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You know they're doin' it
NTS Book 2, Ch. 44/48? 
11th-Apr-2008 07:47 pm
Cattleya Blue
Nothing the Same, Book 2
Chapter: 44/48?
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG13 - NC-17 Individual chapters will carry specific warnings.
Feedback & concrit: yes, please
Disclaimer: don't own them, never will, just playing with them
Spoilers: Anything from Season 1 on. 
Summary: sequel to Nothing the Same. 
Previous parts

Chapter 44

Spike looked… amazing. Xander had always thought tuxes made people look old-fashioned, in a good way but still, a little like they were from an earlier decade. Spike looked sleek, and dangerous, and hot.

“You look amazing.”

“Not bad yourself, pet.” And Spike was looking at him like he thought Xander was pretty good looking too, which made Xander almost regret the dance.

“So,” he asked, sliding his hands under Spike’s jacket letting his hands linger over lean, silk-covered muscle, “wanna stay home and shag instead?”

Spike pulled him in for a hard kiss, plundering his mouth for a long, breathless moment, then stepped back. “Dance first,” he answered. “Shagging afterwards when we have all night.”

Xander had always known Spike was brilliant.


Stepping inside the gymnasium, Spike winced at the music pouring through the doors. It wasn’t the volume, he’d been in plenty of noisier bars, it was the poor-quality band and their abysmal taste in music he objected to.

Xander was looking around, obviously admiring the cheap decorations and the balloon arches and his fingers tightened on Spike’s in a quick, grateful squeeze. Looking across at his boy, Spike thought that a couple of hours of dreadful music and sentimental foolishness were a small price to pay for the happiness on Xander’s face.

Xander looked drop-dead gorgeous in his tux. Spike had chosen well - the cut fit Xander’s tall, lean figure perfectly, emphasizing his broad shoulders and strong legs. His dark hair just brushed his shoulders, the tousled waves tempting Spike, as always, to bury his hands in the dark curls and feel the silken warmth around his fingers.

They made a striking couple and Spike saw people turning to stare at them. Whether they were staring because they were two guys or because they looked good, Spike didn’t care. He hoped no one would say anything to their faces that would require a response and he was prepared to overlook any behind their back slights for Xander’s sake.


Cordelia entered the gym like a queen gracing the peasant class with her presence and Xander suppressed a smile, remember when Spike had once told him that all you had to do was act like you own a place to be half way to owning it. Cordelia had obviously learned that lesson in the cradle. She’d come alone, he realized with surprise, but was clearly untroubled by the lack of an escort. Seeing Xander and Spike, she veered towards them and her eyebrows rose mockingly as she arrived next to them, her gaze going to their tuxedos.

“I see you got your tuxes the same place I got my dress,” she said archly, her eyes full of hidden meaning as she looked at Spike. “I won’t be shopping there any more now anyway, thanks to your visit.” She favored Spike with a brilliant smile that looked almost… grateful? Watching them exchange mocking looks, Xander had the feeling again that the two of them were sharing a secret that amused both of them. Given the way they related to one another, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know what was going on.

“You look great, Cordy,” he said sincerely, blithely ignoring the subtext. And she did. She was wearing a shimmering black dress that had a slit up the side almost to her hip and which clung to her curves. She looked like a movie star.

Spike looked her up and down assessingly. “Seen better,” he judged and Xander elbowed him. “Seen worse too,” he conceded.

“Like I’m worried about fashion criticism from leather-fetish boy,” Cordelia responded but it lacked a little of her usual bite. “You boys have fun. I’m going to mingle,” she said brightly, and moved off through the crowd, taking the admiring looks as no more than her due.

“Still think she’d make a good vampire,” Spike said, almost as if he was considering the idea seriously.

“Spike, we have enough problems without Cordelia, Queen of the Damned. Just no.”

Spike laughed.


“Xander! You came after all, that’s great!” Larry yelled at him over the music. Xander turned and saw Larry grinning at him. Jonathan was slightly behind him, looking just as pleased to see Xander. He grinned back at them.

“Larry, Jonathan, this is Spike.”

Larry stuck out a hand and Spike looked at it quizzically for a fraction of a second before reaching out to clasp it.

