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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

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2 pm Wednesday afternoon
Xander Harris has 2 1/2 Days left to live.

Spike woke first, still feeling the slight remnants of the drug
soaked, early morning meal, he was euphoric and mellow.
Rolling over on his side, Spike watched the sleeping man
beside him and wondered about the odd turn both their lives
had taken.

A week ago he wouldn't have given five minutes to bite
the boy if he was starving. He had always considered Harris
to be nothing more than the Slayer's hanger on. The comic relief.
The gopher.
Now, here he was, snuggled up, no, vampires don't snuggle.
Here he was lying next to the human and actually looking forward
to him waking up.

Spike flopped over onto his back and put his hands under his head,
staring at the cracks in the plaster ceiling.
He wondered how much of all this was his wish, or how much was
just the strange way of things that was Sunnydale California?

What had started out as a way to make a profit, a big windfall at the
racetrack had somehow become more. Xander was dead. Lying
in the Watchers wine cellar growing colder and stiffer by the minute.
Yet, here he was. Warm, breathing, heart pumping the precious
life giving blood through a warm, sparking body.
Waiting to die. Condemned to death by lethal phlebotmy.
Spike turned his head and frowned.

He couldn't remember the last time the death of a human bothered him
so much. He also couldn't quite put his finger on what it was about this
particular human that affected him so.
Spike stared at the sleeping human and took inventory.

Xander Harris.
Common. Ordinary. Unremarkable.
Handsome. Funny. Easy going. Remarkably understanding about
a vampire's necessary ingestive tendencies.
Warm. Surprisingly sexy. And above all else, Xander was the one thing
Spike had always looked for in a companion. He was willing to go with
the flow of whatever Spike could think up.

'Stop it!' Spike mentally chastised himself. He had spent enough time
on this earth to know that getting attached was unadvisable.
Especially so in this case.
Taking one last long look, Spike made up his mind. If the sand in
Xander's hour glass was about to run out, Spike intended to help him
built the grandest castle they could in the small amount of sand that was left.

Spike placed is hand on his boy's stomach. He felt the warm rise and
fall of his breathing and listened, with a smile, to the gurgling of his
always empty stomach.

Spike's hand slowly eased up, feeling the tickle of the bristly chest
hair and the hard outline of a strong, slightly prominent rib cage.
When Spike's finger's reached the dusky brown nipples, Xander
began to stir.

His deep, regular breathing became shallow as his body reacted before
his brain could catch up. Spike grinned as he pinched and rubbed his
palm over first one hard pebbled nipple then the other.

"Mmmm. Feels good. How long you been awake?"
Xander woke slowly, aware first of the delicious tingle that joined
his nipples and cock in a brotherhood of happiness, then of
the wonderful blue eyes and smile of the man in his bed.

Spike scooted over till his chest and cock were pressed against
Xander's side and hip, not yet grinding or humping, just using
enough pressure to keep the hum stirring in his balls.

Spike leaned in and licked a stripe up his boy's shoulder, tasting
the salty, sweet skin. Xander shivered as the wetness turned
cold in the air.

"Oh, Pet, you taste delicious. I always did say you were a nummy

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Spike remembered
the last time he spoke them and he violently shuddered with regret.

Xander laughed at the action.
"What's the matter? Someone walk over your grave?"

Spike sprang up and straddled the boy's body pinning him, by the
wrists to the small lumpy mattress. He inhaled deeply, relieved there
was no scent of fear, only arousal and anticipation.

"No more talk of death. Today is for living. We are going to spend
our days doing anything we want. Everything you can think of, but
first, I believe we have a small matter of a movie to reenact.
Hmmmmm. Where do I start with this sexy, wonderful body?"

Spike stared down at him, leering his best lascivious grin.
Xander groaned and threw his head back. He knew what he
wanted. He knew where he wanted Spike to start.

"Would you, um, I mean, I want, I want."
"What, Love? What do you want me to do?"
"Would you suck, I mean I never had, um....."

A surge of heated passion slammed through Spike's body when he
realized what his boy wanted him to do.

"Do you want me to suck you Xander? Wrap my cool. pink lips
around all that hot, sweaty, hard meat and swallow you down?
You know I don't need to breath. You can pound it into my throat
till you cum and I'll have to take it. You can fuck my face till it pumps
down my throat and I'm full of your sweet cum. Is that what you want,
Xander? Is that what you want me to do? This time is all for you,
Xander, tell me what you want me to do."

Xander's back arched up off the bed as his hands slid down his hungry
body as wave after wave of electricity danced up his spine.
"Yes, yes, please. Just what you said."

Both Xander's hands went to the inside's of his thighs at the groin,
the backs of his hands brushing his rigid cock and full, heavy sac.
He spread his legs as far apart as possible, his ass hole twitching in an
undefined need.

One tiny corner of Xander's brain tried to weigh in on the inadvisability
of trusting Spike. Why was the vampire here? Why was he offering to
fulfill any and all of Xander's deepest sexual fantasies? Why the fuck
was he even wasting time thinking about this.

Quickly Xander pulled himself to a sitting position and, as he scooted
to the edge of the bed, he pointed to the floor. His breathing came
in short gasps. Still, he was able to communicate with hand motions
and limited word.
"Get on your knees. I want you to suck me off like that."

Spike chuckled. That's his boy. Go with the flow and cram 70 seconds
of life into every minute.
Spike hustled to comply. As soon as he got to the floor he knelt down
and waited as Xander placed a foot on the floor on each side of him.
Spike blinked and looked up demurely, waiting to see which way to go.

Xander sat up, his cock in his hand but he held back. That wasn't it.
He didn't want an innocent, reluctant Spike. He wanted SPIKE.

"No. Not like that. I want, um......"

Before Xander went any further, Spike snarled. He growled low in his
chest, rumbling fiercely. His face darkened, slowly sliding into the
yellow eyed demon that he really was.
He gripped Xander's knees painfully and jerked his legs further apart.

Xander's eyes grew huge, the pupils dilated, as he gasp at the
terrifying sight of fangs and potential death. The smell of pheromones
flooded the room and caught Spike of guard. His own forgotten cock
bubbled in anticipation. It was all he could do not to throw the boy
down and sink both cock and fang into his willing body, drawing
sweet warm blood from both ends.

After years with Angel, Spike had been beaten into learning the art
of cock sucking while in full game face. He wrapped his lips around
the head and down the shaft letting the sides scraped dangerously
near the razor sharp teeth that could, in one snap, end his manhood

Spike continued to growl and snarl, the vibration shooting straight
through Xander's cock, down to his toes and back to his hole.
It was a glorious trip.

Xander grabbed the sides of Spike's head and scooted his butt to the
very edge of the mattress.

"OH, fuck, yes. Damn that feels incredible. Fuck, yes, lick my balls.
Yeah, just like that. Now suck me again. Ahh, FUCK!"

Spike let the cock press against the back of his throat while his
tongue darted around the base, licking the root and pubic hairs.
His own hand stroked his cock as he sucked. He rolled his own
balls when he licked Xander's and he rubbed the soft skin behind
his sac when he nipped his boy's

Bobbing his head up and down, he could smell the hot cum as it
filled the boy's hardening sac and knew it was nearly time. Two
more strong sucks and Xander screamed.

Spike gulped it greedily as it rushed up the shaft and pumped down
Spike's throat. The taste, so near blood, triggered his own orgasm
and he closed his eyes, feeling the wonderful waves of pleasure
that rocked him.

When his body finally relaxed, Spike smiled. It promised to be
a great day.

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