Nieriel (loopy_1981) wrote in bloodclaim,

ficcy search

human au, i belive....

i may be looking for 2 stories i have mixed up..

spike has bunggy legs, cordy's a phiso therepist, giles is gay with ethan and there like xanders parents... or guardians, angel is spikes brother..

i dont think xander has much to do with his familey, i think its something like romeo and jullieet, as in angel and spikes familey dont get along with giles and ethean... angel and buffy are getting married to "help the two familes merge" and yeah there prolly in love:P lol..

i think angel keeps calling spike retard, or something, ohhh... yeah and spike rode moterbikes.... i think like in comp.... *grins*

hugs y'all

*thanks peoples! it was getting on bytisienne*
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