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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

Thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and patient preread.

Xander Harris has 3 1/2 days left to live.

Xander laid in the cramped small space that had until recently
been a very lonely bed. He glanced at the man beside him and
marveled at the amazing turn his life had taken.
Just when he was beginning to think he had nothing to look forward to,
he suddenly had a future worth living.

Xander Harris was thrilled to be alive.

He watched the vampire snooze and wondered if he always conked
out like that after sex or if he was still tired from last night too. Either way,
Xander was beginning to get restless. He decided to slip out of bed,
get dressed and run down to the market for coffee and donuts.

Spike had enjoyed that yesterday morning and Xander had enjoyed
Spike today. It seemed a fair trade off.

Xander quietly opened the bedroom door and stepped out into the
shabby living room.

"ACK! Spike! We've been, um, gifted!"
He wanted to say robbed, but considering his old 19" tv had been
replaced with a 32" HD flat panel, robbed didn't seem quiet an
accurate term.

Spike came sleepily stumbling, stark naked, out of the bedroom.
Xander looked back and forth. A naked, gorgeous man and a new tv.
It was his two favorite fantasies combined in one.
He wanted to touch them both. He was conflicted.

Spike laughed and took pity on the boy. He handed him the remote
and lightly kissed his lips.

"I had it put in, Pet. Was no sense in having the satellite system connected
to a shit telly. Called in some favors and got what we needed."

Xander aimed the remote like a weapon and punched the up arrow
for what seemed like forever. Channel after channel appeared and
Soaps, games, infomercials, news, and religion. He paused on the
channel with the 90 year old nun hawking expensive religious statues,
touting them as the bargain of the day.
That just seemed way wrong.

"Satellite? I can't afford satellite. I'm broke, Spike. Jobless and
probably soon to be homeless. I wonder if I can have the satellite put
in my card board box."
Xander's finger never stopped punching the arrow till he suddenly
came to....

"Porn? We have porn, Spike. We have.......Oh, God. Gay porn.
Men doing things to other......Oh God Spike! Is that really possible?
Have you ever tried that?"

Spike snatched the remote from the quivering human and quickly
located the channel he needed.

"Yes, Xan, it's possible and I'll personally prove it to you later. Right
now I need to get the results of the first race at Hialeah. Placed a
couple bets last night and unfortunately the ponies like to run in the sunshine."

After locating the station he wanted, Spike rushed over to where he
had tossed his duster on the back of the ratty plaid sofa and dug
through the pockets till he retrieved a stack of crumpled betting slips.

Immediately he sat down and began organizing them and checking
them against the results of the races already ran.
Quietly, Xander sat down beside him, trying to ignore the sight of the
vampires bits dangling between his legs and resting comfortably on
the couch he used to dislike.

Gradually, Xander came to notice a pattern. Each time the results of
a race were announced, Spike would lay out the slip and match up the
name of the horse to the one that had won.

Jimmy Durante won by a nose.
White Boy's Pleasure came on a length.
Snowflake froze out the rest of the pack.
Pretty Boy Floyd shot down the competition.

"Oh my God, Spike. You won! You're rich! You picked every
horse in every race. How the fuck did you do that? You get a tip
or something? Wait a minute, I thought you were broke. Where
did you get the money to place all these bets? It must have cost
you hundreds."

Spike avoided eye contact and continued shuffling his paperwork.
"Oh, well, got it from a mate of mine. Just a loan it was. Got more
than enough to pay 'em back, I do."

Spike reached into the other coat pocket and pulled out a twenty
that he handed to flabbergasted human.

"Here ya go, Pet. Run down and get us some coffee and pastries, yeah?
When the sun goes down we'll head for the track to pick up our winnings,
place some bets for tomorrow and celebrate."

Xander hesitated. He wasn't sure about taking money from the vampire
but Spike continued to waggle it and assure him that it was as good as
his. Xander finally relented and headed out with a smile.

Spike retreated to the shower. Suddenly he felt dirty. It was a feeling
he was quickly able to reason away by telling himself that the bond was
for Xander's future.

Well, this was his future. The only one he had so Spike had made up
his mind to make sure Xander enjoyed every minute he had left and if
Spike could come out of it with a bob or two, well he was sure Xander
would want it that way.
Conscience soothed.

The rest of the day was a series of firsts for Xander and a day he would
never forget. He used to think that he had done everything possible in
Sunnydale. He soon realized he had been deluded.

