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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

Thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and patient preread.

8:00 pm Wednesday evening.
Xander Harris has 2 days left to live.

Following Xander's accurate and explicit directions, Spike had
steered Xander's Chevy to the eastern edge of town, down
a side road, and onto a winding dirt path that cut a narrow
swatch through a thicket of trees.

It was an area that appeared to be suffering years of neglect and
abandonment. The contradiction to that impression was the small
cloud of dust that never had the chance to fully settle before the
next speeding vehicle, anxious to arrive, stirred it up again.

When they finally cleared the patch of jungle like overgrowth the
contrast was startling. Off in the distance was a ramshackle
building surrounded on all sides by a huge gravel covered parking
lot packed bumper to bumper with every kind of car from
Lexus to Geo Metro.

The lot was an untended area spotted by patches of weeds
and trash. Tossed sacks of McDonalds garbage and emptied
ash trays. It was the sort of lot whose only cleaning was a once
a month hose down that no one much noticed anyway considering
the lack of lights.
Out of sight, out of mind appeared to be the environmental motto.

The building, on the other hand was the focal point. It was vitality
itself and its approach infused energy by it's pounding music and
sounds of life and laughter. It drew you in, offering the promise of
untold adventure and limitless possibilities.

There was no sign or placard announcing the name of the
It wasn't needed. If you found your way here, you already knew
where you were.
It was a destination that wasn't stumbled upon accidentally.

Wedging into one of the last empty spots on the lot, Spike shut
off the engine and cocked his head, looking sideways at his passenger.
"I thought you said you had never been here, Pet."

Xander avoided Spike's direct gaze and shrugged sheepishly.
"Well, actually I haven't. I looked it up on the internet, Googled the
directions, and drove out here a couple times early in the day when
they were closed. I never had the nerve to come back at night."

He immediately leaned over and gave Spike a peck on the lips.
"Come on. We're wasting time. Let's go!"

With a near vampire speed, Xander was out of the car and bouncing
on the balls of his feet. Any hope Spike had of maintaining his usual
aloofness and facade of boredom was dashed when his boy grabbed
his hand and dragged him toward the center of the gay universe
otherwise known as The Belt Buckle.

Immediately inside the creaking wooden door sat a huge Rectol
demon. Often hired as bouncers because of their size, Spike had
spent some time with a small nest of them. Their duel arse holes had
made them very interesting company.
Eventually he had to move on though.
Even a master vampire only has so much stamina.
He heard that Angel had stayed for another month or more.

"Hold it! I'm the security. Name's Gemini."
The Rectol hopped down off his stool and stepped to Xander.
Spike braced himself, prepared to fight for what was his.

Xander, on the other hand was simply annoyed with the delay.
He could see in to the club, feel the throbbing music as it rocked
his body and smell the heat of sweating flesh, beer, and smoke.
Cigarettes as well as weed.
It was more than he had ever imagined.

Leaning forward, the Rectol sniffed Xander, twitching his nose like
a frightened rabbit.

"Human, 21 years old, sober, anal virgin."
Gemini's eyes snapped over to Spike as he continued snuffling
Xander's chest.
"Unclaimed. Unbitten."

He then stepped back, allowing his eyes to give Spike the exaggerated
up and down. The word 'unclaimed' had caught Xander's attention
and he too waited to see what Spike's response would be.

"Vampire. You bring an unclaimed human in here? We don't want
no trouble."

Spike grabbed Xander's arm and tugged him away from the demon's
nasal inspection, wrapping his arm around his boy's waist possessively.

"None of your business is it? We're here for a bit o' dancin' and a
coupla beers all nice and legit. Now, you got a cover let me know
what it is. If not, piss off."

Gemini stepped back and just as quickly as he had hopped off,
jumped back up on his stool, tipping his head toward the center
of the club.
"I'll be watchin' you two."

It was an implied threat that fell on deaf ears. Xander had already rushed
in, Spike right on his heels. Skidding to a stop by the bar, Xander
studied the room intently.
It was spectacular!

Men dancing, groping, kissing and drinking together. The few women
who were there were, for the most part, large, masculine, and by Xander's
estimation, had twice the testosterone flowing through their veins as he did.

