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Fic Search

Hiya, looking for two fics:

The first is a Scorpio fic called "This Flesh We Wear" and it's not on the website or else my eyes have failed me, I've been all over the website. I only have been able to find one link to it and it's broken. The fic is S/X, natch, although, sadly, Spike has been dusted. Xander has encountered Angel years after. All the other Scoobies are dead. Xander is well known and feared in the demon community as a dangerous, ruthless killer. He is trying to convince Angel to kill him, because his body is covered with magical tattoos which would be dangerous in the wrong hands if he died at the hands of an enemy. I can tell more details if need be, I know the story almost by heart, but I don't have a copy and I want one. Thanks for any help.

Also, I'm throwing this out there again, just for the hell of it: I have been looking for a fic for several years, that I partially read ages ago. In the fic Xander was blinded (completely) and then turned. I don't remember any other details except Spike looking after him and telling Xander how sorry he was that vamp-healing would not give him new eyes. I didn't read all at the time for personal reasons, but would very much like to now. I post this search occasionally, just on the off-chance.

Again, thanks for any help. *hugs*

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