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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.


Thanks to Purpledodah for the wonderful banner.

7:30 am Friday morning
Xander Harris has 15 1/2 hours left to live.

The two men laid together in the small bed, facing each other.
Their hands touched, caressed and explored the body of their
bonded mate.

The cool hands craved the heat of the living while the warm,
overheated skin of the human sought out the feel of the fingers
that brought comfort to his burning need.

Xander was sandwiched. His back flattened up against the rough
plaster of the cracked wall and his front pressed to the body of
the man he had vowed to love. Till death do them part.
Probably his.

"I've never done this with a man before. I want it...."
Xander glanced down at his hard, ready cock that had just bumped
heads with Spike's and left a string of precum between them.

"........REALLY want it, but I want it to feel good to you too.

Spike ran his hand down Xander's stomach and felt the tiny hairs
on his body raise up and prickle under his touch. He then swiped
his fingers over the sticky mess that was bubbling between them.
Bringing his hand back up he slowly licked one finger clean before
offering the other to his boy.

"It will, Love, it will."

Xander's tongue darted out to capture the white early spend.
He immediately recognized the taste. What man hasn't sampled their
own ejaculate, still warm from their body as it drips from their hands?

But there was more. A sharp, coppery undertaste that had to be
pure Spike. Body fluid converted from stolen blood, to pool in his
balls and magically change to a false release.

Xander moaned and sucked the finger into his mouth greedily, not
wanting to lose a single drop. The smell, the flavor of it shot a wave
of hot want and need through his body, kicking his urgency four more
points up the scale.

Spike groaned too. The sight of the soft, kiss puffed lips sucking
and manipulating his finger made his hips jerk forward roughly.

"Fuck, Xan, I can't wait to see you on your knees, sucking my cock.
Gonna do it right out where everyone can see us. On a bus, in a park,
me with my legs apart and you lickin' me bollicks, maybe finger fuckin'
me arse while you just suck away. Then when I can't hold back no
more, I'm gonna grab your ears and fuck your face till you choke
down a flood of cum. Beautiful."

"Jesus, fuck, Spike."
Xander's voice was soft, breathless. The vivid mental picture Spike
painted shot through his body. It slithered down his spine and settled in
his stomach.
Flopping over on his back, Xander gripped his cock and slowly ran his
fist up and down the shaft, spreading his legs wide and closing his eyes.

Spike knew two things. Neither of them would last long and Xander had
just offered up the perfect position.
Clamping a steel grip on his pet's wrist, Spike growled warningly.
"What did I tell you about that?'

Xander reluctantly let go of himself. It was probably the single hardest
thing he had ever forced himself to do. His cock twitched, angrily
protesting. It had no knowledge of the future. It had never met Spike's
ass. Introductions were on the table.

Spike sat back on his heels and chuckled at his boy's suffering while
his own cock was being tugged, pulled and stroked.
Spike was an evil bastard.

Finally when he felt the tide of Xander's urgency retreat, Spike reached
for the lube. He ran one hand up the crease of Xander's groin feeling the
moist heat as it warmed his cold fingertips. The other hand tipped the
bottle and both men watched as the first few drops of slick hit the purple
bulging head of Xander's cock.

The shock of cold liquid burned like an icy fire. His cock screamed for
friction, his balls grew hard in anticipation and his sore hole twitched
with glee.

"Look how beautiful."
Spike's voice was low, guttural, suggestive.
"All hard and shiny, wantin'....what? What does this lovely bit of meat
want Xander? Do you want stroked till your balls ache so bad you think
you'll die if I don't let you cum? Oh, wait, I remember. You want me
to sit on this. Line it up to my hole and push it in. You want to fuck
my arse, don't you, Love?"

Xander choked. That was a question, wasn't it?. Was he supposed
to answer?
He thought maybe this was a perfect definition of rhetorical.
He assumed Mr. Webster would agree.

Spike leaned down to the stuttering man and softly kissed his lips.
When he felt him relax, he slipped his tongue in Xander's mouth an
licked every inch, relishing the remnants of their combined flavors
that still lingered on his tongue.

His cock bumped and rubbed against Xander's sharing the smooth
oil that coated it. Spike nibbled the side of Xander's neck and ear
with teeth that felt suspiciously sharp.

"Please, Spike, please bite me."
"Not yet. When you're deep inside me and we both ache to cum,
that's when. That's when I'll sink by fangs into this sweet flesh and
swallow your blood."

