounce back, and he'll go to any lengths.

If I've posted this before then my apologies. I'm tidying up my docs and dumb old me hasn't marked which one's I've posted and which ones I've not. Oh, not beta'd.

Spike could feel Xander’s excitement even before he opened the door to the apartment, it seemed to thrum through the walls like a living thing. Wonder what’s got him all dog with two tails-ish? mused Spike. He hadn’t had a very good night’s killing and mayhem so he was feeling a little more down than he had been of late. And, had he been on a downer! He wondered sometimes how Xander put up with him specially as he'd been such a miserable sod. He rested his head against the door before turning the key and walking inside to see what the what was with puppy dog Xander.

Inside the apartment Xander was vibrating with barely suppressed joy. Oh boy, did he have the treat of all treats for Spike, yes sir-ee! This day, well night actually would go down in the annals of history as the day Spike got his bounce back. Well, Xander hoped against hope it would be. He’d gone and fallen for Spike – hard, and he wanted to give him something to show how he felt.

Spike hadn’t been his usual snarky sarky self at all when he found out – he’d heard Xander beating the meat, heard him complete and was shocked to hear his name sighed out of Xander’s mouth. What was an evil vampire to do but push open the door? He saw Xander in all his naked glory, hot and sweaty from his exertions, hand covered in cum, eyes closed and a look of bliss on his face. It stirred something in Spike and instead of making Xander die of embarrassment he quietly backed out of the room and softly closed the door. He was unsure whether it was lust or… something else, he’d have to find out one way or another. He didn’t want to be someone else’s fuck toy, he’d bloody well had enough of that. He had feelings for Christ sake, maybe not all human mushy lovey dovey feelings, but he had emotions nonetheless.

After careful observation Spike decided that Xander had more than lustful feelings for him. They became quite close, not as close as Xander wanted it seemed, because he wanted flesh on flesh and even flesh in flesh, but Spike was not his usual hyper evil self. So far they were good friends, nothing more.
Even when his chip got fried he hadn’t gone rampaging and covering the town in the blood of innocents. Spike, Xander decided was depressed, and Xander was at a loss as to how to get his spark back.

Not anymore though, because today, today it had all become crystal clear. Xander was driving back home from work and he saw the thing that would make Spike happy. He formulated a plan then and there, acted on the spur of the moment and claimed the prize!
He was the man!
He was very, very pleased with himself.
He prayed Spike would be equally pleased.

The door to the apartment swung open and Spike walked in, he gave the room a quick once over, then his eyes rested on Xander. Bloody hell, he might have to get sun glasses – the boy’s smile could like up the bloody sky!
“Hey Spike, good night? Lots of demons to kill, bad guys to drain? Damsels to save?” Shit, Spike hated to rain on the kids parade, but the way he was feeling....
“I’ve had a fucking shite nite pet but ta fer askin. Anyway, what’s got you all happied up? You been takin summat you shouldn’t luv?”
“No Spike, I don’t do stuff like that, just a natural high for the old Xan-man!!” Spike smiled a small shy smile at Xander which melted Xander’s heart a little more. God, Spike was perfection, but so sad. He just wanted to make that sad face go away.

“You know what you need Spike? You need to relax, put your feet up, take that coat off and let me ease the tension out of those shoulders, and while you’re at it, why not have a drop or two of good old JD?”
“Don’t mind if I do pet” and as if by magic Xander thrust out a half full tumbler at Spike. Spike shed his second skin (duster) toed off his boots and plonked himself down on the sofa.
“Take your t shirt off?” Xander asked tentatively. Spike pulled it over his head revealing a well defined torso which Xander was fairly drooling over. Spike heard his heart rate kick up and inhaled the lovely waft of pheromones coming off the boy.

He really must do something about that, and soon. It might just make him feel better.

Xander warmed his hands up and set to work easing the tense muscles in Spike’s neck and shoulders. Spike started to relax under Xander’s unexpectedly expert touch, and with the help of his favourite tipple. Soon Xander’s hands began to roam a little further than neck and shoulders and they changed from massaging to caressing. Spike sighed deeply and laid his head back, eyes closed. Xander’s hands roamed over Spike’s shoulders, down his arms and across his chest, he circled his pink nipples, god he wanted them in his mouth, to be able to nip and lick and suck. His hands roamed further down, caressing Spike’s abdomen, it was hard and muscular but the skin was as soft as a baby’s, again his thoughts took over, he wanted to trail kisses from those pink nipples all the way down, over those abs and down into uncharted territory.
He pulled his hands back reluctantly and looked down at Spike’s face. His blue eyes were staring right back up at him. Xander was mesmerised, he could sink into those depths and never want to come up for air. Although it was awkward he wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak.
This was fate, it had to happen. He bent his head lower and gently brushed his lips over Spike’s. It was beautiful. His lips were as soft as down, as cool as a popsicle on a hot summers day, the smell of him was all smoke and leather and whiskey-y.

