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Turning James

Author: kimalis and kitty_alex
Title: Turning James
Pairing: Spike/Xander/James Marsters
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: We own nothing but the plot. We bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters. Also, We don't own James Marsters no matter how much we'd like to. None of this actually happened to James and we don't mean to offend him or anyone else associated with him. This James is not in our universe!
Warnings/Squicks: It's an RL AU (real life alternate universe). There is also a bit of semi-non-consent, blood play, lots of naughty touching, Xander is a vampire, and later chapters will have threesomes.
Summary: Xander is a huge fan of James Marsters.
Previous Chapters: Meeting

James woke up with a splitting head ache. He opened his eyes and the first thing he noticed was that he wasn’t in his hotel room anymore. The ceiling above him was a bright blue while the one at the hotel had been a placid white. The next thing that tipped him off was the two voices coming from across the room and neither seemed to belong to his niece.

“He has to feed.”

“But I wanted to ask him questions and ask him about Nicholas Brendon!”

“How about we turn Nicky too? Would you like that? Get the whole bleeding Buffy cast in here?”

“Well, not the whole cast. You know no one ever liked-”

“Xan…” Did he just hear a growl? Was there maybe a dog in here?

“And, that would just be weird anyway. I mean, another me? It’s just shiver worthy.”

James heard a groan, “If I didn’t love you, Xan.”

“If you didn’t love me, I wouldn’t be a vampire.” The weight on the bed shifted. “He’s awake! James is awake!”

There was no use hiding it anymore. He sat up, ran a hand through his hair and looked at the man sitting on the bed. It was the crazy guy who thought he was Xander!

“You’re the crazy guy who thinks he’s Xander!”

Xander pouted, “But I am Xander and I’m not crazy!” Spike snorted. “I’m not! See, I’m a big fan and I thought it would be cool if I helped!”

“If you helped?”

"I helped you escape mortality!"

James felt the bed shift again. He looked at the bleached blond sitting next to Xander. He was almost glaring at James.

"But, I didn't want an escape!"

“Well bad luck, mate. He made me sire you. Be grateful, I wouldn't have done it otherwise. If it was up to me, I would have just drained you, ransacked your pockets and left you in a gutter.” Spike gave him an evil grin.

Xander huffed, "There will be no ransacking or gutter leaving. You promised me my very own vampire sex slave."

“That’s no fair, Xan! I wasn’t in my right state of mind when I agreed to turn him! You were pouting and your legs were-”

"I'm not a vampire," James said, shock making him completely ignore the sex slave part.

Spike muttered, “Bloody git. Even I realized I was a vampire after I was turned.”

“There’s no such thing as vampires.”

“Well look in a bloody mirror then.”

“Oh! I’ll show you to the bathroom!”

Xander bounced up and walked to a door on the other side of the room. James got up and went through the door. Xander followed him in and shut the door behind him. James looked into the mirror; everything was in the room was reflected in it except him. He put his hand to the mirror. It had to be a trick or tempered glass or...

“Isn’t it cool? Now you can live forever and stuff.”

“I have a family, a life, I’m an actor. I can’t just be a vampire. I mean, this has to be a dream. This is a weird dream and I’m going to wake up.”

“Oh, then lets make it a wet dream.” Xander said wrapping his arms around James’ waist. “Those are always fun.”

James started. He didn’t notice until he felt Xander’s arms around his cool flesh, he was completely naked! He struggled to get away, but found himself being pulled closer to Xander. He moaned at the contact. What the Hell? He didn’t moan, he was straight!

“I’m straight. I’m sorry, but we really can’t… I mean, I have a girlfriend. I’m sure she’s worried about me. I don’t know how long I’ve been missing.”

“You were straight and you used to have a girlfriend. Now you’re a vampire and Spike’s your sire. You belong to us now. I guess that makes us brothers in a weird vampire-ish sort of way.”

“But I’m not a vampire. “

Xander could see the panic rising in James. He needed to take control of this before James hurt himself or Xander for that matter. Xander racked his brain for ways to calm the panicking vampire down. Only one came to mind.

Xander held his wrist against James mouth, letting his lips rest lightly on the soft veiny skin. James could smell something; unfamiliar yet enticing. James wanted to resist. He wanted to shove this –man? thing?- away from him but a deeper instinct was taking over. Before he was aware of what he was doing, he had sunk his teeth into Xander’s wrist and was pulling long draughts of blood into his mouth. James could feel it sliding over his tongue, like nothing he had ever tasted before.

