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Title: Caught
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 18
Summary: Spike wants Xander for his pet, Xander has other ideas

Xander felt groggy. He vaguely remembered going home after a spot of slayage with the guys, he had a beer, a shower and went to bed. He opened his eyes to complete darkness, which was unusual as his bedroom wasn’t that dark even in the middle of the night. He still felt dizzy and couldn’t understand why. He tried to move but couldn’t seem to make his limbs work for him either.

“See you’re awake pet. You’ve been out bloody ages, I was beginin ta worry bout ya” said a voice he knew only too well.
“Spike? Can’t see you – what’s goin on?”
“You feel OK pet?”
“Bit woozy kinda but apart from that don’t feel too bad, so again what’s happenin?”
“Can ya move pet?”
“No, feel real weak and – hey!! Am I tied down? What the fuck Spike??!!”
“Ah, so y’can feel that. It’s f’yer own good pet. Don’t want you getting hurt.”
“Spike, I’ve been very reasonable and haven’t shouted but will you please tell me what – is – going – on???”
“Well pet, it’s like this. Took a bit of a shine to ya, so watched ya for a bit ta see y’routine, then got a couple a me demon pals to nobble ya and bring ya here. You luv are now my property, my new pet - not that I ever had an old one - hence the restraints cause as soon as I told ya, knew y’d be itchin ta deny it all, try and fight me, get away, get hurt and then I’d be real mad with ya, an I don’t want to be mad. I’m happy you’re here and can’t wait t’get on with yer trainin!”
Xander, even tho still a little fuzzy was starting to come around very quickly.

Spike was right, he tugged against his restraints and tried valiantly to sit up, but couldn’t manage it and slumped back onto the bed.
“Spike, I admit you have me tied down and so you have the advantage, but I am nobody’s property and I refuse to bow to your wishes. I cannot be trained and no matter what you do to me I will never do what you want like a compliant spineless fucking minion.”
“Thought ya might have added a ‘So there’ to the end a that pet! You’ll come around luv, don’t worry.” Spike told him confidently.
”Oh Spike, I have no worries, I won’t come around. I’m my own man, don’t belong to anyone unless I choose to do so, and so far I never have, so I’m sure you’ll do your worst, but you’ll never win.” Xander was equally confident in his reply to Spike.
“You not scared what I might do luv?”
“Not stupid Spike, I know what you’re capable of and it scares the shit outa me, but I’ll never be willing, you might get the body but my mind’s my own. One’s not much fun without the other”
Ah pet, you do have a lovely body, I’ve been admirin’ it while you were out, put ya some nice gear on too. Shall I get the lights so y’can see?”
Spike didn’t wait for an answer but turned on the light making Xander screw his eyes up at the blinding brightness after the total dark. He could feel Spike pulling the sheet back from him slowly.
“I am gonna love taking you pet, willingly or fightin me all the way, gonna bloody love it. Look at you pet, all rippling muscles and brown skin – oh yeah, had ya waxed while you were under, so lovely n smooth too. How’s ya bum pet?”

Xander groaned inwardly, this wasn’t going well. Now he could feel his parts again his ass did feel strange, felt as if there was something in it, then he knew what it was.
“Oh for fuck’s sake Spike a butt plug? You have got to be kiddin. You can’t seriously think I’ll let you fuck me do you? And what the?? What have you done to my dick? Have you put me in a fucking collar? I – am – not - a - dog! You bastard – you’ll be sorry. Just you wait ill I get outa this – this….”
“See what I mean pet? Knew you’d not be happy. Arse OK tho? Oh, and I put a ring on yer dick, cause ya can’t cum unless I say.”
”And you think having your dick up my ass will make me wanna cum? You are out of your tree Spike. That chip has affected your mind pal!”
“Ah pet, you are gonna be such fun!” Spike chuckled.

