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With A Little Help from My Friends (Prt 3/??)

With a Little Help from My Friends
Author: bohofemm
Rating: Pg for innocent kissing
Pairing: S/X
Summary: LA has been sent to a hell dimension. Spike, incorporeal once more, is now stuck in hiding at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, teaching History of Magic, while Xander, his partner, teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. Does Albus Dumbledore have the answer to making him solid once more?
A/N: AU. Disregards some facts of the last season of Angel, such as Spike and Angel ending up in the hell dimension. Written for smokey_duck Might be minor OOC since this is my first S/X fic.

“Spike?” Xander murmured, wondering why their chambers’ lights were off. “Are you in here?” He gently flicked the light on. “Isn’t that sweet?” He gently shoved an armchair over, and sat down, just watching his lover ‘sleep’ while cuddling his pillow.
“I know you’re there,” Spike grumbled. “I’m incorporeal. Do you really think I need to sleep?” He shoved over, leaving about half the bed for Xander to squeeze onto. “You’ve been crying.” Leaning forward, he gently ran his index finger over the still wet tears just to beginning to stain Xander’s cheeks.
“Just thinking.” Xander murmured, swinging his body into bed. “Sat up in the Owlery with Lockheed, and wrote Willow. Find out what the demons were saying about us.”
They sat in silence, deep in thought over everything they had heard and had happen. Was it really so terrible that Spike was willing to risk it all to give Xander all that he deserved? If it wasn’t for him, Xander would happily be hunting slayers, experiencing life, rather than trapped in a mystical Scottish castle. Spike was merely holding Xander back.
“No, you’re not.” Xander’s voice punctured the darkness. “If I didn’t want to be here, I wouldn’t. The Congo was getting boring, and unlike you, I actually enjoy teaching Malfoy. I love you with all my heart and soul.” He flipped over, so, he could gaze into Spike’s eyes. “Look into my eyes and tell me I’m lying.” Spike searched the eyes he loved so dearly, searching for any hint of mistruth.
He saw none.
“Why? What if I get Shanshu?” Spike asked, lightly caressing Xander’s cheek. Xander pulled back.
“Shanshu is not worth me losing you.” Xander murmured. “For the first time, I know what love is. I know what Willow felt every time she looked at Tara. I know why she killed after losing it. I don’t want that to happen to you! If I lost you, I’d just join up with Voldemort, because I’d have nothing left to lose,”
“Sirs?” the dachshund That controlled their door opening muttered, peeking his head into his other portrait. “There is a young blonde man asking for Professor Bloody.”
Spike glided up.
“Stay here, Xan.” he murmured. “Malfoy most likely,” He glided through the wall, to see Draco standing in the hall. “Are you aware of the time?”
“Sorry, Professor. I needed to talk to someone, and you’re not like any of the other professors. Hell, I think I can actually trust you.”
“You wouldn’t trust me if you knew about my past.” he murmured. Draco rolled his eyes.
“Evil vampire, one of the infamous Scourge of Europe. You’re what they tell some children will get them if they misbehave,” he scoffed.
Great. He’s a smartass too. Spike thought. Turning, he spoke to the portrait. “Skippy, tell Xan I’ll be back.” The small dog nodded.
They walked silently through the corridors; the soft snores of portraits softly resounding through the halls. Spike sighed, wishing he could just crawl back into bed with Xander. He had better things to do than play counselor to someone who drove him so crazy.
“Draco, where are we going?” Spike asked, having seemingly glided for hours. “If you need to talk, I am fine with that. However, kindly remember I have an anxious friend to get back to.”
Draco stayed silent, leading Spike up the ladder to the Owlery. He sighed, continuing to climb, until he was physically on top of the Owlery. Then, he faced Spike.
“What I’m about to tell you…you can’t tell anyone.” Draco murmured. “You’re gay right?” Spike blinked. This wasn’t a topic he normally discussed with his students. “I mean…people talk. They say you’re in a relationship with Professor Harris. Is that true?” Spike sighed. “If the governors didn’t get rid of you for being one of the founding members of the Scourge of Europe, they won’t do anything to you for being gay.”
“Xan-I mean-Professor Harris and I go way back. From the time my mentor Peaches tried to feed him to me but actually-” Draco cut him off.
“Your mentor was called Peaches?” he sounded skeptical.
“Angelus…more commonly known as Angel…or to me, Peaches. Anyway, don’t cut me off. Actually, the feeding Harris to me was a ploy to distract me. From that moment, I knew he was special. Took us five years, and me dying twice.” Spike decided to leave out the gory details. “And my current state of not being solid.”
“Potter and I are in love.” Draco blurted out. Suddenly, Spike saw the young man in a whole new light; As innocent and vulnerable as every other student he taught. “But Lord Voldemort is still out there. Harry wants to break up with me because he doesn’t want me to get targeted. He wants to protect me in order to do the right thing.” He winced. “He doesn’t realize that I’d rather die with him than live a moment apart. Sometimes the hard choice is really best.”
Spike bit his tongue, realizing Draco could be compared to Xander. “You just seem so…honest. I figured I could talk to you about it.”
“This is something you and Potter must talk about it.” Spike explained. “And I hate to cut this short, but I must discuss something with Professor Harris. If you’d like to wait for me, we can discuss this more afterwards but this is a most pressing matter,” Draco gulped.
“I’d prefer to wait.” he murmured.
Moving through the halls, Spike knew exactly what to tell Xander, why they should accept Dumbledore’s offer. Draco had said it best, without saying it at all.
“Everything alright?” Xander asked sleepily. Spike knelt before him, grasping both hands.
“Alexander Lavelle Harris. Before you, I never knew you could love someone so much that it hurt. I never knew love could make someone not solid giddy-and I’ve seen it all. You’ve got to give it your all for love.” Xander nodded. “By not helping Dumbledore, I’m not giving it my all for love. If you want to come with me, that’s up to you. I just know what I have to do.” Xander reached out, brushing his fingers against Spike’s cheek.
“Wherever you go and whatever you do, I’m with you for every step of the road.”

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