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April Fool's

This is just a short little Spandery reply to the April Fool's Day Challenge.

"Come on, Buffy, you gotta help me get them." Dawn whined. "This is gonna be the BEST prank ever."

"Nooo. I'm all good for a prank, but they'd both wanna kill you for that. I mean even at the best of times they can't stand each other. Willow help me out here. Tell Dawn all the ways this is wrong." Buffy ordered.

"I dunno, Buffy. It would be awfully funny. Oooh and they BOTH have it coming after that thing last month, with the face cream and the Glo-van droppings." Willow said with a thoughtful expression.

"Droppings... those were droppings? I put that stuff on my FACE! I am SO in." Buffy screeched.

"Great!" Dawn bounced before going back to laying out her plans. "So I figure Giles can stand for Xander, and I got Angel to agree to stand up for Spike."

"Wait... you got ANGEL in on this thing?" Buffy asked smirking. "Hell if you'd have said that in the first place..."

Dawn and Tara both looked confused at her then, but Willow grinned at her friend and quickly explained. "Neither of you ever saw Angel in a tux."

"Ohhh." They said together knowingly.


Several hours later

"So you guys totally have to act shocked when Angel says he though I was serious, and has actually married you guys. Otherwise, Buffy might realize the truth."

"No offense, Bit, but if tall dark and brooding is gonna be standing there in a tux, he could tell her he's Angelus again and he wants to be free to start a career as a lounge singer and she'd just smile and nod."

"Speaking of which, he is SO not singing at the wedding, no matter how much he begs." Xander said. "I've heard stories."

"I'm just sorry about the date." Willow said with a small smile.

"Hey, if it gets all my best friends to the wedding, without a certain blond friend staking my blond husband to be? I'll learn to live with telling everyone I got married on April Fool's Day."

EDIT: If anyone is interested I did a Xangel April Fool's ficlet here:
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