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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the characters
or products named and makes no money from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys. Vampire/
human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in the
Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

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1:00 pm Monday afternoon.
Xander Harris has 4 1/2 days left to live.

Spike woke with a start and bolted to an upright position
on the ratty, suspicious smelling plaid sofa. If it hadn't been
for the very distinct decor that surrounded him, he might have
dismissed the bizarreness of yesterday as too much drink or drugs.

God knows, the psychedelic sixty's had produced some really
wild days and nights of LSD trips that he and Dru had enjoyed
immensely once they got past the bitter taste of the hippies they were

Spike smiled at the memories of the good times while they lived on the
ranch in the California desert. Times that didn't last nearly long enough.
Just as they were settling in, that little bitch Charlie Manson had showed
up. Between the fact that Dru wanted to fuck him constantly and the
annoying tendency he had for attracting unwanted media attention,
Spike had had to knock her unconscious and drag her away in the
middle of the night.

She had moaned and cried for Charlie for weeks.
She always did go for the most disgusting species of demon.

Spike stretched and threw his legs over the side of the couch and
on to the cold hard floor. He glanced back toward the bedroom
and wondered if he should let the boy sleep or wake him up.

According to his calculations he had about 10 hours left before the
giant cosmic elastic waist band snapped him back to the underwear
of his own time and place where an impatient witch was waiting
for an answer that he really didn't have.

For all he knew there was no answer because, really, there was
no question. The boy couldn't sleep, he wandered out where he
shouldn't have and he became a giant twinky. A midnight snack
for a hungry beasty. Wasn't surprising. The boy looked delicious.
Spike took a minute to rub his palm over his cock. It twitched
in reaction.

Course that didn't explain the other. That was most unexpected.
Spike frowned. That still didn't answer the puzzle of why the

Spike jumped to his feet and eased silently to the bedroom door.
He wanted a peek. A quick look at the sleeping young man
who very shortly would be no more than worm food.
'Pity really.' He thought

He quietly pushed the door open just wide enough to stick his face in
and satisfy his curiosity. Focusing on the lump of blanket, he was
suddenly aware of the fact that there was no sound, no breathing, no
heart beat coming from the tiny, bleak room.

Marching in, Spike jerked back the cover to reveal an empty, cold bed.
The boy had apparently been gone for some time.

"You looking for me?"

Spike jumped, startled, and spun around to face a cheery, welcoming
grin and the smell of fresh, hot coffee.

"What's this then? Where did you go?"

Xander set the Styrofoam cups and the paper sack down on the small
kitchen counter.

"When I woke up this morning I felt great. I haven't slept that good in
weeks so I thought I'd run down to the Speedway and get some coffee
and donuts for us. Got you a bear claw. Get it? A little light humor
to start the day."

Spike sat down on one of the wooden chairs at the table and stuck
his face in the bag. He had to admit, it did smell like heaven. Not
that he would ever know what THAT smelled like.

"Yeah, some humor. Very little and very light. You get the coffee
black? Extra strong?"

Xander laughed.
"Figured that's what you would want."

Spike lifted his head and sniffed like a beagle searching for a bitch
in heat. He smelled something else. Something beyond the aroma
of freshly brewed coffee beans and over baked doughy delights.

"I smell the slayer on you. Is that where you went? You tell her I
was here with you?"

Xander pulled up his chair and sat down. He popped the plastic lid
off his cup and, like a magician, pulled a newspaper out of the seemingly
bottomless bag.

"Wow, are we a tad paranoid this morning? She came running in while
I was there and wanted a coffee and yogurt to go. I guess I smell like
her cause she hugged me before she dashed out. Yeah, I did mention
that you were bugging me last night."

Spike's eyes lit up with the memory and he laughed. He remembered
the conversation in the cellar. Was it yesterday? Last night? Next week?
Who knew.

At the time he would have bet all the money he didn't have that he hadn't
seen the boy in weeks, but he had. It was still confusing but Spike
thought that he just might be getting the hang of this Doctor Who stuff.

Xander smiled. He had never seen Spike really laugh. He had seen
him sneer, smirk, snicker and even snort but never this. Never an honest
open laugh. It was wonderful. It was gorgeous. It was infectious.
Although he had no idea what the joke was, Xander had to laugh with him.

Xander marveled at the strangeness that was his life. Just when everything
seems mundane, boring and sadly predictable, a certain vampire shows
up out of nowhere and spends the night.

He had been in such a terrible slump the last year or so. Things at home
had gotten intolerable, his friends lives had moved on without him and
he seemed to be running on a treadmill. Faster and faster and getting
nowhere. More than once he had thought of getting off.

He wanted to blame his lack of ability to hold down a job on the fact that
he spent half the night patrolling, or that the injuries from demon fighting
caused him to call off once too often, but the truth was he just didn't care.

He didn't care if there were enough Kotex stocked on the shelves, or there
was a customer blowing his horn waiting for his gas to be pumped.
He didn't care that the last showing at the theatre left tons of garbage
on the floors to be cleaned or that valet parkers are docked an hours pay
if they accidentally fart in a customers leather seat.
He just didn't care.

He wanted something new. Something that would pop up and just
surprise the hell out of him. He wanted...........this.

Tipping back on two legs of the chair, Xander propped his feet up on
the cheap wooden table. He sipped his coffee, sucked the jelly out of
his cream stick and turned the page of his paper.

"So what do you say we go down to Kwik Shake after dark for a burger
and fries then do a bit of patrolling?"

Spike dropped the racing section of the paper. He was deep in the thought
process of how to get the winners of the horse races so that the next time
he came back he could put a bob or two on the nose of the money maker.
Not that he planned on their being a next time, but if there was............

"What? Patrol? Um, yeah, sure, why not? So, what'cha reading?"

Xander scowled and began drawing circles over several different
items, drawing lines through others in a serious, studied way.

"Jobs. Much as I hate to, I'm going to have to find gainful employment
before the end of the month. Money doesn't grow on trees, ya know.
Although there is a minny wage one here for assistant tree trimmer."

Spike let one side of his mouth twitch up as he went back to the
list of nags in todays first race and wondered if Clem was still
working runner for the local bookie down at Willy's.

"Nay, it's too nice a day to think about getting a job. Sides, I
have a funny feeling you ain't gonna need it anyway. Nope,
today does not feel like a work day."

He shook out the page and resumed his studies.

Xander grinned, Spike was right. Today was for fun, relaxation,
and possibly a bit of adventure. Scrounging through the other
sections, he looked for the funny page and took another bite.
Authors note:
The Bee enjoyed vegas.

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