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Ice cream 'verse. Chapters 1 to 23

I wasn't sure, originally, if this would end up as a Xander/Jesse story, but it looks like that bridge has burnt, so it's safe to post here.

With apologies to those people in the same communities as me, whose flists I am spamming.

Title: Ice cream 'verse (and if anyone can come up with a better series title, I'd welcome suggestions)

Pairings: S/X, eventually, with hints of X/Jesse and a touch of X/A

Chapter ratings: vary from Pg to NC-17

Summary: Set about six months, pre season one.

Chapters 1 to 23 - Starting here
with links to the next, at the end of each chapter. Still a WIP, but it will be regularly updated and it will be finished.
Warning (highlight the white area to see the warning text): Demon Spike/Vamp Xander story. Although human Xander is 16, there is no graphic underage human sex.

Disclaimer: here.

Ignore the prompt numbers, those belong to the community this was written for - tamingthemuse

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