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With A Little Help from My Friends (Prt 2/??)

With a Little Help from My Friends
Author: bohofemm
Rating: Pg for innocent kissing
Pairing: S/X
Summary: LA has been sent to a hell dimension. Spike, incorporeal once more, is now stuck in hiding at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, teaching History of Magic, while Xander, his partner, teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. Does Albus Dumbledore have the answer to making him solid once more?
A/N: AU. Disregards some facts of the last season of Angel, such as Spike and Angel ending up in the hell dimension. Written for smokey_duck Might be minor OOC since this is my first S/X fic.

“Mr. Bloody,” Dumbledore murmured. “I have a proposition for you and your friend ,” Spike slowly nibbled on his lower lip, as he settled into a chair, gripping Xander’s hand. “And you two are just the people for the task I have. Defeating the Turok-Han-well-that was a miracle in itself. And then surviving The Circle of the Blackthorn?” Dumbledore extended his hand towards Xander. “And if you do something for me…I suppose I could do something for Mr. Bloody.” Xander ground his teeth, unsure if he should trust the old kook.

“What?” Xander asked, tightly gripping Spike’s hand.

“If you help me, I can make William corporeal. Now I’m unsure if Shanshu would attach, however, corporeal is better than not being solid.” Dumbledore murmured, spreading a large sheet of Parchment on his desk. Dipping his quill into an ink pot, he began to scribble.

“What can we do?” Spike asked, not caring how impossible the task was. Just being able to touch Xander any time he pleased would have made it all worth it. “Anything…except confronting evil super Vamps again!” Xander blinked, still tightly gripping Spike’s hand.

“You are aware of Harry Potter?” Dumbledore asked. Spike nodded. “Voldemort is planning an uprising. He, unfortunately, has found a way to reverse Priori Incantem .” Xander jumped back, wondering if Spike knew just how grave that was. “The only thing Harry can do is destroy the horcruxes, which will make the thing we know has Lord Voldemort die… a natural muggle death.”

“Wait…so, you want the two of us to go up against the evilest wizard of the past century…and for risking our lives again you’ll make Spike corporeal?” Xander repeated, uncertain if he had understood Dumbledore correctly.

“That is pretty much it.”

“No.” Xander muttered, pulling Spike to his feet. “We’re hiding here so we don’t get killed.” He gestured towards Spike with his thumb. “In case you’ve forgotten, you kook, he’s the sole survivor of sending Los Angeles, California to a Hell Dimension. He’s got a price on his head.” He shook his head. “I’m not risking him again.” Spike leaned over Xander’s arm.

“Can we think about it and get back to you?”

An angered Xander ripped the amulet off, and stormed out of the office. Spike turned to follow him.

“Yes,” Dumbledore said.

“Pet!” Spike called, chasing him. “Excuse me!” He glided right through a small first year Ravenclaw. The small girl jumped, clearly frightened. “Sorry! See you in class!”

Spike paused just outside the door to their quarters. He winced, hearing things smash against the wall. What exactly was Xander doing?

“Alexander Lavelle Harris! Would you calm your ass down?” Spike ducked, a china teacup flying through his head. “What is your problem?” Xander sunk his head into his hands.

“He’s trying to get you killed!” he muttered, threading his fingers through his hair. “I’d rather spend a millennium with you as incorporeal than to lose you just for the chance to be solid.” He licked his lips. “Do you know how it felt to hear Buffy tell me you got incinerated in Sunnydale? Then, to hear Andrew that you were alive and well? And then to lose you again? Then, to get you back …only to find out that we had to go into hiding?”

You didn’t have to go anywhere.” Spike snarled. “You could have continued hunting slayers. You could have stayed with the council. You never had to come to Scotland with me. Why would I have forced you?” Xander looked up, tears starting to fill his eyes. “And if you don’t want to be here, then, why?”

“Because I LOVE YOU STUPID!” Xander snarled. Slipping the amulet back on, he rushed to Spike and firmly mashed his lips against his. Then, he stormed out, leaving Spike to think.

“Bloody Hell, Xander. You know how to make a guy’s stomach turn…If I wasn’t incorporeal.” he murmured, sinking into the bed they shared. Somehow, the small full bed seemed even smaller than it usually did. “Doesn’t he understand why I have to do this? He deserves someone who can hold him, and love him the proper way. Not just while he wears a certain piece of jewelry.” He pulled Xander’s pillow close, knowing it probably smelled like him. “Damn Lilah! Damn Peaches. I hate them all.”

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