He ran his hands over Xander’s torso, over his bound cock and balls on down his leather clad legs to his bare feet then all the way back up again to run a hand over the collar and to finally rest one hand on his cheek.
“Such a pretty prize you are luv. Gonna make you sing pet, gonna love havin my dick up that lovely arse, you’ll see.”
Xander wanted to struggle against his bonds and get Spike’s hands off him, he wasn’t a pet and he would never submit to Spike. But he wouldn’t give him the pleasure of watching him struggle and he sure as hell wasn’t getting his jollies by being felt up by a vampire. He was far too angry. Xander lay still, allowing his body to relax completely, closing his eyes and thinking he was somewhere else.
“Aa, ahh luv, not gonna work. I can stand here fer hours just touchin and watchin ya, longer than you can lay still.”
“I am not your whore Spike. I could go to sleep, still tired.”
“Such fun pet. Glad I chose ya! I’ll let you off this once, but I might not be so kind next time. I’ll let ya lay here for a while then I’ll come by in a few hours se how y’are. Lights on or off pet?”
Xander thought of not replying but then decided he’d leave the decision with Spike.
“Your choice, it doesn’t bother me one way or the other.”
Spike turned them off. Psychological advantage.

He didn’t want to be cruel to Xander, he wanted the boy to come to him willingly, he didn’t want to beat him into submission, not like he poncy sire did with him. He wanted him tho, and it wouldn’t be long before he took him whether he wanted it or not, he’d not hurt him but he would claim him, no two ways about it.

The lights went out and Xander closed his eyes. He wouldn’t cry - he fucking well would not cry. He wouldn’t give Spike the satisfaction. He was afraid of what Spike would do to him, he knew how ‘inventive’ he could be and it scared the bejezus out of him. He didn’t like pain, he’d suffered enough under his father’s brutal hand, but he’d discovered techniques to lessen pain even if it didn’t quite disappear. He was damned if he would be Spike’s bitch. Spike would do what he liked, Xander was quite sure, but he would not like it, he would not be compliant, if it was a choice of do it or be beaten, he’d do it, whatever ‘it’ was but in such a way as to make it quite plain he wasn’t enjoying his ‘task’. It would hopefully give him time to think of how the hell to get out of here, where ever here was.

True to his word Spike came back after a few hours. He crept silently into the room and listened to Xander’s deep and even breathing. He was asleep. Spike had to hand it to the kid, he had balls, and thinking of balls…. Spike walked over to the bed and quietly loosened Xander’s restraints. He could see him quite well even in the pitch dark. He was beautiful. He wanted Xander to want him in the same way as he wanted his pet. He didn’t want a pet without spark, he actually didn’t want a pet, more a partner, but this had to be a start. Xander had to know who was boss, who knew what was best for him, who would look after him. Spike ran a hand gently down Xander’s bare arm, he stirred and smiled in his sleep, he was such a responsive boy.

It must have suddenly dawned on Xander where he was as the smile disappeared from his face and his whole body tensed.
“Like it when you smile pet”
“Yeah well you won’t be seein it much so better savour that one.”
“Now, now luv. You hungry? Need to use the loo?”
“Do I have to beg for food or eat off the floor? Cause you know if I do then I’ll die of starvation before I do either. Who’s Lou?”
Spike laughed.
“You really should learn the lingo pet, loo is the john, do ya need t’pee?”
“Can I go on my own? Can this thing come off?”
“Yeah luv, you can go on yer own, and I’ll take the ring off but it goes back on when you come out. Keep still, don’t wanna nip your flesh”
Xander held as still as he could as Spike unsnapped the ring from around his flaccid cock and his balls. Spike removed the bonds from around his wrists and ankles and Xander swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood. He swayed and nearly fell but Spike grabbed hold and held him up.
“Must still be under the influence pet.”
“No good being nice cause it won’t work, and how the fuck do I walk with this thing up my ass. How long are you keeping it there?”
“You can walk perfectly well with it pet, it’s only small, eventually you’ll get used to bigger ones with no bother. You look so hot with it just peeking out there luv.”
Xander snorted. He felt a prize idiot, all his body hair had gone, his balls were as smooth as a baby’s, his legs were as soft as Buffy’s, he had a piece of plastic up his ass, he was wearing leather pants without a crotch or a seat, in fact they were chaps, and on top of all that Spike had just been nice to him. Spike directed him to the bathroom and he shut the door and leaned against it.

