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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

This chapter Not Worksafe.

Thanks to Petxnd for the lovely banner

Spike checked the time on the dash panel clock and was
delighted to see it was still before midnight. Just barely.
Faith had accompanied the patrol officer back to the
station to handle Adam Kinsey's booking and file the
preliminary reports, freeing Spike to take care of a more
pressing obligation.

After making one stop in their old neighborhood, Spike had
broken more than one traffic law in an effort to zip across
town and make it to the mansion before his promised return time.

Turning the corner, and almost with out his guidance, the Corvette
zipped in to the driveway like an old plow horse instinctively returning
to the barn after a long day in the field.

The house was dark and from the outside appeared still unoccupied.
Spike knew that was miles from the truth and without even considering
knocking, he turned the door knob, comforted that it had been left open
for him.

Stepping in to the foyer, Spike paused to take it all in. Small table lamps
had been left on in each of the rooms, offering just enough illumination
to be able to see the shapes and shadows of the beauty of the rooms
and the gleam of the furniture.

He was honest enough to admit that it was breath taking. It was like
something straight out of an old 1940's Betty Davis movie.
Although he still wasn't exactly sure how he felt about living in such an
environment, he could certainly see and feel a little of what sold Xander on it.

"Did you bring it?"

Spike's attention was snapped back to reality as his eyes searched the darkness
for the source of the deep, dreamy voice. Turning, he looked up and saw
him standing at the top of the stairs, his smile warm, loving and welcoming
him home like the beam of a light house to a ship that had been too long at sea.

Spike laughed, it was an exact repeat of the first night he had been drawn
to the young psychic. A night, rather, morning, that had changed his life forever.

Holding up the bag, Spike smirked then bounded up, two stairs at a time.
"Yeah, I got it. You were pretty confident weren't you? When I got to
the pizza shop they said you had just called in the order a half hour earlier."

Xander took the sack from his hands and stuck his face inside, breathing deeply.
"You got everything? The wings? The extra sauce?"

"I don't think they would have allowed me to skip anything even if I wanted to."
Spike followed him down the hall to the closed doors of the master bedroom.
When they stopped, Xander stepped back, with his hands full, indicating
Spike should go in first.

Stepping up, Spike swung the heavy doors open and gasp. The room before
him was nothing short of breathtaking. The first time he had seen it, the
bedroom had been rife with dust, dirt and potential. Now it was stunning.
Every wood surface in the room glowed, shining and carrying the fragrance
of rich lemon oil.

The high four poster bed had been freshly made with crisp clean sheets and
draped with a sable brown comforter, all folded down and welcoming.
A small sitting area by the stone fireplace had been set up with a leather
top table and two matching chairs. It was there that Xander was busily
arranging the sacks of food and drinks.
"I think they shorted you on the mustard packs. We should.......nay that's o.k."

Wandering over to the fire place, Spike saw that Xander had put candles and
pictures along the mantle. Picking them up one at a time, he recognized them as
ones of him as a child, older, and even him in his first uniform when he
graduated the academy.

"Where on earth did you find these?"

Xander reluctantly tore his attention away from the food and joined him,
picking one up.
"They were in one of the boxes you had in storage after your lease expired.
I had the storage company send them all over here for safe keeping.
I hope you don't mind."

Spike wrapped his arms around Xander and pulled him close, their lips
just a breath apart.
"Why would I mind? This is my home too, isn't it?"

Xander immediately closed the gap and sealed their lips in a kiss that
answered all questions and left no doubt that this was exactly where
Spike was expected to be. In this house. In these arms.
Spike pulled back and gasp for air.
"What about the pizza?"

"Fuck the pizza."
Suddenly, in a surprising move, Xander scooped Spike up and tossed
him over his shoulder, fireman style. He took the few steps needed
to get to the bed and tossed the laughing man down on his back.

"Strip, Spike! I want to see what fate has sent me."

Like the first time, Spike scrambled to comply. This time, however his
insecurity and embarrassment were replaced with love, confidence, and
eager anticipation. Although only a few days, it felt like years since they
had been together like this.

