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Never Time Enough # 19

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Title: Never Time Enough
Author: Part 1 50ftqueenie… then rngrdead – Ch 2 and beyond
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys (together!).
Summary: Xander comes back from the past with a secret.
the rest of the story


The three Aurelians woke slowly early afternoon but all chose to remain in the too long forgotten three way embrace, Xander’s heat permeating them all and the duvet pleasantly comforting.

Finally Spike broke the silence.

“So… Anyone for a fondle?”

It was such a silly statement and so typically Spike (not William) that it required a slap from his Consort and a grunt of mild annoyance from his Grandsire although…

Angel had not really felt at ease to let his demon loose other than when fighting for a hundred years plus, but the new memories and the presence of the mated pair drove the original Angelus to the surface of his conscience. And the interesting part for the ensouled one was that there was no conflict any more. His boys were back. He nipped his wayward Grandchilde lightly on the shoulder and grumbled “Go back to sleep.” Much may have changed but the new and old memories of their time were so strong, and here in this place…

Spike gave a rather bemused “Ow!” at the nip, then slapped Xander back, grinned wickedly at his mate and winked. He then leant over and kissed his surprised Grandsire square on the lips before tweaking Angel’s dark nipple hard, flicking Xander in the nether regions and promptly launched out of Xander’s grasp and over his Sire and out of the bed.

What ensued was a rather impromptu – and very uncharacteristic (for Angel of late) chase down the hallway and around several flights of stairs and was only halted at the appearance of Adrian’s PA on the ground floor. It resulted in three rather ‘underclad’, smiling, and consequently somewhat embarrassed group of gents being invited to take ‘brunch’ in the atrium (their disheveled appearance much to the bemusement of Adrian).

The vampires sat drinking, Spike still occasionally stealing food from Xander’s plate to crush and mix with his blood, and Angel smiling for the first time since…? What interested the consort was the number of times Spike casually reached across and touched his Sire – the thrill being the reciprocal gentle caress of hand or knee and the subtle invitation for the consort to touch too.

Their host Adrian enjoyed the scene immensely – this was what his grandmother had described – but it was so much better in the flesh! They were a family, anyone could see that, but essentially he was there to remind them of the momentous event to come that evening – the ball was to welcome back the Aurelians to their home!

Adrian chose the moment carefully, but the presence of the three semi-clad beautiful male forms did tend to have his quills emerging… Adrian’s P.A. was already instructed to assist them with costumes and ‘notes’ on the invited guests.

Angel seemed in a rather odd mood, saying little as usual but strangely relaxed. It was over a hundred years but somehow… he felt at ‘home’. He was still trying to reconcile what this meant… was this really his ‘shanshu’ perhaps? Not to become human or find perfect happiness (whatever that was) but to be at peace at last? Though still trying to come to terms with the new memories and far older ones, he did feel right, resolved, and in a way redeemed, he had his soul *and* his family back. He smiled as he noted Xander lift his wrist for his Mate to take – and surprised to again see the boy’s tiny fangs drop as Spike reciprocated. He then gave himself a mental slap. The ‘boy’ was no longer truly human, his new memories knew that.

The three were broken from their reverie by an insistent Adrian as he read through the guest list, they all recognized a number of names. Adrian had been careful to invite (where longevity allowed) any allied demons from Angelus’ time before the ensouling, and before Xander’s disappearance.

Ever the showman, Adrian, requested that the three Aurelians (two vampires and one consort) descend the stairs together after the main group of guests had arrived, and in costume as was appropriate.

He had deliberately demanded that all the guests dress in the nature of the late 1800s – and offered to dress the three Aurelians from his personal dresser’s own collection. The high collared waistcoats and classic navy blue and gold formal garb of the English Military of the period did not sit so well with Angel (Irish sensibilities still to the fore) though he was familiar with the style and the effect was striking.

The three descended the stairs as a proud family group, greeted by various demon and human socialites and dignitaries, and chatted surprisingly easily.

Despite the fine, appropriate aperitifs and drinks, Angel tugged at his high collar a little uncomfortably for the first half hour, Spike noticed and opened his wrist, resulting in a rather stunned Angel taking from his Childe in a small alcove behind the stairwell then offering his own, feeling the connection on a visceral level… literally, and calming.

