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fic search

yeah i've been reading the fics on this community for awhile now.  one of the things that sticks out most to me about this community is the people searching for fics.  now i'm one of those people.

I'm looking for this fic about Xander hopping through alternate realities where he runs into a different Spike in each one.  I thnk he runs into one Spike in a reality where the Initiative has pretty much taken over Sunnydale, and Spike is Riley's slave.  I'm not sure about this part:  Buffy is with Riley also and does know Spike is Riley's slave but doesn't know that Riley is using him for sex.  I think Xander somehow saves Spike or something like that.  That's pretty much the only part I remember about the fic.  I definitely know it isn't a 'Sliders' fic.


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