“Whoa! Cold hands, you really are nervous.”

Spike shot a quick look at Xander but didn't say anything as Xander hastily changed the subject before Spike had time to wonder why Larry assumed he was nervous. “Nice dance, huh?”

“Yeah, the band’s great and the food’s really good.” Larry shifted his attention to Spike again, obviously trying to make him feel welcome. “So, Spike, are you in school?”

“Ah, no. Spike's a little older than we are. He left school a while ago,” Xander explained nervously.

“Working man, huh? What do you do?” Larry was trying hard to draw out Xander's ‘shy’ boyfriend and Xander thought he might just shoot himself now.

“Um, well…,” he stammered, when Spike interrupted him smoothly.

“I’m what used to be called a ‘man of leisure’,” he said, his lips quirking up slightly and his eyes gleaming with mischief. “I run a small…” the hesitation was so fractional that Xander was sure no one else even heard it, “organization here in town but it doesn’t take up much of my time.”

His accent was different, Xander realized. More refined, more... Giles. Larry looked impressed and it was obvious he'd gotten the impression that Spike was rich. Jonathan had been watching the three of them with bright curious eyes. Now he said, “That sounds great. Part-time work?”

“Something like that.”

“Spike, how ‘bout we check out the buffet?” Xander wondered why he hadn’t planned a vampire cover story. Stupid, but somehow he hadn’t ever thought about Spike actually talking to anyone at the dance. At least anyone who didn’t know he was a vampire. “Larry, Jonathan, we'll see you in a bit.”


Tugging Spike after him, Xander retreated while they were still ahead. “So,” he asked suspiciously, “does everyone from England use their accents like that?”

Spike didn't even pretend he didn’t know what Xander was talking about, his smile becoming a smirk. “Only with Americans. You all are complete gits about British accents.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Xander warned darkly. “after all, it was the first thing that attracted me to you.”

“Yeah, but my fabulous body keeps you by my side,” Spike purred, pressing close so Xander could feel certain favorite portions of Spike’s anatomy.

“Well, there is that,” he conceded, grinning at his lover.



With Spike nibbling distractingly at his neck, Xander hadn’t really hadn’t been paying much attention to the titles being handed out by the prom committee. He just closed his eyes and tilted his head a little to the side, giving Spike more room to work and waiting for the music to start up again.

He hadn’t realized how much fun the prom would be.

They’d danced and visited the buffet and Xander had introduced Spike to dozens of people. Spike had been attentive and charming and hadn’t threatened anyone but Cordelia and that didn’t count, she’d threatened Spike first. Xander kept pulling Spike into corners where they could make out in peace. He couldn’t believe Spike had been willing to put up with this for him and it made him feel embarrassingly sappy every time Spike put on his BBC accent and made nice with some teenager that he just knew Spike was mentally dismembering.

And how weird was he that he got romantic and horny at the thought of Spike imagining killing the people he was chatting with, with every outward appearance of friendliness.

Jonathan’s voice at the microphone had surprised him out of the blissful trance Spike had put him in. Jonathan wasn’t a member of the prom committee and Xander stirred and began paying attention as Jonathan asked: “Is Buffy Summers here?”

Curious, Xander opened his eyes and listened, his attention sharpening rapidly as Jonathan began talking about how Sunnydale wasn’t like other towns.

As Jonathan continued, the hazy bliss fell away and he straightened in Spike embrace, listening intently. Jonathan was up on the stage in front of the entire school breaking Sunnydale’s biggest taboo. He was openly talking about the kind of things that no one ever talked about and everyone was agreeing, even calling out examples from the crowd of things that had happened over the last three years. Xander heard people mention the zombies and hyena-people - he vaguely recalled Willow telling him something about some kids getting possessed by the spirit of a hyena the first year Buffy was in town. Jonathan continued calmly, coming right out and saying that their graduating class had the lowest mortality rate of any class in Sunnydale history and crediting Buffy for having a lot to do with that.

Jonathan finished by saying the committee had created a new category in response to receiving a lot of write-in votes. He held up a decorated umbrella and read the small plaque: Buffy Summers, Class Protector. Other than the fact that the title sounded a bit like a condom, it was a really nice gesture and Xander regretted not having thought about writing in something like that himself. She’d earned it.