How the fuck was he going to get out of this? Surely Buff or Wills must be missing him by now. He wasn’t even sure how long he’d been gone or even where he was. He sighed and went over to the toilet and pissed. He flushed and washed his hands, noticing a new toothbrush still in its wrapping on the shelf over the sink, he ripped the covering off and gave his teeth a good brush. Even without toothpaste it made him feel better, he swilled his mouth round with water and took a good long drink. You never knew how long a body would have to go before the next drink.

“Thought you were never coming out pet. Was just about t’come in an rescue ya!”
“Cleaned my teeth.”
”Got ya some grub pet, no eatin off the floor an ya don’t have t’beg. You do have to eat it all, and it’d be nice if you managed a thank you every now and then.”
Xander had no intention of saying thank you, but he was ravenous. Spike had provided him with a tray on which sat a plate of spaghetti and sauce, some bread, a glass of red wine and a piece of chocolate cheesecake. It was delicious. Xander felt mean not saying thanks. It was a nice meal, Spike could have easily let him starve or given him crap to eat.
“Enjoy that pet?”
“Don’t think being nice to me is gonna work. I still have this - this thing up my ass, don’t think I’m gonna smile and roll over, cause I’m not.”
“I’d never expect ya t’do that pet. That’d be plain outa character!”
“How long you keeping me here? And where is here?”
“As long as it takes pet, and it really doesn’t matter where we are.”
”How long have I been here then?”
“Three days, and no, they are not missing you and won’t come looking.”
Spike saw the hope die in Xander’s eyes. He hated to do that to him, but needs must.

“Pet, need to fasten the cuffs on again. Do you want me to put em all back or will you be good and just have the chain round yer ankle?”
Xander held out his hands and Spike sighed at his obstinate, stubborn, pig headed boy. He chained Xander back up and told him to get back on the bed. Xander wondered what would come next as Spike made him lay on his front making sure his restraints were tight enough so that he couldn’t move.
“Never took you for a rapist Spike.” Xander said with much more bravado than he actually felt.
“Not gonna rape you. So just shut the fuck up and take what’s comin.”
If he wasn’t gonna rape him what the hell was he up to? Xander’s body was wound as tight as a drum. Spike could smell Xander’s fear, but he was gonna have to learn to trust him.
Xander could hear flesh rubbing together and smell something sweet, then he felt Spike’s hands on his shoulders. It was slightly shocking, his hands felt warmer than he would have imagined, and they were soft but sure. Spike massaged his entire back getting the muscles to un-knot until Xander felt limp and relaxed.

Damn the bastard, why wasn’t he being mean and evil and much more bastard-y.

Spike loved the feel of Xander’s hot smooth skin under his hands and Xander completely relaxed under his expert touch. He took his time lulling Xander so that if he asked him something Xander would hopefully be so chilled he wouldn’t be awkward with him. Spike slackened off his bonds so he could move.
“Turn over pet”
Xander rolled over, more relaxed than he felt he had ever been, eyes closed, slight smile on his face. Spike set to work from shoulders to finger tips loosening him up, making Xander feel as if his limbs had become liquid. Spike left Xander’s torso and started to massage his scalp and head. Xander was in heaven. Spike wasn’t far away either, watching how relaxed Xander was, seeing the smile of pleasure on his face, looking down his magnificent body, his pretty cock laid out for him, all he had to do was to make it stand up and beg for him. Finishing off his head massage Spike leaned over Xander and brushed his lips over his.
Xander’s smile disappeared.

“Don’t do that.”
Spike did it again.
“Was yer massage nice pet?”
Begrudgingly Xander had to admit it was a pretty damn good massage.
“Had better.” Even to himself he sounded petulant.
“Gonna have to improve my technique then ain’t I pet?” Xander sighed.
“I lied. I hate to admit it but it was the best I’ve ever had. Happy now? Still doesn’t make me want to be here.”
“I know pet, you’ll learn to like it tho. Trust me.”
Xander snorted, yeah, as if he ever would trust him.
“Right pet now you really are gonna have ta trust me. I wanna pull out that plug and lube you up love, don’t want you to be uncomfy. So pull yer knees up to yer shoulders and I’ll see to it pet.”
“You have got to be fuckin’ joking, no way Spike, no way!”
“Pet. You can either do it willingly or I can turn ya over and do it while you’re all tense and it’ll not be a nice experience.”
”It’s not gonna be a ‘nice experience’, it’s fucking humiliating. Why are you doing this? I’ll never be what you want. I will never ever willingly let you fuck me. I hate this, hate not being able to control my life and I fucking hate you, you bastard. I will not do what you want no matter how much it bloody hurts.”
Spike really had done his best to relax Xander, he didn’t think this was at all humiliating and he just didn’t understand his pet’s outburst, but if he wanted to be an awkward bloody sod then so be it.