As the flow from Xander’s wrist slowed, James became more aware of himself. Blood! He had been drinking blood. He wanted to feel repulsed; thought he should be, but he wasn’t. James reached up to wipe his mouth and felt something slice into the back of his hand. Blood was slowly oozing from an inch long cut.

James looked questioningly up at Xander. At Xander’s encouraging nod, he raised his hands to his mouth. Cautiously James ran his fingers along his teeth, feeling the changes there. His hands moved over the rest of his face, noting the bumps and ridges of the altered bone structure. He ran his tongue over his lips, tasting the small amounts of Xander’s blood still lingering.

Xander ran a finger over James’ chin, collecting a rivulet of blood that had escaped his mouth. He held the wet finger out to James and watched as the new vampire licked the drops then sucked his finger in, cleaning off every last trace.

James was lost in this new sensation. More, he needed more. He seized Xander’s arm and pulled the boy’s wrist back to his mouth. He viciously bit into the vein drawing in mouthfuls of the cool, thick blood. Xander snatched his arm away from James.


James shifted to try and get hold of some part of Xander. It had been one of the most erotic things he had yet experienced; he was painfully hard and needed contact with the source of his arousal.

Xander understood exactly what he was feeling. He clamped a hand around James chest to hold him still. “Let me help you, brother.” He reached down and wrapped his other hand around James erection.

James felt Xander grip him and leaned to press into the slightly larger body at his back. Yes, this was what he needed. This was simple relief; no thought required. Maybe this would wake him up from vamp land. James tipped his head back to rest on Xander’s shoulder, his hands hung loose at his sides.

Xander took James’ weight as he relaxed against Xander’s front. That was good; he needed to calm down. He began a slow but firm glide up and down the length of James’ cock, stopping every now and then to rub his thumb across the wet head. He slid his hand down from James chest and between his legs to cup his balls. Rolling them over and through his fingers, Xander noted the small gasps and moans escaping James and his own cock began to respond. He pushed himself harder against the small of James back and increased the friction on his erection.

He hastened his pace on James cock, plunging his hand all the way to the base then bringing it up and over the tip with a looser grip. His other hand reached behind James’ balls and stroked the sensitive skin there. Xander could smell the heavy scent of James’ arousal; he inhaled it deeply, adding to his own pleasure. He shifted his position to better fit against James hip adding more delicious abrasion to his throbbing cock.

James was twisting and arching under Xander’s hands, pumping his cock into Xander’s fist, now slick with fluid. He paid no heed to the bulge shoving into his side, too lost in his own imminent release. James’ hands came up, gripping tightly to Xander’s forearms. He arched his back and matched Xander’s rhythm rotating and driving his hips faster. Breathing came automatically to him and he gasped and whimpered as the tension within him built to a peak.

Xander felt James cock swell a little more before he came in a shuddering climax, streams of come gushing over Xander’s hand and landing on the floor in front of them. The potent smell off the fluid, the gasping cries of James and the sudden erratic jerks of James hip against his cock sent were the undoing of Xander. Trying to muffle his grunting breaths against James neck, he came in cool, sharp bursts, the wetness spread across the front of his clothes.

While they were both still trembling and collecting themselves, the door was kicked open and yellow eyes met his. Both startled vampires jerked in surprise. The newest part of James was screaming at him ‘submit to your Sire, drop your eyes, beg forgiveness' while the remnants of his old self were telling him to punch Spike and run. This was Xander’s doing, James had not initiated anything; Xander was the one that started the game, it was all fair play. None of this sounded anything like what would have run through his head prior to his turning.

“I just offered it to him. He’s the one that bit down! I know it’s a sire’s duty to feed his childe, but I couldn’t resist. I had to calm him somehow. He was all panicy and I was all panicy, so I did the first thing that came to mind. I’m sorry I fed him without your permission.”

“Fuck you, Xan. That isn’t what I’m mad about.”

A blur shot across the room and James felt himself flying through the doorway, landing on the bed. He growled viciously at Spike and the almost-identical face growled back at him. Spike jumped on the bed, pressed his lips hard against James’ mouth and forced his lips apart. It was a rough, brutal kiss, one that meant to establish dominance over his Childe.