Buffy looked surprised and unbelievably happy as she moved forward through the applauding crowd to receive the rainbow-colored parasol that shimmered like soap bubbles under the colored lights. She didn’t say anything, just turned and smiled at everyone in a way Xander had never seen her smile: touched and pleased and almost shy. Xander thought she’d never looked prettier than she did at that moment.


“May I have this dance?”

He held out his hand to Willow and she looked up with a smile. The impulse to ask her to dance was born of the nostalgia that was so much a flavor of these last days of school. Everyone was in a “remember when” mood and he was as susceptible as the next person. Seeing Willow sitting alone, looking wistfully at the dance floor had reminded Xander of less complicated days and sent him across the floor to her side.

After the awards had been handed out, the music changed and slow dances followed, one after the other. He’d discovered that Spike was a really good dancer, having been trained in a previous century when people learned ballroom dancing as part of their education, and closing his eyes and following Spike’s lead had proved surprisingly easy. Their bodies fit together and the chaperones were being good about overlooking kissing in the middle of the dance floor.

Spike had asked if he would mind Spike asking Cordelia to dance. Amused at the bizarre friendship, Xander had encouraged him and gone to get a glass of punch. Finishing the glass and looking around idly, he’d noticed Willow sitting off to one side.

As they moved onto the dance floor, Xander took Willow into his arms and began the shuffling step that passed for slow dancing with him when he didn’t have Spike’s lead to follow. “You look beautiful, Willow.” It was something he knew he was supposed to say and she looked pretty in her dress but she’d bundled her hair up on top of her head with some sort of clip and it looked odd to him. He preferred her with her red hair swinging around her face, shining and beautiful and seeming to catch all the light in a room. It had always been her best feature and he was sorry she hadn’t left it down.

“You’re pretty handsome yourself in a tux,” she said admiringly and he laughed.

“Everyone looks good in a tux,” Xander replied with a grin.

“Remember 7th grade?” Willow asked, looking up at him, smiling reminiscently. “The Spring Dance when you, me and Jesse went together?”

“Yeah. That was when Jesse fell for Cordelia. He kept talking about that red dress she wore for weeks.”

Willow laughed, “I think it was the first time he really saw her cleavage. I don’t think his eyes left her chest all night.”

“Well, the power of Cordelia’s breasts is probably a side effect from the Hellmouth,” Xander postulated with mock seriousness. “Giles is researching it.”

“Giles wouldn’t research something like that!” Her smile turned impish. “Wesley, on the other hand…”

“No,” Xander disagreed. “He’s fallen under the spell of her breasts. He doesn’t retain the will to research their demonic origin.”

Willow was giggling helplessly now, not because the conversation was that funny but because, like Xander, she had been briefly transported back to junior high and their shared amusement at Jesse’s helpless infatuation with the oblivious and disdainful Cordelia.

They fell silent, both lost in memories of Jesse and less complicated days, letting the music guide their movement around the floor.

“I’ve missed you, Xander.” Willow said it simply, not looking for reciprocation and that was new. Willow used to need validation of her feelings by the immediate return sentiment. Now, she didn’t look anxiously at him for a similar statement, instead, her gaze went to the other couples dancing, watching the people they had known since grade school, a little nostalgic smile playing on her lips.

Xander thought that maybe that this was the whole point of a prom: a magic night outside time where only good memories were allowed. Something to look back on and remember with happiness rather than the awfulness that made up so much of high school. It didn’t change anything between Willow and himself, but for the length of one dance, they could pretend to be the inseparable friends they once had been.


“Just rip it off, pet,” Spike growled.

“It’s a tux! I’m not ripping it off.”

Knowing he was driving Spike crazy, Xander continued to slowly unbutton Spike’s silk shirt one button at a time. His lips explored every inch of the smooth flesh he was uncovering with such agonizing slowness, kissing, nibbling, and licking before his hands moved down, paused and carefully eased the next button through its buttonhole.

