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another dreaded fic search

Ok, I give up. It's been driving me crazy for three days and I can't find it!! What I remember of the story I'm looking for is that Buffy and Willow are in college, Xander and Spike are together briefly but Xander gets cold feet and breaks it off. He asks the girls to set him up on a date with a female friend from school but he forgets to get gas and runs out after he picks her up. The only person who can come to the rescue is Spike and he's hurt when he finds out Xander's on a date. Xander and date make it to the Bronze but Xander can't enjoy himself because he keeps remembering the look on Spike's face and then he sees Spike there and follows him out when the vampire leaves. That's all I remember. Every fic I've thought it was has turned out to be wrong. Please help before I need to be committed.... well more so than usual. THANKS!
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