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Fic search

I'm looking for a fic where Xander is a sort of special kind of empath and he knows what he is but hadn't told the Scoobies when the fic starts. It may be that these are two fics by the same author in the same universe.

Some of the points I remember include:

Xander met a pair of very old vampires while in Oxnard and they come to see him in Sunnydale. They are the ones who knew what kind of empath he was and explained/taught him.

The female vampire likes seabreezes.

The vampires bring a werewolf with them that they rescued from the Initiative and set-up Xander in a posh apartment and ask Xander to help the werewolf who doesn't seem to be able to change back to human. Spike also ends up in the apartment with Xander and the broken werewolf.

Giles recognizes the pair of vampire and calls Wesley who wrote a paper on them while at the Watcher's Council. 

Giles brings the female vampire a goat as an offering.

Wesley knows these two vampires very well since he was adopted? by them.

At one point the Buffy and Angel gang plus the two vampires go rescue another werewolf that is in the hand of the LA initiative.

All of the demons are panicking in LA because the two old vampires have been spotted there and keep calling Angel investigation for help and Cordy is going crazy answering the phone.

Hope this is enough to tweak someone's memory :-)

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