Despite having joked and fantasized all evening about tearing Spike’s clothes off and making hot passionate love right there in the gym, now that they were home and in their own bedroom, Xander found the romantic, nostalgic glow of the evening was still with him and he resisted Spike’s efforts to hurry things along.

Spike groaned as Xander dropped to his knees in front of him as his hands finally reached the waistband of Spike’s trousers and began unfastening them slowly, his fingers spending far more time stroking over the hardness beneath the fabric than was strictly necessary. He looked up into the impatient blue eyes with a teasing smile and he stroked over Spike’s burgeoning erection. “Someone’s been thinking about me.”

Sliding the zipper down with deliberate slowness, Xander chuckled as Spike’s erect penis pushed free through the opening. Kneeling at Spike’s feet, never taking his eyes off Spike’s, he opened his mouth and breathed warm air out, blowing it over Spike’s eager cock.

“Bloody hell!” Spike jerked hard as Xander’s heated breath feathered along the length of his throbbing erection.

Laughing, Xander slid his hands up Spike’s legs, wrapping them around the top of the muscled thighs and holding him as he began licking Spike’s cock; tiny cat-licks, barely touching the sensitive skin, feeling Spike pushing closer, wanting more. Gradually, he began licking with harder, longer strokes, letting his tongue drag across the foreskin, exploring every inch of his lover as Spike cursed and demanded he “get on with it, luv.”

Spike’s fingers threaded through his hair and Xander relented, running his tongue once along the length of Spike’s erection before concentrating on the head: swirling his tongue teasingly around it, then laving directly over the end, tasting the pre-cum and teasing at the weeping slit with the tip of his tongue.

His hands tightened to hold Spike still as Spike threw his head back with a sharp intake of unneeded breath, his hips pushing forward against Xander’s hold as he tried for more stimulation. Hollowing his mouth, Xander slid it around the head of Spike’s cock and then stopped again, ignoring Spike’s hands in his hair, urging him on.

For a long moment, he held their position, his lips not quite touching Spike’s cock, just inhaling through his nose and exhaling hot breath along the length, feeling Spike trembling under the exquisite sensation, until Spike’s hands tightened in his hair almost to the point of pain and he cursed loudly, his hips bucking forward.

Xander gave in, closing his lips and taking Spike into this mouth, his tongue swirling around the throbbing flesh, stroking over it, running his tongue along the veins as he swallowed as much as he could of Spike’s hard length. Spike was holding himself back with an effort, muscles tensed as he fought to keep from thrusting too hard into Xander’s mouth. Pulling back a little, Xander closed his lips around the head and began sucking hard, loving the way Spike bucked and cried out as he did. He dropped one hand from its grip on Spike’s thigh and reached up to begin playing with Spike’s balls, cupping them in his warm palm, rolling them in the sac, and rubbing teasingly at the sensitive flesh behind them.

Spike swore and came hard, shooting his release down Xander’s throat, his hips bucking in Xander’s grip as he cried out sharply. Xander didn’t let up, pulling the orgasm out of Spike, sucking and licking and swallowing Spike’s offering until Spike sagged, utterly spent.


The tension flowed out of Spike’s muscles and he folded over Xander, wrapping his strong arms around Xander’s shoulders and holding him, resting his forehead against Xander’s as Xander let his spent cock slip from his mouth. They stayed that way for a long moment, then Spike pulled Xander gently to his feet.

“Let’s see about these tuxes then,” he said, beginning to strip Xander quickly and efficiently. Taking his cue from Xander, he took the time to unfasten and unzip, even as Xander helped him shoulder out of his unfastened clothes. Tossing the last items over a chair, Spike took a minute to just admire his boy.

Xander’s lean, coltish body was filling in beautifully, muscles from his work and training with Spike giving breadth to his shoulders. He had a swimmer’s physique: broad shoulders, narrow waist and strong thighs and he was gorgeous as he stood there, admiring Spike even as Spike admired him. “Beautiful, luv,” he said and pulled Xander into his arms, kissing him with gentle thoroughness.

Xander pulled back after a long moment and looked at Spike so lovingly it made Spike’s unbeating heart lurch. “Thank you for tonight,” he said simply and Spike thought again that it was worth anything to have put that shining happiness in Xander’s eyes.

