inner_enigma (inner_enigma) wrote in bloodclaim,

another fic search

you guys must be so tired of these searches by now, lol, so srry but this has really been bugging me.I just read it and now i can't find it again. I am pretty sure it wasn't in the spanderfiles. It starts out in Las Vegas and a card game between Spike and Tony Harris in which Mr.Harris loses but doesn't have the cash so he gives Spike a toddler Xander. So Spike basically raises him and Dru is not in the picture. Eventually when Xander is in his teens they go to Sunnydale to unsoul Angel. Spike won't turn Xander till he is 21 or 19 i forget abd Xander has a fixation on Cordelia who he met at the mall when some guy stole her purse and Xander breaks his fingers cause Cordelia told him too. I remeber alot more but those are some major defining points for the story so hopefully some1 will know what I am talking about if not I will post again with more details.
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