It was an epiphany of sorts. And one from which there was no return. He would not abandon this again. This was family and love and history and unconditional devotion and… home, after more than a hundred years. It was William and his Consort and he, once more, truly felt like… the Aurelian Grandsire.

The change was subtle but noticed by Spike and Xander, and both grinned knowingly as Angel gradually relaxed, stood a little taller and chatted more easily with guests, even offering to dance graciously with a few of the ladies as the music became the focus.

Adrian was ecstatic, the night was a triumph and he immediately began speaking of a ‘mid summer ball’ to various guests (much to his PA’s dismay!). Such an event took weeks to plan and she had hoped for a little respite during the balmy nights of summer.

For Xander the whole event was incredibly, and at the same time puzzlingly, familiar. His disconnect with this type of thing was but weeks old… for the other two it was a century and more. Nevertheless Spike rose to the occasion, dancing with his beautiful Consort and even his Sire for one round and wooed many a giggling lady (of all species) onto the floor, to do as both his Sire and Consort did, dance and flirt with them.

At one notable point in the evening Spike noted the worried look on Adrian’s pretty PA’s face, this night was very much of her making. She was dressed in a radiant sapphire satin period dress, and Adrian had made sure to lend her some of his own mother’s stunning ruby and diamond jewelry. Nevertheless she looked quite strained having worked so hard in the upcoming days to the event.

Spike quietly instructed the small live orchestra, then approached her, bowed deeply and requested her company in a dance. What resulted was a lively polka, to the rather classical “Shall We Dance” from “The King and I”. She found herself being swept around the floor her long train flung over her gloved arm and dark tresses almost coming loose from their stays. Mischievous twinkling blue eyes, strong guiding arms and a grin that spoke of thanks had her letting go for the first time in… years. So they danced and it was infectious. In the end Xander, Adrian and even Angel were swirling partners around the floor – along with fifty or more guests of all persuasions/species.

As the music finished, the dear PA was left grinning, almost breathless in her beautifully beaded gown, and really did need the fine bone fan she had been gifted on the night by her boss.

It was to be the first of five more lively classical pieces that left the participating guests panting and taking more of the wonderful fruit punch (and other beverages of choice). The evening ended well beyond two in the morning as weary guests toddled to their chauffeured private cars, and line of taxis.

As the last guest left, Adrian pulled the rather exhausted Aurelians, and his entire staff, into the atrium at the rear of the house and issued them all with fresh, large bulb glasses, proceeding to pour ‘a snifter’ of his finest brandy into the base of each.

“A toast to a fine evening of food, wine, women, song, dance… and everything in between! To all of you… Salute!!”

Glasses were raised in unison, kitchen staff, casually hired waiters, the small orchestra and two singers – even by a smiling Angel – all toasting the other staff and their host “Salute”.

Spike sidled up behind the ensouled version of his Grandsire, empty glass in hand and whispered over his shoulder at a vampiric level “Not brooding again are we? Penny for your thought’s?”

“Oh Sp…*William* tonight has been just… Perhaps this is my Shanshu… finding family again after all I’ve done… after all this time… How can you forgive? I…”

Unexpectedly Xander joined the two, sliding his hands around the blonde vampire’s waist as Spike whispered, “Just did what the bitch of a Sire of yours dictated by jealousy, stealth, meddling, pure evil and hate…” It was said with so much justified venom that both Grandsire and Childe fell into game face.

It was Xander who spoke next “Grandsire can we be happy – even just for tonight…”

Spike grinned then intoned “May as well! Knowing us, it will all go to hell on the morrow! No happiness ever truly lasts… Not for us anyway. Well truth be known, not for anyone on this ridiculous earth.”

Angel turned and kissed his Grandchilde then Xander on the neck in full view of Adrian and the staff, “So come on let’s us pay our respects and let family be family… I think we need to retreat as in days of old.”

What followed was a dignified and very gracious thank you to all concerned from the Aurelians, then a slow ascent to the second floor and their respective suites. But just as previously, Angel opened the covers of his bed. This time to three highly aroused males exchanged blood and enjoyed dreams enhanced by touch and familial memory.

The following morning was somewhat different. Angel Investigations was calling with an urgent message to return, the Swiss and London banks managing Aurelian accounts were calling, and Xander’s parents were on the phone determined to plan a visit.

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