“I’m your sire and I say you don’t let my boy touch you. You let him touch you again and I’ll beat you to within an inch of your un-life. Got it, mate?”

“I’m not your mate; I’ll never be your mate. This was against my choosing so you can go fuck yourself if you think either of you will touch me again.”

“You’ll never kiss him like that again?”came a pout from the opposite end of the room.

Spike turned his head and James followed his gaze. Xander was standing half-naked in the doorway of the bathroom. Xander’s arms were curled around his bare chest. His lower lip quivered and his eyes welled up. The pout made James weak. It made him so weak that when Spike leaned in to give him another kiss, he responded. Spike deepened the kiss and ran a hand through James’ hair. When he heard James moan, Spike pulled back. He looked at Xander trying to gauge his reaction. James looked too, he was curious to see if the kiss did anything for Xander too. He was now fully naked and making his way towards the two other vampires on the bed. Both James and Spike felt their cocks harden at the swaying of Xander’s hips. He looked them over, Xander’s wood poked out merrily at them. He smiled and took the arm chair at the far end of the room and pulled it closer to the bed. Xander settled himself into the chair and watched as Spike straddled James’ hip.

“Don’t let me stop you,” Xander said.

Spike grinned and turned his full attention on James, “You heard my pet. Think you can handle it?”

“You just don’t do it for me, sorry to disappoint.” James said with a glare.

Spike ground his knee into James’ cock, “Like Hell I don't!” Spike tried to reach for James cock but James was having none of that. He may have been just a fledge but he was still strong enough to fend off Spike’s advances.

“Will you stop bloody fighting me?” Spike grabbed both of James hands in his and held them together above his head.

“Get the fuck off me; fucking pervert.” James thrashed and kicked, nearly knocking Spike to the floor.

In the armchair Xander could see his beloved Sire fighting for control. He was becoming even harder watching Spike tussle with the new Childe. He leapt out of the chair and ran to help.

Xander climbed up on the bed behind James and put his knees on James shoulders, grabbing his hands from Spike.

“Thanks, love,” Spike leered at him, eyeing his full cock and seeing the excitement in Xander’s face. He sat heavily on James legs effectively pinning him down.

James continued to roll and twist, unable to loosen the grip of the stronger vampires. Above him he could see Xander licking his lips and raking his gaze over James body. James looked down, he saw Spike positioning his mouth above a recharged erection.

“NO! No you are not going to do this,” He couldn’t move to get away from the blonde head. His cock was reacting seemingly of its own will. He felt the swelling and pulsing of a desire for an act he told himself he didn’t want. He tried to free himself again and found that by straining against the bodies on him he was adding to his arousal, his cock twitching with interest every time one of the other vampires added more force to their holds. What the hell was happening to him? He shouldn’t want this!

When Spike felt James was on the verge of surrendering, he leaned forward and took his new Childe’s cock in his hand. Holding it between his thumb and two fingers, Spike lowered his mouth, licking at the drops of come oozing from the tip.

“Mmm, good.” He sat up and leaned over James body, offering his mouth to Xander.

Xander was mesmerized and with an open mouth he tilted his head to Spike and joined their tongues together in tasting the cool drops.

James looked up and saw the two vampires kissing over his head. He began to writhe, not to free himself but trying to rub his straining cock against his Spike’s crotch.

Xander pulled away from Spike and watched James attempts. “Suck him, Spike. I want to see you suck him till he screams.”

Spike bit Xander’s lips, licked the blood from him then moved back down to James' erection.

“You heard the lad,” Spike smirked at him. “I got a job to do.”

Spike wrapped his lips around the soft head of James cock, flicking his tongue back and forth across the tip. Tightening his lips, he slid all the way down till his nose felt the coarse hairs at its base. Applying suction while he pulled back, Spike squeezed his tongue into a hard point and ran it up the full length. He moved one hand under James balls and squeezed gently while he rolled the tip of James’ cock around on his tongue. His lips closed along the ridge of the head massaging the sensitive area and his tongue traced intricate patterns, dipping in to the slit every now and then.

James submitted to this, trying to shove himself further into Spike’s mouth but meeting with resistance from the vampire’s weight on him. Seeing James yielding, Xander held him down with only one hand while the other roamed James chest, playing with the hard nubs of his nipples. James was powerless under this double assault. He had no desire to break free, but wanted Spike to end this torture, to swallow him down and drink his seed.