Xander's whole body jerked upward, willing him to hurry. He understood
Spike's warning of addiction. He couldn't imagine ever living without
his vampire's bite.

Spike sat up, straddling Xander with his boy's cock nestled in the
crack of Spike's ass.

"Slick up your fingers, Pet. When I lift up I want you to slide them in
me. You ever finger fucked one of your little dates that wouldn't let you
screw her pussy? That's what you're going to do to me. Get me all
loose and ready. I like being fingered. Maybe some night when we
are sittin' about just wachin' the telly, I'll let you finger my arse.
You like that?"

Xander's eyes got huge. He was suddenly very grateful for that ugly
plaid sofa and didn't minding a adding few new stains to it.

Tipping the bottle again, he let more of the cool liquid drizzle into the
palm of Xander's trembling hand. He looked up in to the sex hazed,
hooded eyes and gained confidence from knowing Spike was just as
far gone as he was.

Emboldened, he rubbed his hands together then wrapped one firmly
around the vampire's shaft and tipped his head, indicating he raise up.
Spike braced his hands on Xander's chest for leverage, brushing his
thumbs over the boy's nipples causing them to harden like two tiny
clits. Xander paused and grunted.

Leaning forward, Spike hiked his ass enough to allow Xander to slip
one hand between his legs as he continued stripping the smooth, uncut
cock. His finger briefly rubbed and teased the hole before slipping

Spike's forearms went stiff and his eyes fluttered closed. Xander pushed
his finger in further and rubbed the inner walls till he bumped a small
nub. Immediately Spike jumped, his eyes wide open.

"Right there. That's it, do it again."

Xander repeated the action, staring intently on the erotic strain in Spike's
face. Spike would have very happily allowed Xander to continue stroking
and fingering him till he shot his wad over both of them, but he couldn't
be that selfish. Not this time. Maybe next.

Gradually he became aware of Xander's cock, rocking and humping in
time with his hand. It slipped slickly up and down the crack of Spike's ass,
waiting impatiently for permission to enter.
Reluctantly, Spike stopped moving.

"Grab your cock, Love. Hold it firm just under the head and push it
against my hole. It might be a bit tight but we can get it in. You ready?"

Xander puffed and laughed nervously.
"Fuck yeah, I'm ready. Still wearin' my winning socks aren't I?"

Spike chuckled and pushed off Xander's chest again, tipping his ass
higher. Xander did as he was told and after the second try, The fat,
mushroom head breached Spike's tight wrinkled hole. Without pausing,
Spike dropped back down slamming Xander's cock deep inside.
Spike's demon mewed at the wonderful pain and splitting burn.

Both men were instantly swamped with the flush of craving need that
shot from their cocks throughout their bodies. It was the physical pleasure
of intense sex fed and fueled by the blood bond that joined them.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, Spike! Fuck, it's so tight, so perfect. It feels so
good it damn near hurts."

"Best fuckin' pain in the world, Pet. Fells like my arse is splitting open
from your fat cock. S' good. So good."

Spike knew neither of them could hold on long so he took over.
Leaning forward he began slowly humping his ass up and down.
He rocked and rode.
When he felt the tingle and pooling in his balls, his firm round butt

Xander held firmly onto Spike's hips, guiding him, while the vampire
rode his boy's thick dick. Finally the buzzing in Xander's ears cleared
enough that he could hear the small whimpers of need coming from
deep in Spike's throat and he wrapped his fist snuggly around the cock
that flopped freely between them.

As soon as his hot hands stroked the cool cock, Spike stiffened and
froze. He pumped spurt after spurt over Xander's hand and stomach.
As he did his hole clenched and rippled around his boy's rigid erection.

Xander's knees bent and his feet planted at Spike's sides. Digging his
fingertips painfully into Spike's hips he held the vampire down as he
lifted his hips as high and his cock as deep as he could manage.

The instant the hot cum filled his bowels, Spike dropped his face and
snapped, sinking his teeth deeply into the vein in his pet's neck.
Xander jerked as his cock again tried to ejaculate and his eyes
rolled back in overwhelming erotic pleasure. Holding Spike's head in
place, he never wanted him to stop.

Two big swallows, and Spike reluctantly withdrew his fangs, laving his
cool tongue over the hot, angry wounds. It was so tempting.
It would be so easy.
Spike tried not to think what he was thinking.

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