Xander stood by the bed and slowly pulled the t-shirt over his head.
His oversized flannel sleep pants rode low on his hips and Spike couldn't
take his eyes off the huge bulge that tented the front.
His stomach squiggled and his hole twitched in anticipation.

Xander ran his large hand over his flat stomach, ruffling the trail of fine,
black hairs. Gradually, and holding Spike in a hypnotic trance, the
fingers slid fractionally lower till they had worked their way down inside
the elastic waist band.

Spike watched as the outline of four fingers moved up and down the
huge shaft, tugging it outward, pulling the pants open on each swipe.

"Say the words, Spike. I won't fuck you till you say the words."

This time there was no doubt. Spike didn't need to see a script
to know what his dialog was in this act of their play. It wasn't an
apology or a declaration of sexual orientation Xander wanted to hear.
It was something else. Something only Spike could give him.

"I love you, Xander. Only you. Always you."

Xander dropped his pants and stepped to the bed. Spike's legs
opened faster than a hooker's at a cattleman's convention and he laid
back, stroking his own hard, ready cock.

Xander straddled Spike's hips, sitting back on his legs and still massaging
the thick meat that was now dribbling steadily. Leaning forward, he reached
his free hand into the drawer of the night stand and retrieved a new tube of
lube and a foil pack. Spike raised his eyebrows.

"I put these here the first day. Should have been all gone by now. Guess
we have some catching up to do."
Xander moved back till he sat on the bed between Spike's open legs.
He then grabbed one of Spike's slender ankles and lifted it over his

Spike's breath came in ragged bursts as he waited impatiently as Xander
worked two then three slick fingers in and out of his grasping, ready hole.
He held tensely to Xander's wrist and rocked his hips, fucking himself on
the slick fingers that were only teasing and tormenting him.

"Hurry, Christ, Xan I'm so hard, I'm gonna blow the second you shove that
fuckin' meat inside me. That's enough. I'm ready."

Xander really didn't think he was, but he didn't want to wait either. Squeezing
a little more lube onto his hand he coated his cock and lined the head up, sliding
it back and forth over the hole to wet the way.

Spike pressed his calf down on Xander's shoulder, lifting his ass higher. He
held his cock in one hand and pulled his ball sac forward. He was as open
and offered as he could present himself.

Xander closed his eyes. The sight alone was almost his undoing. Taking a
deep relaxing breath, he held his cock just under the head and shoved it
through the still too tight ring of muscle. Spike grunted from the delicious
pain and burn.

After counting mentally to five, Xander fell forward and slid home.
Spike blew out the oxygen he held in his lungs with a grunt.
"Fuck. Ow. Fuck. Yes!"

Spike threw his arms over his head as Xander gripped his cock with
huge warm fingers still coated in slick lube. Each time Xander hips
snapped forward his cock slammed into Spike's prostate and his
finger's wrung another dribble of pre cum from Spike's cock.

Within minutes, Spike wrapped his hand around Xander's and his
hips moved in time. Their fucking took on a frantic, deep, irregular
timing as Spike was first to feel the tingle.

"Deeper, Xan, harder, it's cumming. Come on, Baby I can feel it.
Damn! Damn! Da.........agh! Yes!"

Spike's body went rigid as his cock pumped string after string of
sticky cum over both their hands and onto his chest and stomach.
Before his convulsions of pleasure had slowed, Xander joined him,
filling the tip of the condom to over full.

Neither man made any attempt to move as the waves of orgasm rocked
through them flushing them with warmth and satisfaction.
At last, Spike was able to open his eyes as the blood seeped lazily
back into his brain.

Gently, Xander eased his cock out of Spike's body and let the leg slide
from his shoulder to hit the bed with a "PLOP"

Sitting back on his heels, Xander looked down at the messy shrinking
cock and shook his head.
"Well, that was quick. Hey! I'll bet the pizza is still hot. Come on. Get up."

Spike groaned.

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