They had spent a relaxing afternoon of lying about on the couch watching
an assortment of any type of game that could be played with a ball,
apparently Spike had money on those too, a couple of cooking
and home decorating shows, and a half hour of Tom and Jerry cartoons.
He had never noticed the homoerotic undertones till Spike pointed
them out to him.

They had laughed, tried to outdo each other on snide comments about
the models on the Price Is Right, and much to Xander's delight, made
out, kissing and groping, during the commercials.

But the most exciting part was when the sun finally set over the restrictive
Hopping into Xander's less than trustworthy Chevy, they zipped cross
town, Spike happily at the wheel.

Xander thought he had seen every type of demon the small southern
California community had to offer till he spent some time at the local
race track.
He plastered himself to Spike's side as the vampire wove a path through
a bizarre collection of whooping and shouting creatures with scaly skin
and long suggestively snapping tails.

Upon first arrival, Xander found the frantic mood combined with the mob
of strange characters terrifying. It took all of 45 minutes before he was
hanging by the fence waving his betting slip high in the air and screaming
his encouragement to the sleek animal working it's way round the track.

Spike had been handed a duffel bag that Xander presumed to be filled
with cash and then engaged in what was no doubt a cursing match in
some demon language Xander didn't understand. It all appeared to
be good natured and Spike was busily placing more bets when Xander
had walked away.

He had put his last $10.00 on a horse called Short timer and it looked
like it was running just for Xander. Next to him, a chubby Flopper
demon had joined Xander in his sideline antics and was copping a
quick feel each time Short Timer would pass a slower nag on the bend.
Xander knew it and didn't mind.
What was a feel or two among new friends?

The electricity in the air increased tenfold when the pack of horses came
round the last turn and entered the home stretch. The mob pressed in
closer and Xander was mashed against the chainlink fence.
He was enormously grateful Spike had made him pee before leaving the house.

The mob chanted, rocked and roared with anticipation.
Xander stood on his toes trying to physically shove Short Time over
the line. Horrified, he spotted the nearest competition closing
in fast. Saving Grace was coming up on the flank.

Saving Grace was pulling up along side, her hooves pounding the dirt
track into clouds of dust. Saving Grace was snorting, spraying mists
of heavy mucus onto the rump of the horse she was trying to pass.
Xander held his breath.

Saving Grace and Short Time were neck to neck, nose to nose.

Both horses crossed the finish line and a blanket of silence fell over
the crowd as they awaited the results.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and Demons of all kinds. We have the results
of tenth race. The winner, by a nose, is....... Short Timer.

Xander leaped into the air, waving his golden ticket high over his
head. His new companion slapped him almost painfully on the back.

"Way to go. Way to go, Buddy. Damn, them was good odds
you just won you a passel full o' cash. Come on, let's celebrate.
How bout you buy your new Buddy a drink or four."

"Don't do it, Love. Floppies are notorious pick pockets. He'd
have your money and be gone before your first beer hit the

Xander shivered at the accented voice that whispered low and
suggestively in his ear. He hardly noticed the Flop as it hissed
and blended into the crowd, pissed that it had wasted so much time
on a vampire's pet.

"Hey, Spike, look I won. I got enough to pay my rent and live
for at least another month. Shit, you were right, I didn't need to
go find another job right away. I guess I never realized what a smart
vampire you are. I always just thought you were a smart ass vampire."

Xander roared with laughter as Spike rolled his eyes and began steering
the boy toward the pay off windows.

"Look, Love, listen to me. I need you to collect your winnings, take the
duffel bag and head home. I have something I have to do and it's to
dangerous for you to tag along. I'll meet you back at your place around 3."

Xander's mood popped like a helium balloon. He was having the best
time ever and didn't want it to end. Frantically he grabbed the sleeve
of the vampire's coat and tugged him close.
"No. Come on Spike, I can take care of myself. Please. Besides,
wouldn't I be in more danger walking the streets of Sunnydale at night
with a sack containing thousands of dollars?"

Spike felt a twinge in his heart of.........what? He wasn't sure, but the
pressure of time was weighing heavy. He knew if he didn't hurry, Xander
would witness his Cinderella act as he turned into a pumpkin and evaporated
into thin air.

Spike knew he could end this now. He had his money. All he had to do
was slip back to Saturday, go round to the boy's flat and pick it up.
The end.

"No, Xander. I can't explain right now but I promise. You go home
and get some sleep. Nothing bad can happen to you. It's only Tuesday.
Now, scoot and I'll see you at 3."

Spike planted a quick kiss on Xander's frowning, confused lips, shoved
the bag into his hands and turned disappearing into the crowd just as the
deep pull stirred inside him.


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