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 The decision 1:1 Spander of course!

Safe for eveyone, unless your afraid of sappy feelings -

<lj-cut>William stood still briefly in the kitchen, shaking his head - he was at loss, and apparently a fool. Some how both of his potential boyfriends were at his apartment at once, neither willing to admit defeat and leave, so he needed to make dinner for three instead of two.  

He really needed to decide - one boyfriend was gorgeous, but rather self center, still he could look at him all night long, and he had muscles to die for.  Unfortunately when he laughed it was a snicker, a with snide remarks at others misfortune, or sometimes just at them. There were no surprises with him, how could there be, he mostly spoke about himself, his job, how much money he made and how much he could lift at the gym.  Still his kisses where intense, tasting of whiskey and cigarettes, the touch of his manicured hands was passionate and powerful. He often pressured William for sex, stating that William was killing him, by not letting him have sex yet.  Still he wasn't even sure this would be lover knew much about him, he rarely asked William about his day or what he liked. .

The other boyfriend, almost handsome, Wil thought about that.  Okay he wasn't classicly handsome not like boyfriend A. But when he laughed it was real and he laughed with Wil, not at him and when he smiled the world smiled back. He would ask Wil about his day, he knew his favorite color, that he like #4 at China Palace, and listening to punk was his hidden pleasure, that usually listened to alone. After all people who played air guitar, often played alone.  He was just has happy to sit and talk with Wil, slowly walking through the art musuem discussing the painting in quiet whispers or walking in park .  He was relaxing and easy to be with. His kisses were sweet, gentle and tasted of honey with a hint of chocolate. His touch was as gentle as his kisses, Wil was always surprised how gentle those big, rough hands were. More importantly he was happy just to hold hands or touching thigh to thigh on the couch. Boyfriend A was all about go, go, go, and let's do it now. Wil paused in the middle of putting together a salad, really he didn't know that much about boyfriend, B, he didn't really reveal much about himself. Oh, he didn't hide things, it was just information only gradually came out during conservations. 

Wil grasped at the sharp sting of pain in his finger.  "Damn it", he knew better than to try and cut up carrots when he wasn't paying attention.

At the sudden swearing, both men who'd been slyly glancing at each other; but mostly ignoring each other, looked up.  A quick glance at each other had them spring up and running to the kitchen. 

"William, now look what you done, you're always hurting something", boyfriend A backed away. He didn't want blood on him or his clothes. "I hope you didn't get it in the salad, and try not to get it on your clothes either."

Boyfriend B, quickly and calmly approached Wil and gently took his hand, ignoring the blood, uncaring that  it might get on him or his clothing. "Oh, Wil - this is deep."   He took Wil over the sink, gently washing his finger and then used the nearby dish towel to put pressure on the cut.  "Wil, if it doesn't stop bleeding in a minute we'll need to go the emergency room."  

Blinking his eyes, smarting with tears, William looked at his two potential lovers. Liam standing, impatient and angry at Wil for hurting himself.  Xander who eyes were full of concerned for him.  

Wil signed - decision made and leaned up again Xander using his other arm to hug him, giving him a lover's deep kiss. </lj-cut>

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