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FIC: Living Conditions (an S/X round robin) - 1 to 4/ 9 parts (Mature)

Title: Living Conditions
Author: Multiple authors: cordelianne, electricalgwen, savoytruffle and reremouse
Chapters: Parts 1 to 4/9
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Second-hand nicotine, too much sun and lurking. Insults, collapsing, and Killer Vindaloo. Objectifying ruminations, petty envy, hippos. Orgasms, morning breath, snooping.
Notes: This is a round robin fic, with each chapter having been written by a different author. Each author will be posting her own chapter throughout the day. There are four authors and nine chapters total (we will write two chapters each and collaborate on the ninth). We will be posting four chapters today and the remaining five on our next posting day, June 19th.
Summary: A number of years post-Chosen/NFA, Spike pays Xander a visit. He finds a changed Xander, but Xander’s not the only one who’s changed. We blatantly ignore the comics.

Part One by cordelianne
Part Two by electricalgwen
Part Three by savoytruffle
Part Four by reremouse

The chapters are all collected in memories here.
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