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untitled ficlet

I was watching my local news tonight when I saw the announcement that Passions was ending and the studio was selling props from the show this weekend. So of course I couldn't resist the plot bunny. Could you? *g*


"But -"




"Why the bloody hell not?"

"We moved away from L.A. for a reason, remember? I'm not shelling out for two international plane tickets - first class, since coach seats are, and I quote, 'too bloody cramped' - just so you can go shopping."

"But it's history! My favorite show is ending! Nine seasons, Xander, and I've watched every single sodding one. I deserve this!"

"You know they're not actually going to be selling the Timmy doll, right?"

"Tell you what - you go with me to both evening sales, and I'll go to Disneyland with you for two nights."

"...Fine. But you have to give me a blowjob while we go through It's A Small World."
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