Spike flipped Xander over tightening up his restrains once again so that there was no slack whatsoever and he was laid spread-eagle face down on the bed. Spike parted his cheeks and noticed Xander’s hole was a little red and sore looking, maybe he’d left it in too long for the first time, or maybe his pet was allergic to the hard plastic. He had a nice silicone one he could use, much more realistic and a little easier for Xander to wear. He got a hold of the plug and eased it out slowly, he couldn’t wait until it was his own hard flesh that would be plugging his boy. Xander was being as obstinate as ever, he was tense and his ass was clenched making this easy task very unpleasant, but Spike managed to pull it out even tho it seemed Xander was trying his best to keep it where it had been.
“Bloody hell luv, you are making this a job n a bloody half. You’re gonna hurt ya self if ya don’t loosen up ya daft sod. I don’t wanna hurt ya, but yer making me!”
Xander didn’t say a word, his face pressed into the pillow willing himself not to cry. Spike got up off the bed and Xander relaxed slightly. This was horrible, so debasing, he just wanted the ground to swallow him up. He could faintly hear a drawer being opened and then Spike’s footsteps coming back, the movement of the bed as Spike sat back down.

“You’re a bloody stubborn sod and you’re making it worse for ya self. Bloody relax fer christs sake. D’you think I want you to remember this as being a shit experience? No I fuckin don’t. Do you want to turn over and make it easier?” Spike took a breath, “Pet, I don’t take any pleasure in you feelin miserable, you think this is debasin’, ta me it’s lookin after ya, an at the moment I’m doin a pretty crap job of it. Please luv, turn over?”
“Can’t can I, all chained up and nowhere to go.”
Spike loosened the restraints so that Xander could turn over. He did so and swung a fist at Spike.
He caught Xander’s fist and held it squeezing until he heard the bones protest and Xander gasp in pain.
“Pull your bloody knees up to your shoulders like a good boy.” Spike enunciated very carefully, his patience finally coming to an end.
Xander knew he’d pushed far enough and did as he was told.

Spike lubed up the new plug, the entrance to Xander’s hole and his passage.
“Right. I’m gonna leave my fingers here until you decide to play the game pet. You stop being so fuckin tense and see what a difference it’ll make. Don’t do it luv and I will make you enjoy this, trust me I never fail. You wanna be a soddin martyr then fine, but do as I say or else.”
Xander thought about it, he was tense, he didn’t want Spike to make him enjoy it, that would be more humiliation than he could bear and so he went for option 2 and tried his best to relax unclenching his ass. He heard Spike let out a breath he must’ve been holding and felt him slide his cool fingers out of him and replace them with something much fatter and softer, not stiff in an unyielding way like the previous plug. It did feel much better, but he wasn’t going to tell Spike.

“If we have to go thru this palaver every time I want you to do something pet I might just have to beat you into submission.” Spike would never do that but Xander didn’t know.
Knees still up to his shoulders, plug nested inside him Xander had stopped feeling so shown up and now he was angry.
“Bring it on, it’s not like I’ve never felt the loving touch of the back of Dad’s hand or his belt a time or four.”
Spike was taken aback. He knew Xander’s Dad was a bit of a twat, but he didn’t think he’d hurt his own flesh and blood.
“He hit you?”
“How d’you think I got bruises without slaying? Bumping into doors?”
Spike could feel the anger rising in him at the thought of Xander’s own dad beating him enough to make him bruise. Bloody bastard. Right, once his pet had accepted him, then he would go back to bloody Sunnyhell and kill the bastard, real slow, making it hurt like bloody hell. Spike was growling low in his throat and his game face had made an appearance. Xander was just a teensy bit scared. He knew that something was wrong with Spike, or even possibly right, as when Spike had squeezed his hand it had hurt like hell but no blinding pain in the membrane for Spike.
“Can I put my knees down?” Spike’s attention was brought back to the present, his growl stopped and he grabbed at Xander who squeaked fearing the worst. But Spike just held him, just like he’d always wanted to be held by his mum when he was little and he’d gotten hurt. But she never did. Spike held him and rocked him and damn it if he didn’t feel safe and loved and wanted, too many years too late and Spike didn’t have the right bits to be his mum.

