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With A Little Help from My Friends (Prt 1/??)

With a Little Help from My Friends
Author: bohofemm
Rating: Pg for innocent kissing
Pairing: S/X
Summary: LA has been sent to a hell dimension. Spike, incorporeal once more, is now stuck in hiding at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, teaching History of Magic, while Xander, his partner, teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. Does Albus Dumbledore have the answer to making him solid once more?
A/N: AU. Disregards some facts of the last season of Angel, such as Spike and Angel ending up in the hell dimension. Written for smokey_duck Might be minor OOC since this is my first S/X fic.

“And that is why Lord Voldemort was able to come into power.” Spike said, gesturing to the screen set up in front of the class, as he glided around. “Yes, Mr. Malfoy?”

“How can you be so certain that that’s the reason he came into power?” The Blonde man sniggered. Spike rolled his eyes, wishing he had still had his hands to at least strangle the student “I highly doubt the Ministry’s insuffiency to control him whilst young was the cause.” Spike growled softly.

“Mr. Malfoy, can you prove otherwise?” Spike retorted. Then, the bell sounded, signalling the end of class for the seventh year Gryffindors and Slytherins. Silently, he glided through the blackboard, anxious to reach Xander before he had to attempt to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. As much as he loved the other man, he knew Xander was better at attracting demons and dark creatures than he was at repelling them.

“Thank Gods for small miracles,” Spike murmured, settling as best as he could into a chair. Xander had everything enchanted in their chambers to hold him, despite his incorporeal form.

“Tough class?” Xander questioned, slipping the amulet over his head. Spike nodded, “And I bet I can guess who you have issues with…”

“Draco Malfoy,” Spike said. “Bright student but he has to bloody well question everything.” He groaned. “I also realized something else.” Xander blinked. “I need a last name.” He settled himself into Xander’s arms, loving the warmth his lover’s embrace provided. It was the only warmth he got these days, which was much different than when he had been a corporeal vampire.

“Dumbledore needs to see us tonight, but he also knows that means he offered to sub for our classes.” he murmured. “Did you ever think you’d live in England again?”

“No, and especially not as a ghost.” Spike murmured, edging his head into Xander’s throat. “Who knew when LA was sent to that hell dimension, that you’d have to go into hiding and would want me with you…or that Willow’s second cousin was a teacher at a school for Witchcraft and wizardry?” Xander nodded, shivering under Spike’s touch.

“I know I warm you but you make me cold.” he murmured, picking up his wand of Phoenix Feather and Willow. “Accio, Blanket!” He watched the blue flannel fly to him. “Who imagined that I, lowly Xander, could be a wizard?” He tucked the blanket around him and Spike.

“You don’t think enough of yourself Love.” Spike murmured softly. “Your students love you. They don’t annoy you. And Malfoy doesn’t question you.” He sighed. “And did I mention you’re solid?”

“William T. Bloody, this is NOT like you.” Xander murmured, nuzzling him.

“Oh, and that’s a FOURTH thing. You have a decent last name.” grumbled the other man. “Professor Bloody, who was Elfrida Clagg? Professor Bloody, can you explain the history of Quidditch?”

“Calm down,” Xander muttered, “I hate when you get whiny. Your voice cuts through my head.” He sighed. “I wish we could do this all the time. No need for that damn amulet.”

“Oh hush!” Spike growled. “Remind me again that LA was destroyed and that damn amulet of Lilah’s tormented me again. Makes me wish Peaches hadn’t been incinerated.” He glanced down.

“Just admit you miss him.” Xander teased. “You know it’s true.”

“Even if it is, I’ll never tell you.” Spike murmured, pecking Xander’s lips. “You have a big mouth.” He glanced toward the stars twinkling in the ceiling. “Do you think this is it? A test?” Xander twisted his neck and gave his partner a baffled look.

“Test for what?”

“The infamous Shanshu. With Peaches incinerated, I’m the only champion left. I HAVE to get this eventually. I know I do.”

“Ah. Yes. Shanshu. A vampire with a soul shall get a reward for helping stop the apocalypse.” Albus Dumbledore’s mystical voice called from the fire place. “Gentlemen, are you busy?” Xander jumped, noticing the elderly man’s head sticking out of the fireplace.

“No, sir.” Spike muttered, sensing Xander’s discomfort at being caught snuggling with him. “Would you like to see us now?” ‘

“If you don’t mind. The password is gumdrop.” Then, the emerald green flames calmed down into their normal orange red glow.

“Let’s go.” Xander muttered, moving to take the amulet off. Spike shook his head.

“Leave it. I want to be able to touch you up there.” he murmured, giving Xander a chaste kiss on the cheek. “The first thing I’m doing when I become corporeal is picking up a set of those robes. Maybe the kiddies will respect me more if I looked like one of them.”
Xander nodded, merely leading Spike out by the shoulder.

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