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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

Thanks to Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

9:30 pm Wednesday evening
Xander Harris has 2 days left to live.

It didn't take long for Spike and Xander to realize the 'Electric
Slide incident', as it would be known, was not all that unusual an
occurrence at the Belt Buckle bar.

In fact, as the night went on, Gemini was kept busy with a variety
of drunken fights, naked men shaking their goods while they
danced on the bar and table tops, and the ongoing challenge of
catching and stopping the flow of sexual activity that spontaneously
cropped up in every corner of the tavern.

When the band's music had taken on a more rock based tone
and the dancing on the floor a more recognizable form, Spike and
Xander had ventured back out to give it another go.

For years, Spike had watched the boy stumble, bumble and fumble
his way around the activity of the Slayer. Usually causing her to
interrupt her demon fighting long enough to save his arse. He often
wondered why she even let him tag along.

He would have asked, but at the time, didn't care.

Now, watching him roll and sway to the rhythm it was hard to believe
it was the same person.
Fucking Xander Harris was sexy as hell on a dance floor.

Spike scowled. Damn Watcher could have taught the boy a lot.
Could have shown him how much fighting was like dancing.
Could have saved! Spike refused to think about
the coming days.

Three beers a piece and they were back out in the middle of a very
forgiving crowd.
As soon as Spike had started to move, Xander's hips picked up the
matching movement and they had humped, bumped and grinded their
way to a pair of hard leaking erections that screamed for release.

Making the situation worse was a mob of overheated men who all
seemed very comfortable with the acts of touching and being touched
in the most private places.

It made someone as possessive as Spike exceedingly unsettled.
While he rather enjoyed the anonymous hands that groped
his back, crotch, and chest, it incensed him to see the same being
done to his boy.

His boy. Spike shook his head. At what point had he even begun
to think on those terms? No one knew better than him how inadvisable
that was. He was setting himself up for a crushing fall.
He didn't care.

By 10:30 the music had slowed down as the band prepared to take
another break. Xander started to walk off the floor when Spike
grabbed his hand and pulled him back. He tugged Xander's body
around and gently wrapped his arm around his boy's waist, taking
hold of his other hand, Spike swept them round and round.

Laughing, Xander went happily along till finally they slowed and began
to slightly move as their bodies felt the emotion of the music. Slow,
sweet, romantic.
Xander felt light headed and giddy. He had no idea what had set in motion
the events of the last couple days but he was smart enough not to ask.

'Just goes to show' He thought with a smile. 'When you think your life
has nothing left, life can still serve up a surprise of two.'

Holding Spike tightly, Xander nuzzled his neck, humming along with the
sad, sweet song the lead singer was pouring all his emotion into.
Spike tipped his face up to kiss the warm, pillowy soft lips, then laid
his head back down on Xander's shoulder.

In his 120 years of walking the earth, amidst all the bloodshed, death,
and mayhem, he had sought this above all else. Someone to hold him.
Strong loving arms to surround him. He had tried to find it in Angelus
but the psychotic vampire was more interested in flogging the new childe
than loving him.

He had tried to coax it from Angel, but the souled one was more interested
in flogging himself, relishing the pain of self served retribution, claiming
he had no right to happiness. It had quickly become tedious.

He had it for a short time with Dru, his dark princess, before she slipped
into madness. Her mind couldn't call up the past, her past, when she was
still warm, breathing, and in need of human compassion. Angelus had
robbed her of all sanity and memory. He was the thief that deprived
Spike of Dru's ability to love.

Foolishly, he had tried to force affection on Buffy. It was his biggest
mistake. She would never see him as anything other than what he was.
A vampire. A creature of death in the night. A one time hard cock
in the alley behind the Magic Box.

The next day she had claimed she was drunk and remembered nothing
about the night before. He knew better. He could see the shame and
humiliation in her eyes, along with the implied threat if he ever told.
He never did.
Not out of fear but sadness and defeat.

And now here he was. Held, kissed, wanted for who he was.
And he could have had it all along. It was right under his nose
the whole time and he had never seen it. Not till a wish foolishly
made on the hell mouth had given him the happiness he always craved
only to snatch it away.

Maybe not. Spike pulled back marginally and looked into the young,
handsome face of his pet. He had made a second wish, he reminded
himself. A wish to give Xander a long life filled with love. There was
no way the cruel fates of the universe could pervert that wish.

Xander opened his eyes and smiled.
"What are you looking at?"

Spike chuckled.
"Just the best looked bloke in the room. Don't you find all this a bit
strange, Love? I mean you haven't once questioned why one day you
and I seemed to hate each other and now here we are, all cozy and
cuddly. Bit odd innit?"

Xander shrugged.
"Gift horse and mouth, Spike. These have been the best couple days of
my life. A puppy is a wonderful thing. If you cut it open and take it apart
to try to figure out what makes it so special you kinda ruin it. Best thing to
do is feed it, nurture it, love it and encourage it to grow. You are my
puppy Spike."

Spike swore his dead heart had tried to beat and he quickly laid his
head back down. He was too choked up to respond. If he could
have, he would have said that 'puppy' was the nicest title he had ever
been given.

Xander kissed the side of Spike's face telling him he understood.
Together they continued to move to the melancholy tune of lost love
and they held on tight.

All evening, Xander had noticed men, some in two's, three's groups,
or alone, slipping off toward the back room of the small shabby
building. At first he thought they were going to the restroom to
piss out a beer or snort up some coke or poppers.

It wasn't until a few minutes ago, when he had to drop off a few beer
of his own that he realized the bathrooms were at the other end of the
dance floor. Now, as he glanced around, he saw the stream of activity
had continued.

He leaned down and nipped the vampires ear as he whispered into it.

Spike shuddered as the feel of the warm breath brushed his skin.
"What's back there?"

Spike looked in the direction Xander indicated then laid his face back
down on the human's shoulder.

"Prolly a back room. You know where they go to fuck, watch people
fuck or just jack off."

The heart pressed against his cooler body suddenly kicked up several
notches, pounding so hard he could feel it's movement vibrating through
his own dead one. Xander's lungs filled with air as his breathing came
in quick ragged breaths and his body temperature shot through the roof.

Spike stepped back.
"You like that? You interested in taking a walk for a bit of a lookie see?"

Spike laughed at the shocked, bug eyed face of his innocent boy,
his face snapping back and forth from Spike's face to the area of the
darkened doorway.
Spike was afraid, for a moment that Xander may just pass out from

Gradually, Spike took the lead and slow danced them across the small
floor, weaving around the men who had stopped moving and were
passionately embracing and kissing.

Eventually they stopped. The unmistakable smell of sweat and spent
seed drifted outward, settling in the tiny hairs of the lining of Xander's nose.
It should have repulsed him. It should have disgusted him.
Xander was intrigued.

Spike tipped up his chin.
"What say, Pet? Have a walk about?"

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