He started to cry, all the humiliation, the loss and the hurt bubbling out of him as this dead creature gave him the comfort his own mother never could. He didn’t want to feel like this, he didn’t want to let go in front of Spike but he was being kinder to him than anyone he could ever remember had been.

His sniffles finally died down and he started to laugh a little hysterically.
“Stop that pet, not good for ya. Feeling a bit better are ya?” Spike smoothed the hair from Xander’s face.
“Temporary insanity, back to not liking you now.”
“Good pet, wouldn’t expect anything else. Now, stuff for y’ta do while I’m kippin. ‘m gonna extend the chain so you can get t’the bathroom. There’s a bookcase over there – should be summat to keep ya occupied. You can’t get away pet. Minions’ve been told not t’hurt ya but not to let you out of the building, plus we’re in the middle of nowhere. So just settle down for a bit eh?”
“They won’t hurt me while you’re asleep will they?”
“Touch you and they die pet. Gonna let ya get used to this room. After today I’ll be sharing the bed with ya. Don’t bloody look at me like that. Get used to it pet.”
Xander had just given Spike an ‘as if’ look and had immediately started to look round for somewhere to sleep come tomorrow.
Spike noticed.
“You will sleep in the bed with me pet. You will not be sleepin’ on the floor or anywhere else but by my side. Right – be good. Just a few don’ts pet. Don’t take the plug out or the ring off, and positively no wankin’ either. See y’in a few hours pet. Oh, an don’t hurt y’self tryin ta get away, cause ya can’t escape.”
Spike didn’t expect an answer and didn’t get one. He did however expect Xander to try his best to escape. It was bloody futile, but the boy wouldn’t be told.

Xander waited for the door to close before he inspected his bonds. Spike had kindly (!) taken his cuffs off and he now only had a chain around his ankle. He tugged at it and tried the lock but to no avail. He went over to the wall to see if the fixings were at all loose, but no luck there either. Resigned now to his confinement he had a look around the room. Apart from the huge bed which he noticed was large enough for him and Spike to not even touch, there was a large bookcase filled with books (!), some looked pretty ancient but there were up to date paperbacks too. Next to the book case was a high backed leather chair and a side table with a glass and carafe of water on it. There was a huge mirror on the wall opposite the bed – go figure – and Xander stopped to look at his reflection.

He was quite taken aback by his overall look.
If it wasn’t him he’d think he looked bloody hot.
He was tanned, well muscled, his ass wasn’t flabby and as he turned himself this way and that he decided that it looked good in the chaps.
He took longer over his cock and balls, strapped up in the cock ring, he’d never worn one before so had a good look. It fitted around the base of his cock and there was a leather strap separating his balls.
It wasn’t uncomfortable and as he held himself he started to harden, which when he was fully erect, decided it was really quite a turn on to see himself all confined like that. He turned sideways to see if he could see the butt plug but it wasn’t visible. He ran his hands over his chest and down to cup his cock and balls. It felt good, smooth, silky, the feel of the leather against his skin. Yeah he could happily jerk off.
It was strange how in such a short time he had become quite accustomed to the plug; he knew Spike had told him not to take it out, but he’d never know, anyway he wasn’t taking it out, he was just gonna see what it felt like moving in him.

