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Halfway to Columbia

Title: Halfway To Columbia ~ Part 1
Rating: Adult
Author: kitty_alex
Feedback: Would love feedback on it.
Pairings: Spike/Xander
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters.
Summary: What if Buffy had to go out and look for Cordy and Oz instead of looking for Xander and Willow when Spike kidnaps them.
Warnings: It's AU. There is fondling then some blood letting. Xander gets vamped. Also, I'm not good at typing British accents, so use your imagination when reading for Spike. This is my first Vamp!Xander fic, so be gentle.
Notes: WIP, more parts to come

The potion blew up in Willow's face again. Spike made an annoyed noise behind her and looked over her shoulder.

"I can't do this when you're hovering!"

"Problem, Red?" He said ignoring her angry outburst.

"Yes. This is the third time I've done the spell. It's just not working. You're making me nervous."

"That because Xanny-bear's life is on the line?" He softened his voice, pretending to be sincere.

"Just let me work."

"You've had one too many chances. I remember telling you that if it didn't work the first time, I'd kill him. Didn't work the second time, I'd kill you. Now, seeing as how I'm generous. I'll kill him then give you three more chances. Then I'll kill you. Sound fair, pet?"

She got up and tried to leave. He grabbed her wrist and smirked. She struggled against him as she tried to leave, but found herself being forced against the wall.

"Now, now, pet. No fair leaving in the middle of a game. Someone might think you were a poor sport."

He chained her against the wall and made his way towards the bed. He slowly eyed Xander who was lying still there. Spike lay in bed, he grinned as Willow struggled against the chains trying to rush to her friend's aid.

"Spike, you can't! You're just lashing out. You're upset."

"Yeah. Upset." He propped himself up and turned Xander's limp head to reveal his neck. Spike ran his finger along a vein. "Looks like I need a bit of comfort food."

He switched to his vamp face and went to bite down, but stopped when he felt a weak kick in his knee.

"Bastard," Xander said weakly. "I'll get you if you hurt Willow."

"Me hurt Willow? No. Just giving her a wee bit motivation. Now hold still. Don't want me to miss do you?"

Xander scrunched his neck, trying to prevent Spike from having access to it. Spike forced his head aside, holding his head there.

"You're getting to be a pain."

"A pain in the neck? That's ironic."

He forced a laugh and struggled against Spike's hand. He was still weak from being hit over the head with a microscope. Spike kind of liked him. No one gave the boy enough credit. He was strong-willed. He took the boy's face and turned his face so that Xander was looking into Spike's eyes. He didn't have the nifty trick Drusilla had. But, he wanted him to at least know what he was planning on doing.

"You'd make a good vampire, pet." Spike said with a smile.

"Xander will not be a vampire! He's not going to be one!"

Spike looked annoyed. He had forgotten about the witch. He took one of the pillows and slipped off the case. He got up and tied the pillow case around her mouth.

"New plan, pet. I'm going to work my own magic."

He went back to Xander who was now squirming on the bed, trying to get up, and trying to get the Hell out before he was turned. Spike easily pushed him back down on the bed.

"I don't want to be the thing you use until you get Drusilla back."

"Drusilla isn't coming back, luv."

"Why not?"

"Burnt her. Burnt her to a nice little crisp. Now she's all mad and won't come back."


Spike grinned and ran his finger along his neck, "Accused me of wanting the Slayer. No one accuses me of that." Xander flinched as Spike's head moved toward his neck. But, instead of biting, he licked it slowly, taking in the taste. "I've only done this once. I mean, Sired anyone. It was me mum. She was sick, wanted to save her. The results weren't good. After that, it was just me and Dru, so I never tried again."

"So, you're a loyal vamp. That's new."

"Yeah, I'll be loyal until the day I'm staked." He licked Xander's neck slowly again. Xander was relaxing. He smiled. He wanted to have a good little Childe, one that wasn't insane and slept around. He was going to make Xander be loyal to him. "You loyal, mate?" Xander flinched and it caught Spike off guard. "A cheater? Well, we'll have to knock you of the habit."

"Spike, please don't. I'd make a horrible... uh... mate. I'm not even that way."

"Then why are you hard?"

Xander tried to look down, he really didn't have feeling in the lower half of his body at the moment. He reminded himself not to tackle a vampire then us his feet as leverage when pressed against a wall. Spike grabbed him. Okay, he felt it now. Maybe Larry hadn't been completely off about him being gay. He moaned. He was going to have to take a long cold shower later. He couldn't believe Spike was arousing him. Spike moved his hand down Xander's pants, muffled screaming was coming from Willow's direction. It only made him want to do it to Xander more. He started to slowly slide his hand up and down Xander's shaft without unbuttoning Xander's pants. He wanted to give the witch a show, but Hell if she was seeing Xander's cock. He cupped Xander's balls then moved back to working his shaft. The gasp that escaped Xander's lips told him he was doing it right. He started to stroke him harder. Xander moaned louder, he couldn't help himself. It just felt so good; he closed his eyes and came in his pants. He watched Spike. He watched with a lustful gaze as Spike pulled out his hand and licked the come from it. God, he wanted him.

"Like that?" Xander nodded. "Think you'd like to do that forever?" Xander nodded again. "Would you kill for that to happen again?" Xander nodded furiously and bucked his hips. Spike held his hips down and ran a finger of Xander's neck. "You know what you have to give me permission to do, pet."

Xander turned his head, revealing his neck to Spike. Screw Drusilla and her trances. His sexuality could make anyone putty in his hands. He looked at the witch and made sure she could see that her friend was offering his neck so willingly to him. Tears were in her eyes. He decided that she would be his pet's first meal as he turned back to Xander. He was still lying there, perfectly still, waiting for the bite to come. Spike bit into him, draining him. It hurt at first, but after that it was pleasure. It felt like he was finally being freed of everything. He closed his eyes and moaned. This was a first for Spike, no one had ever moaned while he drained them. He could hear Xander's heart beat slowing, until it was barely beating. He released much to Xander's distaste. He whimpered as he thought Spike took too long to slit his wrist and put it up to Xander's mouth. Now along with his freedom, he felt power. He felt pure power enter his body. He smiled and closed his eyes. He could feel the old Xander slipping away. "Bye." Xander whispered before finally dying.
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