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Help please: Fic Search

So my last computer has crashed and is now in computer-heaven or knowing mine hell cause it was so cruel in it's last few months of life but I now have a wonderful MAC it hasn't tried to give me a heart attack yet.

So I lost all my saved fanfics on my old computer. I am compiling anew yet there is this fic that I can't find.

It's Spike and Xander and the witches go to this gathering (undercover?) which has demons and dark witches etc. Xander isn't claimed by Spike and there is demon who tries to claim Xander in revenge for something that Spike did in the past. Xander somehow starts the claiming process with Spike from where he is trapped with the other demon. He's saved. There's a lot of demon vs. demon fighting cause Spike has supporters/allies.

Does anyone know what fic I seek?

Thank you in advance!!

FIC FOUND: http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/firebird_ascending/fics/SpikeXander.html

Thank you for the quick responses.
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