He was transfixed in front of the mirror watching himself, his fingers searched for the end of the plug and once he had a grip he gently pulled it out of himself until it was nearly all the way out then slid it back in, one hand caressing his cock, he watched himself in fascination. It looked so fuckin hot! He enjoyed the sensation of the dildo, he wasn’t sore and it didn’t hurt, in fact it was extremely pleasant as he pulled and pushed with one hand he fisted his cock with the other.
Oh yeah, it was good.
He watched himself thru slitted eyes, he could feel his orgasm building and building and suddenly realised that unless he took the ring off he’d not be able to cum. He fumbled around managing to get the restraint off and then went back to buggering himself with the dildo and fisting his cock, he could see the cords in his neck standing out, the head of his cock turning a dark purple and as he came he saw the splash of his cum shoot out and hit the mirror.
A few more pulls on his cock and he stopped, exhausted but buzzing from such a strong orgasm.
Wow he thought, that was fucking fantastic.

He waltzed over to the bed and dropped down onto it. He’d not had such a buzz for a long time, specially from a hand job. He was sated and warm and he drifted off to sleep. When he woke he had no idea of how long he’d been asleep but decided he should put the ring back on and go into the bathroom to see if he could find something to wipe his jizz off the mirror. He found a wash cloth, wet it and he and his chain went back into the bedroom and wiped down the mirror. He did a good job, threw the cloth back in the sink and found the cock ring and put it back on. He did like the feel of it, it excited him and thinking about it made him start to harden again. Oh, no, once was enough, besides, he didn’t know when Spike would be back and if he caught him at it he’d be mad as hell cause he said not to.
Hell, he’d never know, he’d wiped away the evidence. No worries.

Xander had been so caught up in jerking off in front of the mirror he’d not finished his reconnaissance of the room. It was vast, his builders mind kicked in and he wondered if it had been two or three rooms knocked into one. There were no windows but there were some huge tapestries on the walls which were mostly stone.
If he didn’t know better he’d think he was in a castle dungeon. The ceiling was quite high so it didn’t feel claustrophobic, there were a couple of large black wrought iron chandeliers which gave loads of light plus a large reading lamp over by the bookcase; the tapestries were old and faded but gave off a slightly ostentatious yet homey feel.
The bed was covered in deep burgundy coloured sheets, with a thick velvet pile burgundy comforter. It was decidedly opulent, Xander thought very gothic and typically Spike. There was a day bed or chaise longue with a cream chenille throw draped casually over it and a neat little foot stool too.
The wall opposite the door had the biggest fireplace Xander had ever seen and massive logs waiting to be lit, again very gothic, there were two big deep burgundy leather sofas in front of the fire. The floor was boarded out in what Xander knew was aged oak with a high polish, but it had seen a lot of use, he imagined it was really quite old, it was covered here and there with random rugs, the ones either side of the bed were animal skins, he assumed wolf, and the other rugs were old but extremely good quality, certainly not from Walmart!
All in all if he were to be held captive then this was a nice place to be held.

Having checked out the room Xander clinked over to the bookcase to choose something to read to while away the time waiting for Spike’s reappearance. He scanned the shelf at eye level which had some older books just like the weighty tomes that Giles would have had them pouring over. He pulled a book randomly off the shelf. It was a book of poetry, Xander flicked thru its yellowing pages, reading bits here and there. He put it back and had a look on the lower shelf at slightly more modern books.
He picked up HG Wells The Time Machine.
He remembered seeing the old film and thought he’d give the book a go. He settled down in the leather chair to read for a while, it was ages since he’d been able to sit down and read a good book, and this to him was a bit of a classic.

Xander was hooked after the first chapter and he made himself even more comfy in the chair, one leg flung over the arm of the chair swinging backwards and forwards as he read, oblivious to the time and anything going on around him. He got up for a pee after about 6 chapters and happily settled back down, eager to get on with the story. He was completely unaware of the door opening and closing quietly.

Spike stood there watching Xander who was completely absorbed. He could immediately smell what had taken place in the room. His anger flared, he’d specifically told Xander not to have a wank or take the ring off and he’d done both. He didn’t move tho, just stood there watching his pet. He was magnificent, lovely view he was giving him and from what he could see Xander was still a little aroused, he absently wondered if it was what he was reading.
Spike walked casually over to him and it wasn’t until his shadow fell over Xander and he looked up and squeaked that he realised he had company.

