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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

Thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and patient preread.

3:00 pm Wednesday afternoon
Xander Harris has 2 1/2 days left to live.

Xander headed to the shower as Spike headed for the kitchen
with the promise of scrambled eggs and hot sauce with buttered
toast. He stepped under the spray of hot steamy water and
whistled a happy tune.

Xander was totally dumbfounded. He couldn't imagine what the
hell was going on. He had no idea what had precipitated the hyper
vampire's sudden interest in him and he was honest enough to admit
that it probably wouldn't last. Spike's attention span was as short
as a gra'fl demon hiding under a toad stool, but right now that
didn't matter.

For right now, and as long as this may last, Xander was going
to stop questioning it. He was going to revel in it, swim in it,
and march to the vampire's bizarre little drum.

Xander tipped his head back as the spray of hot soapy water
rinsed down over his tingling body, reddening his skin almost to
the point of discomfort.

Xander Harris had never felt so alive.

After a cursory dry off, Xander tugged up a pair of jeans, the
snug ones he usually avoided, and padded bare chested and bare
footed out of the bedroom, following the glorious smell drifting
from the kitchen.

Spike let his gaze slide up and down Xander's damp, glistening body
finally coming to rest on the crotch. The denim was worn to a
lighter color in the distinct outline of a heavy, tucked to the left,
mushroom headed cock.

"Oh, Pet, look at you. Where have you hidden those lovely snug
trousers? I just know I would have noticed you before now if you
paraded that in front of me."
The back of Spike's hand brushed lightly over Xander's hardening
cock and he knew the room for expansion was very limited.

"Later, you fiend."
Side stepping the groping hands, Xander chuckled and stuck his face
down towards the steam rolling off the food in the skillet.

"Wow, that smells wonderful! I didn't know you cooked."
Xander pulled up a chair and waited while the vampire flitted around,
piling both their plates with eggs, dripping in red sauce. Spike's
was a shade darker and Xander didn't ask.

"MMM. Oh, my God. That is the best thing I have ever had in my
Xander licked off his fork and scooped up another load.

Spike smiled and winked as he filled both their coffee cups.
"Not me."

Both men laughed at the cheesy line and finished their mid-afternoon
breakfast in companionable silence. The only sounds being his boy's
moans and groans of delight that went straight to Spike's crotch.

"So, Pet. What did you decide? What do you want to do today?"

Xander sopped the last of the eggy sauce up with the remaining corner
of toast and shoved it in his mouth. He had been giving that question
a lot of thought. He had contemplated the magnitude of it while he
was in the shower and he had considered it while he ate.
It was an opportunity not to be taken lightly.

It had really been two years since he, Willow and Buffy had just
taken an evening and done what he wanted. Recently, if they had time
for him at all, they did what they wanted and he tagged along.
He didn't mind, really, except when they went tampon shopping or
off to the library. He found both outings intolerable.

"Well, first we have to go back to the track to get the rest of your
winnings, then I'm thinking putt putt golf and maybe later we have
a bit of humpy bump on the dance floor at a real life gay bar."

Spike's mouth gaped open. He was dumbfounded. He was
a master vampire. Did the boy actually think a master vampire was
going to play putt putt and glide round the floor like a poof?
Like a cream puff? Like Angel?

He looked into the happy, hopeful face of the time challenged human
and knew he wouldn't say no.
Spike rubbed the back of his neck thoughtfully.
'No way was this part of any fuckin' wish.'

"Weeeeelll, Pet, I'd love to. I mean, wow, that sounds like a really
interesting evening, but I don't think there are many gay bars here
in good old Sunny........."

"The Belt Buckle."
Xander's smile grew even bigger. Spike was in. Spike would really go
with him. He had looked the place up on the internet, but had been
too afraid to go the first time by himself. Now he didn't have to.

"It's on highway 542 just outside of town. I figure we swing by the track,
kill an hour or two on the golf course and by then things should be in full
swing at the bar. It's going to be legen..........wait for it...........dary!"

Spike threw his head back and let loose with one of those honest,
open laughs that had captured Xander the first time he saw it.
It warmed his heart and made him feel truly special. It also made
him slightly uncomfortable as he wondered what that odd feeling
was that tugged inside him whenever Spike was around.
'Nope.' He shook it off. 'No bad thoughts today.'

On the trip to the race track they had agreed to pick up the cash
winnings and lock them in the trunk of the car. Neither Spike or
Xander wanted to spend much time there tonight.
Spike out of guilt and Xander out of excitement. They had bigger
and better plans.
Xander had visions of putt putt swimming in his head.

Xander wandered through the crowd. Spike had bought him a bag of
popcorn and Xander was happily munching away as he engaged in a
rousing round of people and demon watching.

It was fascinating. They milled around, cursing lost races, sharing tips,
arguing, laughing, and at the sound of the bell, rushing into a crushing
mob pressed painfully against the fence.

"I see you came back."

Xander jumped as the voice spoke much to close to his ear for his
comfort. Spinning around, spilling half his paper bag of popcorn,
Xander came face to face with Buddy, the Floppy demon from

"Oh, it's you. Spike says I shouldn't talk to you. Spike says your a thief,
a pick pocket."

Xander stuck his nose in the air and started to walk away from the distasteful
creature. The same one who was now running to catch up.

"Oh, yeah? Well you think you're so much just cause you're the pet
of William the Bloody?"

Xander stopped walking. The Floppy continued.
"That's right. I know who he is. Big shot master vampire. Well you
are still just a pet. That's right, I looked yesterday and you ain't got no
claim marks anywhere on you. If you were such hot stuff he woulda
claimed you. But he didn't. So you are just a pet."

Xander dropped his popcorn and faced off with Buddy.
He wanted to smash his fist into the grinning, sharp toothed, stinky
mouth. He wanted to rip his head off, although Xander was not sure
why he was so angry. All he knew was that the Floppy demon had just
ruined his perfect day.

"See here! I thought I told you to stay away from him. Go on,
git. Shoo."

Spike swatted Buddy, on the back of the head and sent him scampering
off into the mob of betters that were cheering on the latest nag
rounding the home stretch.

As soon as he was gone, Spike placed his hands on either side of
Xander's face, forcing them to see eye to eye.

"What's wrong, pet? What happened? What did he say to upset you?"

Xander frowned and pushed Spike's hands away.
"Pet? Pet? Is that what I am, Spike? He said I was your pet cause you
didn't want to claim me. What does that mean? Am I a pet? Why
don't you want to claim me?"

Spike sighed. Fucking Floppies.

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