“I have a present for you Spike.” he husked out eventually when he got his brain to work again. Spike too was having difficulty forming coherent thoughts.
“Yeah luv? Can I unwrap you now?” Ohh yes, now, now thought Xander’s brain but the words that came out of his mouth were something quite different.
“Later, you can unwrap me and play with me all you want.”
“That a promise luv?”
“Oh yeah, cause if you don’t unwrap me and play, well I might just have to do something drastic, like seduce you while you sleep”
“Much prefer to be seduced while I’m awake luv. Come and sit in my lap?” Xander took a deep and fortifying breath.
“You know how much I want to do that? The muchiest much of all the muchness that there ever was, but No. No with the naughty distracting. I got you a gift Spike and I just hope it was the right thing to do. I hope you like it, and you can use it however you want. I really mean that Spike. However you want.” He walked from around the back of the sofa and held out a hand to Spike.

Spike was intrigued. This must be something really specially cause he knew Xander was practically bursting with desire,knew the boy wanted him with a vengeance. He held out his hand and Xander pulled him up from the sofa, they stood chest to chest.
Xander again leaned in for a kiss, loosing himself in Spike. Spike’s hands slipped up Xander’s back and neck to cradle his head whilst they locked lips. It took all of Xander’s strength of will to pull away from Spike. He was intoxicating, addictive.
Xander reached up and took Spike’s hand from his head, holding it he gently tugged at him.

“C’mon, I couldn’t keep it in the apartment, we have to go out to the garage. You wanna put something on so I don’t get distracted n you don’t get cold?” Spike smiled again, they boy was such a treat, such an innocent, and he was really rather looking forward to unwrapping him. He donned his duster rather than the tee, put his docs back on and the pair of them headed out to the garage. Xander once again holding Spikes hand.

They arrived at the garage which was locked. Xander looked over his shoulder to make sure there was no-one about and he bent to unlock the door. Odd thought Spike, Xander was being a bit shifty. The door creaked open and then Spike heard something he wasn’t expecting. He looked enquiringly at Xander who grinned back at him. He tugged on Spike’s hand and they entered the garage with Xander firmly closing the door behind them. The sound he’d heard earlier had now quickened and as Xander turned and flicked on the light, Spike blinked and just as suddenly he switched to his true face, a deep growl reverberating though his chest as he saw the sight before him.

Riley Finn.

All trussed up in his army fatigues, mouth taped shut, eyes about popping from his head, arms stretched out and cuffed to the joist in the roof, his legs astride, a spreader inserted into the cuffs strapped around his ankles. Spike couldn’t believe his eyes. He turned to look expectantly at Xander.

“He’s for you Spike. Like I said, do whatever you want, just don’t let blood go under the door, and don’t let anyone hear him screaming. I think I know a little about what having him at your mercy means. I love you Spike. I wanted to show you how much” he told him eyes downcast.
Spike couldn’t believe what he was hearing. The boy must really love him to do something like this, knowing what he would do to that fucker Finn. He was overwhelmed. The silence grew, the only thing to be heard was the harsh sound of terrified breathing. He put his finger under Xander’s chin and lifted it so their eyes met.
“You gonna stay n watch luv?”
“Nah, you go ahead and enjoy yourself, don’t be too long tho cause I’ll be waiting for you. Still need unwrapping don’t forget!” Spike pulled Xander to him and kissed him hard. They both drew apart panting.
“I don’t know what to say Xan, Thank you love! Are you sure you know what you've done- giving me this?" Spike jerked his head in Finn's direction. Xander nodded, he knew only too well what he'd done how much more he was willing to do.
I’ll be an hour or so, just get warmed up, then I’ll be up to play with my other pressie!” he told him with a waggle of his eyebrow.
"Xander. I never knew you'd ....."
"Go this far? Not far enough after, after what he - Have fun Spike, but not too much - don't go gettin all tired, cause, well y'know."
Xander smiled shyly and left his lover to torture and maim the bane of his current unlife. Spike removed his duster, circled his victim, practically thrumming with energy.
As he slipped thru the garage door Xander glanced over at Spike who, he was happy to observe, seemed to have his bounce back.

What more could he possibly ask for?

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