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Fic: Premeditated (NC-17)

Title: Premeditated
Author/Artist: Ann
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Summary: Banter, nudity and a deviously minded vampire.

Warnings: M/M slash, not-so-graphic smut and naked cavorting.

One of the 28 flavors of my Spike prompts found here. For anxiety_junkie, who wanted ‘Swimming-In-The-Buff-Spike’ with Xander.

Damn but it felt good to feel free of the Scoobies for a few hours. To flick a finger up at them and go on his merry way instead of helping out. Spike sighed as he shrugged off his shirt, tossing it back into the battered and beaten car. Not that he wouldn’t pay for it later.

The watcher he could handle, the witches-well he knew Tara guessed why he stormed off anyhow, she was the more perceptive of the two and he could handle what Willow considered her ‘angry’ face. Not that he was bloody answerable to any of them anyway, he reminded himself, kicking off his boots with more aggression than casual motion. ’Course, the Bit would be all upset he wasn’t there, even if it was best that he wasn’t -with the temptation to say something or do something stupid.

Hands on his waistband, Spike popped the button on his jeans, pushing them off his hips and stepping out of them as they pooled around his ankles. Stretching, he swallowed a yawn and slammed the car door shut with satisfyingly loud crunch.

Buffy, she was different. She appreciated him leaving, he’d seen gratitude flick in her eyes as he spoke words meant to cut and infuriate before seeing himself out. He was doing the space thing for her after all; dragged out of heaven, not sure what she wanted just wanting to feel alive again. Wanting to fight and fuck, though he’d turned her down on the last and embarrassed her when he’d told her why. Turned out fighting was more therapeutic anyway, at least for her.

He had come off a tad worse though, even if he wasn’t pulling his punches. At least she accepted his reasoning, gave him her blessing after they fought, or as close as she could come to it. Though ‘could do worse’ wasn’t as complimentary as Spike had hoped for.

This was better, Spike smiled to himself as he stood by the edge of the lake. It wasn’t as bright as he would have liked; lamps alongside the lake having fallen into disrepair and ignored much the same as the lake itself was. Still there was moonlight, and quiet-for the most part.

Ignoring the light noise behind him, scenting no potential danger from that direction, Spike stepped into the water. And jumped back quickly, yelping. He coughed, shook his feet one at a time and pretended he hadn’t just made that noise. Right before he stepped back in, tensing to hold back the shiver.

Cold, bloody cold. But Spike always was one to feel the cold, felt it more acutely now he was a vampire. Drusilla pressed up against him had taken some of it away bizarre as it sounded, his dark princess having a heat to her even if her body temperature didn’t reflect it. Grimacing as he moved further in and the water lapped up close to his cock, Spike took the plunge and ducked under turning the movement into a stroke as he swam away from the shore and then back again.

Might be cold but I’d rather be here then back with them.

Even if he could hear slight noises coming from the shore, rustling and heavy breath. He pushed it aside, ducking under again to soak his head, letting himself float there underwater and just enjoy the quiet. The freedom. No one to answer to and no one to annoy.

The thought was short-lived when hands grasped at his shoulders, prompting Spike to suck in a lungful of surprisingly clean water as he was hauled roughly to the surface. Coughing and choking, curses sounding inside his head but not yet spoken, Spike was lost for words as a heavy hand slapped at his back.

“Breathe damn it, breathe.”

The voice wasn’t unfamiliar and Spike glared up at Xander, completely ignoring the fact that he was all but clinging to the man as he spat out the water and brushed it from his eyes. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

The look Xander shot him was priceless; part incredulous, part angry. “Gee, I don’t know, stopping you from drowning maybe? What else do you call it when some idiot stays underwater for a freakish amount of time?”

“I don’t drown pet, you need to breathe to drown.” His matter-of-fact tone only annoyed Xander all the more Spike noted, watching the man’s eyes narrow. Funnily enough, Xander still hadn’t noticed the limpet that was Spike wrapped around him and Spike wasn’t about to remind him. Felt damn good having the man pressed this close; not only with his warm body against him, but Xander wasn’t bad in the looks department himself. Not bloody bad at all.

Spike swept an appraising eye over what he could see, tuning out Xander’s spluttering and griping. Ignoring the man moaning on about god-knows-what and focusing on what he did like--the man himself.

Xander had gained some muscle tone, not too much just enough for Spike to notice, especially with it this close. He looked pretty fine when wet too, even if his hair was sticking up all over the place. Spike’s gaze was moving downwards towards the water, knowing he wouldn’t be able to see much if anything but unable to resist. Damn temptation that Xander Harris proved to be, much to Spike’s own frustration.

It took him by surprise when Xander’s lips pressed against his own. Parting them more in startlement than an actual response. Still he couldn’t complain, not when Xander wasted no time in slipping his tongue in, roughly teasing at Spike’s own and claiming his mouth. It would’ve been rude for Spike to start talking then, mouth and arms full of Xander. So he kissed back, teased Xander’s tongue with his own and pulled the man all the closer.

Just as well Spike had chosen six feet of water to relax in or they’d both had been over with all the wriggling.

Xander broke the kiss, shaking his head as he grinned at Spike, “So annoying me is like foreplay for you?”

“Not sure what you’re talking about, Harris.” Spike shrugged, still not letting go of Xander even as the man shifted against him. As he loosened his grip on Spike for a moment before tightening it, pressing their cocks together. Not sure, my arse. Spike bit back the thought, even though his cock was pressed up against Xander’s equally interested one.

“Blowing us all off? Being rude and announcing you’re coming up here to kill demony things when we know it’s so dead up here not even the vamps come?” Xander looked more amused than anything and Spike scowled at him.

“Got a vamp right here that’s…here.” He finished lamely, eyes narrowing at Xander, “What you doing up here anyway? Didn’t think this was the sort of places you hero types were seen at.” Least of all buck naked and playing ‘tease the vamp with the barest of movements’ in frottage games that drove said vampire half-crazy.

“You’ve snarked at me again and again, and trust me Spike I’m not as slow on the uptake as everyone thinks I am. Okay, with Willow that was years ago and with Anya, yes. But with guys? Much, much easier to read, especially when they’re coming on to me.” Xander was grinning more widely now but as Spike opened his mouth to refute the comment and toss back a comment or two, the other man rocked forward, his hands moving down to firmly grip at Spike’s buttocks.

“Don’t even try and deny it, Spike. You have some warped way of flirting with me. Insulting me and then stealing my car even after you’d told me where you were going. If that’s not an open invitation, I don’t know what is.”

Xander had a point, Spike had to admit it, he wasn’t about to deny it. He’d taken a leaf out of Anya’s book, and her advice when she’d run off after enjoying the orgasms that came with Xander-sex, terrified of the mortality attached to it. Be blatant, banter with him, and when all else fails to get through the man’s head, drop your kecks and bare all. He won’t be able to resist.

Lips curving in a smile, Spike leant forward, breath ghosting over Xander’s lips for a moment as he spoke. “’bout time you noticed.” Before he caught Xander’s mouth in a deep kiss, tongue exploring and tangling with Xander’s, claiming the man as his own.


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