Spike lightly scraped his teeth over the cool bulb of flesh in his mouth, feeling the reaction and hearing the moans this illicited. His pulled his head back and rubbed a finger over the skin, collecting the small amount of come that had gather. Reaching below James, he placed his wet finger against his hole, pressing gently, running it in circles around the flexing entrance.

Spike could smell the combined arousal of both James and Xander and could see Xander had released both James hands to take up a slow rhythm on his own rigid shaft. James hands were hooked over the legs pinning his shoulders, his fingers digging in convulsively. Spike gave his attention back to the cock that was thrusting towards him. With his finger at James pucker, he gripped the head of his cock with his lips and slid his mouth down until he felt the tip hit the back of his throat. He swallowed around the organ and as James cried out he pushed his finger all the way in to the tight clamping channel. Spike kept up a hard suction on James cock as he began to move his head up and down the shaft, his tongue wide and flat along the sensitive underside. His finger followed the same pace in and out before curling forwards and hitting that one spot that he searched for.

James was lost in the many points of stimulation they were subjecting him to. The cool, soft wet suction on his aching cock, the hands caressing his chest, pulling and pinching at his nipples, the finger sliding in and out of him hitting something inside that was making him see sparks before his eyes.

Xander watched all of this with growing excitement, quickening the pace on his own erection, his eyes following Spike’s every move. He could remember what it felt like when his Sire pleasured him this way and was barely restraining himself from throwing Spike off James and shoving his own cock into that beautiful mouth.

Spike sucked and licked taking the full length to the back of his throat and swallowing against the engorged head. When he felt James’ cock swelling in his mouth and saw his balls begin to draw up he scraped his fingernail over James’ prostate. He reached up with his other hand to join Xander’s on the boy's cock. It was enough to finish Xander and he came with a howl shooting long ropes of come across their hands and James face.

James saw this happening inches from him and thrust hard once into Spike’s mouth. Spike quickly slid a second finger into him and James erupted, screaming and thrashing below him, pumping his cock deep into Spike’s mouth. Spike swallowed hard taking in all the fluid James offered him. He looked up to see James reaching out his tongue to lick the small amounts of Xander’s come from his own lips. He took his hand from Xander’s cock and rubbed his wet fingers across James lips letting his Childe suckle on his sticky fingers.

Spike let James’ cock slip out of his mouth, “That was kind of like sucking my own cock. That was sexy in itself. I think you were right about this, pet.” He pulled his hand from James mouth and sat up, taking Xander’s mouth in a bruising kiss.

“Fuck,” James sighed with an un-needed breath.

“Told you, I have good ideas.” Xander told him in an exhausted voice.

Spike lightly hit James’ face knocking him out of the post-orgasm bliss. He went back to glaring at Spike.

“I’m not some sex toy.”

“Yeah, you are.” Spike gave James a cheeky grin before getting up. “Get dressed. We’re going to get you fed. No more distractions.”

James was now dressed in the clothes that Xander had given him. He looked at the black leather pants and the off-white colored shirt. He felt like a sex toy in this get up.

“That was probably the point,” he said aloud to himself.

He looked in the mirror and wished he could see how ridiculous he looked. He put his hand on the mirror and closed his eyes. He tried desperately to wake up or at least find his heartbeat. He opened his eyes.

“Still here and still no heartbeat…”

The loud knock on the door startled him and he guessed he screamed a tiny bit.

“You’re a bloody vampire and you scream when I knock on the bloody door. That’s it. Come out here now or I’m coming in to force you out.”

James reluctantly opened the door, “I look like a rent boy or something.”

Spike smiled, “Sorry, but that’s the whole reason I turned you. Now get your arse moving, I would like to get some blood this century.”

“Like we are going to buy pig’s blood?”

“You are bloody disgusting!”

Spike grabbed him by the collar and pulled him completely out of the bathroom. Xander waved at the distraught James as he got his balance from his forceful removal from the bathroom.

“When we get home, can we watch Buffy? I have all the box sets! Oh, I’ll show you my DVD collection! I have a lot of good movies. They were all on sale.” He grinned and wiggled his five fingers. “Five finger discount.”

“Alright, pet. Let’s just get the git fed.”

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