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Fic search

 Hello all, long time lurker here. 

And yes, this is another fic search. Since you are the best, and really quick about these things...

I was looking for a really short one (maybe a drabble? No longer than 500 or 600 words, anyhow). It was set on the basement, season 4, and I remember that Spike was frustrated about his new living arrangements. Point case: he hated Xander, but liked to torture him while Xander slept. There was no active violence involved (at least, I think, but I remember it wasn't nice!Spike we were talking about), and Spike got off on Xander's suffering. 

I've looked up and down Spanderfiles and, since they are the only places I've read at lately, but I can't find it. I know it was pretty recent (six-eight months old at best, but I might be wrong and have just skipped it in previous looks-throughs).

Thank you all.

Edit: Found!!! It's Caress, by hypatia_s

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