“Anything for you, luv,” he answered, and knew it was true.

Their lips met again and they tumbled onto the bed, still kissing; long, lazy kisses that gradually grew more frantic and passionate: tongues dueling, nipping, tasting, teasing and Spike let his hands roam over Xander’s strong back, feeling the sun-kissed skin smooth and warm under his hands.

Xander lay on top of him, his larger frame surrounding Spike with the warmth and smell of his Claimed. Xander’s erection pushed eagerly against him and Xander ground their hips together. Spike’s own arousal had returned and their hard cocks slid against each other as they kissed and rubbed against each other.

Rolling them over so he was on top, Spike sat up, looking down into Xander’s flushed cheeks and passion-glazed eyes. He slid his hands down the length of Xander’s arms and pulled them over his head, pinning them down against the mattress, leaning forward to kiss him again as he pressed down against him, jerking his hips sharply against Xander’s as Xander gasped and bucked up into him.

He released his hold on Xander’s wrists and buried his hands in Xander’s hair, holding him as he kissed him fiercely, his hips rocking against Xander’s until Xander was moaning and writhing beneath him.

Spike groped sideways for the lube without lifting his lips from Xander’s and slicked his hand quickly, reaching down to pump his own cock ensuring he was slicked and ready, even as he spread the lube generously over his fingers.

He eased one slick finger inside Xander, moving with aching slowness until it was fully seated, then began thrusting slowly in and out, circling his finger with each movement to stretch the entrance. After long moments, he slid a second finger inside and pushed in sharply, searching for and finding the prostate as Xander arched up off the bed, crying out as Spike stimulated the sensitive gland.


Spike chuckled, continuing to brush his finger over his sweet spot, until Xander was thrashing beneath him, eyes glazed, his whole body shaking with need, broken pleas for more coming to his lips.

One last thrust and Spike pulled his fingers out, pushing Xander’s legs up towards his chest and centering himself. He eased his cock inside Xander with excruciating slowness, nearly shaking with the effort of holding back, feeling Xander’s body relax and let him inside. He pressed forward slowly until he was fully seated and lay there for a long moment, lips trailing over Xander’s chest as he waited for Xander’s body to adjust.

When Xander’s hips began to twitch, seeking more, Spike let his mouth slide up to Xander’s throat, licking and nibbling along the veins throbbing just below the surface. Xander gasped, “Spike please!” and Spike thrust hard, burying his fangs in Xander’s exposed throat at the same moment.

Thrusting inside the heated channel, hot blood filling his mouth, Spike exploded into orgasm, hips pumping hard into Xander who screamed and came, his hot cum pulsing between their bodies as he came over and over again, overwhelmed by the dual penetration.

Spike forced himself to raise his head, to stop drinking, even as his hips continued to thrust, loving the feel of Xander’s pleasure as Xander tightened around him. So tight, so hot, so good. He dipped his head and lapped at the renewed Claim mark, savoring the last drops of blood as he shot the remaining evidence of his orgasm inside his Claimed, feeling Xander go limp beneath him.

He relaxed against Xander’s body, feeling Xander’s warm breath panting against his cheek, burying his nose in Xander’s neck and inhaling the mingled odors of sex and sweat and Xander.

They lay there, entwined and sated, for long minutes before Spike made himself move, easing out of his boy and shifting them to a more comfortable position. Sighing contently, hearing Xander’s breathing slow into the rhythms of sleep, Spike let himself fall asleep, wrapped securely in the arms of his Claimed.



12th-Apr-2008 03:05 am (UTC)
Cordelia, Queen of the Damned Just as well she was never vamped *g*

What a lovely (and hot) version of the Prom - nice job.

12th-Apr-2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It was so nice to have a quiet happy chapter after all the angst. Cordy really would make one hell of a scary vamp - put Drusilla completely in the shade.
12th-Apr-2008 04:09 am (UTC)
What a lovely bedtime story. Thanks!
12th-Apr-2008 03:45 pm (UTC)
Your welcome! Now back to our regularly scheduled angst...
12th-Apr-2008 04:22 am (UTC) - FB
Wow, what a hot ending to the prom. Loved it.