“Shit Spike, creepy sneaking up guy! Wanna give me a heart attack?”
“Wanna give ya summat pet – might lead to a heart attack!”
Xander looked down at his crotch and quickly pulled his leg back from over the chair arm placing the opened book over his genitals.
“No need ta be coy pet. Like looking at yer tackle. Seems like you did summat I asked ya not to while I was out. Took the ring off and had a wank dintcha?”
Xander had the decency to blush, but damn it he was his own man and if he wanted to jerk off he would.
Spike saw the set of Xander’s jaw and before he could come to his defence Spike jumped in.
“Told ya not to pet. You’re my property now and if I say you don’t do summat then ya bloody well don’t do it. Did you take the plug out too?”
Xander shook his head.
“Not really. Hey – what does it matter? I jerked off, big deal. I am not your property, my body’s my own – not yours!”
“Ya know I can put mitts on ya so ya can’t hold anything let alone yer dick. Want me to do that pet? Or I could put a cage on yer dick, plenty ta choose from or I could just give you a beating so ya remember who ya belong to. So, what’s it ta be?”
“You mean to tell me I have to choose a – a punishment for jerking off? You have got to be kiddin!”
“No luv, deadly serious, you gonna choose or am I?”
Xander snorted in disgust. There was no way he was gonna give Spike the satisfaction of him choosing his own ‘punishment’.
He got up from the chair and pushed past Spike on his way to the bathroom. Spike was pissed at Xander’s attitude – he would make the boy realise who he answered to.
He grabbed a hold of the chain dragging along behind Xander effectively stopping him in his tracks, making him stumble and fall.
“What the fuck….?”
“You won’t walk past me as if I wasn’t here and if I ask you a question you fucking ANSWER ME!” he shouted.
He pulled Xander along by the chain and as he got to the bed picked him up from the floor and flung him on his back on to the mattress.
He pulled the chain tight and secured his other leg with little trouble. Xander’s hands were a little more bothersome. He was fighting mad at being treated like he was a child and had started to lash out at Spike. Spike grabbed a wrist and fastened on a manacle whilst Xander hit him as hard as he could with the other fisted hand.
Spike managed to grab onto the still free flailing arm and pin it to the bed.
“Still waiting for my answer.”
”Go to hell you fucking corpse!”
“Right. If that’s how you wanna play it, so be it.”
Spike chained Xander’s free arm pulling it tight so that he couldn’t move without causing himself pain.
Bloody obstinate little sod!
He’d show him he couldn’t be treated like that.
He should show respect for his Master. Spike stalked over to the bathroom and flung the door open. Xander could hear him rooting around in there probably bringing out some implement of torture to subdue him.
He was livid.
He would not give in to Spike.
Spike was thinking along the same lines – he was buggered if he would let Xander get away with this slight.

It was going to be a very long battle of wills and both demon and human were sure they would be the victor.

Spike came back into the room brandishing the mitts in one hand and the cock guard in the other. He grabbed hold of Xander’s nearest hand and forced the mitt onto it fastening it in place, stalking to the other side of the bed he did the same with Xander’s other free hand, try as he might Xander couldn’t stop Spike. Next Spike took the cock ring off Xander to screams and shouts of abuse, Xander moving his body the little he could to make Spike’s task all the harder, until finally Spike sat across him and managed to fasten in place the latest in male chastity belts.
“Right, all finished. Want me to take the chains off or are you gonna sulk still chained up?”
“Fuck off.”
“You sure?”
Xander now couldn’t very well ask to be unchained, it would be like admitting Spike had the upper hand, which he had but Xander wouldn’t admit it.
“Fuck off and die.”
“I’ll be back in about an hour then. Don’t want my property getting bed sores.”
“Don’t bother coming back and I am not your fucking property – slavery was outlawed in case you didn’t get the memo.”
“Don’t wanna get into semantics with ya now pet, specially when you’re mad as hell.” Spike casually told Xander as he left the room, closing the door quietly behind him. Xander screamed his frustration.
He had never been angrier.
He counted to 10 in the hope of calming himself, but it didn’t work. He hated having the mitts on, it was horrible, and to have something else on his dick and from what he could feel it covered his whole shaft.
Why was Spike doing this to him?
Why him?

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