The general theme appeared to be redneck, although there was also a
fair amount of leather daddies, drag queens and one or two business
types who looked like they had no idea what sort of bar they had
innocently stumbled into.

"Beer, Love?"

Xander nodded. The band had just finished taking a break and were setting
up for their next set. The stage was small, one step up separated it from the
worn planks of the hard wood dance floor where small groups of men
stood and milled about waiting.

Spike tipped up his bottle, swallowing half his beer and waiting while the
cold American piss water beer hit his system. He then took the time to
make his own assessment of the crowd.

Mostly human. One or two demons, nonlethal ones, no other vampires.
Drugs, anal sex, beer, urine and pheromones. Spike smiled.

Leaning toward Xander's ear, whatever he was going to say was cut
off by the opening chords of the bands guitars. The lead singer
stepped up to the microphone and shouted to an eager crowd.

"Are you ready?"
Every one cheered.


The club exploded into shouts of "YES!"

"O.k. then. Hit the floor, Boys and Girls. It's Electric Slide time!"

Spike's brow first crinkled in confusion then shot straight up as
he looked into the thrilled face of his pet. Xander was whooping and
punching the air in a way that left no doubt that he knew exactly what
the band had proposed.

The rush of men toward the dance floor startled Spike and, much to his
dismay, Xander's hand slipped from his as he lost contact with his boy.
Gulping the last of his drink, Spike slammed the empty bottle down on the
bar and he pushed his way through the mob of spectators to the edge
of the dance floor.

What he saw there flustered and dumbfounded him. There were four
lines of men, ten men in each line. They all moved in exact synchronicity
to the twangy, catchy music. Second from the end, line one, was his
boy, his Xander.

Spike laughed at the look of pure glee on his boy's face as he kicked,
clapped, dipped and turned perfectly along with the rest.
When Xander saw Spike, he waved his hand dramatically.

"Come on, Spike. Come on."

All eyes turned to Spike. Some leered, some cheered, all encouraged
the vampire to give it a go. Spike was very reluctant. Although
he prided himself on his sexual, cat like ability to move, the sequence
of regimented movements seemed complicated and fast paced.

Unfortunately, he did the one thing he shouldn't have.
He looked directly into the hypnotic, deep, dark eyes of the boy he
had formed a confusing attachment to and was inexplicably drawn
to step forward.

Thrilled, Xander grabbed his hand and pulled the vampire to stand
in the line next to him.

"Just watch my feet. It's simple. Right, right, left, left, back dip dip
back, dip, turn and do it all again.'


Spike had stood stock still while Xander and the grinning loon of a man next to him continued their stomping, clapping and sliding. Finally, Spike decided he would not be defeated by something as simple as a repetitious dance step.
He vaguely remembered biting Ginger Rogers once at a Hollywood party back in
the 1950's and hoped some of it stayed with him.

On the next turn of face front, Spike clapped his hands in time with Xander and took a step forward, stomping his Doc Martin on the saw dust covered dance floor.
Giving it all the gusto he had, Spike threw himself into the dance.

Unfortunately, he had not watched as closely as he should. When the back
three lines moved to the left, Spike lurched to the right. Spike, along
with the eight men beside him tumbled to the floor, crashing one after
the other in a domino effect.

The pile of red plaid flannel and cowboy boots tumbled and flailed
about as if they had been playing a rousing game of Twister.
The rest of the dancers stopped and, laughing, attempted to untangle
and pull friends and acquaintances from the floor.

Some were also jerked off their feet and before long the whooping
and shouting turned to sounds of grunting, rutting, and heated moaning.
Spike extricated himself from the groping clutches of human
fingers and crawled rapidly, on his hands and knees toward the
outside rim of the dance floor.

Suddenly, his way was blocked by a pair of size 16 black, steel toed
shit stompers. Spike froze and let his eyes creep up the legs, pants,
chest and stopped when they reached angry scowl of Gemini's face.

Immediately, Xander, who was still laughing so hard the tears were
running down his face, interceded, pulling Spike to his feet.

"Sorry. We're sorry. I promise, no more problems. You won't
even know we are here."

Xander held up two fingers to his forehead in the boy scout oath.

Gemini huffed in disgust and went about the task of stopping the
activity on the floor before any more pants came off. He rolled his
eyes as he mumbled under his breath.

"Fucking vampires and their unclaimed humans."

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