Now then, whilst reading this I was struck by the idea that, as in canon, Xander was at the prom, and saw and heard the reaction of his class to Buffy and all that she'd done to help them survive. So....is that what started Xander thinking that his classmates could help the Scoobies with the Mayor? I wonder if that is so, really. Josh would know, or his writers. Hmm....

Anyway, this was a great chapter. Loved the prom and your remark, via Xander, that a prom is a way to think back on all those years at school with the same people, and the happy times they had. I personally don't know, as they didn't have proms in Australia when I went through High School. Of course, that was the early 70's, and they do do it now.

Eagerly awaiting the final battle.

12th-Apr-2008 03:51 pm (UTC) - Re: FB
That's exactly what I was thinking, the open acknowledgement led to plans to arm the students to fight. I think it was the only time in canon you see a group of townspeople admitting there's something going on in town.

There's such a lot a sentimental silliness in the last week of school, add in everyone dressed in their finest and a lot of people remember senior prom as a high point in high school. Although not the ones in all the prom slasher movies... *g*
12th-Apr-2008 06:06 am (UTC)
What a terrific way to end my weekend!

“Spike, we have enough problems without Cordelia, Queen of the Damned. Just no.”

You always throw in those perfect little Xanderisms, lovely.

I didn't actually make it to my prom, so this was a lot of fun. And yummy smut, too! *g*
12th-Apr-2008 03:53 pm (UTC)
The Queen of the Damned just popped into my head but it seemed like such a perfect description of vamp-Cordy. Glad yor liked.

Next bit is half written and, with luck, will be up Sunday.
12th-Apr-2008 11:22 am (UTC)
“Dance first,” he answered. “Shagging afterwards when we have all night.”Xander had always known Spike was brilliant.
“Still think she’d make a good vampire,” Spike said, almost as if he was considering the idea seriously. “Spike, we have enough problems without Cordelia, Queen of the Damned. Just no.”Spike laughed.

Noteworthy mention - Xander & Willow - handled so well & the nostalgia going on at the dance does take me back to memories of my Jr. & Sr. proms.

Spike & Xander after the prom - go thing Spike probably doesn't have any smoke alarms to set off in his dwelling. woo!

I'm boogie oogie ogging on cloud 9 after read the prom chapter.
12th-Apr-2008 03:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks! glad I made you boogie.

It's funny, I didn't plan Xander and Willow dancing but just suddenly knew they would. It's such a Xander thing to do, reaching out to someone who's hurting. And Willow really does get it was just a moment, not everything back to normal. Although, they may get there someday...
12th-Apr-2008 01:23 pm (UTC)
I just wanted to say how much I look forward to reading this story. I have justread book 1 all over again and it was even better the second time around. Please dont stop at the end of book 2 I need my fix every week.
12th-Apr-2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
"I have justread book 1 all over again" - *beams at you* You have no idea how flattered I am to hear that. Thanks so much!

Goonna finish this before making any decisions. I have some ideas for Book 3, but we'll see if they grow into something worth playing with.
(Deleted comment)
12th-Apr-2008 04:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks, hun!
12th-Apr-2008 02:56 pm (UTC)
Ahhhhh, the Prom. Neat. :)
*has glee*

Cordelia's breasts *do* have power!
12th-Apr-2008 04:01 pm (UTC)
A quiet night before all hell breaks loose again. They earned it.
12th-Apr-2008 04:49 pm (UTC) - Yeah - new chapter!
Enjoying this fic so much. It's interesting to see how close to canon events you can be while changing the characters so much!

13th-Apr-2008 06:04 am (UTC) - Re: Yeah - new chapter!
Thanks! Book 1 was much further from canon since Xander wasn't part of the group at all. Now he's in the thick of it, so we're seeing a lot more canon events.
12th-Apr-2008 08:21 pm (UTC)
Awwww that was so sweet and yet passionate. Loved your take on the Prom as Spike took Xander to it and that one moment he had with Willow while Spike danced with Cordelia. Just terrific.
13th-Apr-2008 06:06 am (UTC)
Xander's got such a big heart. He's not ready to be friends with Willow again, but he can pretend for a few minutes for her sake.
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