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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Title: Caught - Part 2 Pairing: The only one that matters S/X… 
20th-Apr-2008 02:45 pm
Title: Caught - Part 2
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 18
Summary: Spike wants Xander for his pet, Xander has other ideas
- none of this has been beta'd

Part 2

Spike wasn’t happy at having to restrain Xander, he knew it would make him even more stubborn. So far his plan wasn’t going to plan! He didn’t know how to change things around. He knew when he decided to take him that it wouldn’t be easy, which was good – he didn’t want Xander being spineless and compliant, but then he didn’t want a pet he couldn’t control who didn’t listen to a bloody thing he said. He certainly wasn’t going to bring in a trainer as that would completely destroy the Xander her knew and lusted after. His bloody soul had a lot to answer for. He stood for a long time in front of the oven lost in thought before he shook himself out of his reverie and tried to decide what to feed the stubborn little sod.

It was evening, but Xander didn’t know that.
Spike decided to cook him a breakfast type meal. He would have to feed him as well, now that would go down like a dose of castor oil! No runny eggs then, not good when feeding someone else. He made bacon and pancakes and got the maple syrup out of the cupboard. He brewed up a pot of coffee and squeezed half a dozen oranges pouring the juice into a glass. He didn’t want Xander getting sick from lack of vitamins.
He knew how to look after a human, he had been one once. He kept the food warm whilst he tidied up the kitchen.
He found cooking relaxing, his culinary skills weren’t something that he liked anyone to know about, it just wasn’t how an evil vampire should be thought of – in an apron in a kitchen.

Right, his hour was up.
Spike hoped Xander had calmed down a little. He carried his tray full of food down to where Xander was being held, opened the door and quietly entered the room. Xander of course was still where he had left him. Spike sniffed the air delicately, the overwhelming aroma was one of frustrated anger. No, this wasn’t going to go well.
“Brought you something to eat. You hungry?”
Xander was starving but wasn’t going to give Spike the satisfaction of knowing. It was unfortunate that Xander’s nose smelled the food and his stomach gurgled in anticipation!
“See you are pet! You wanna eat here or over in front of the fire. I’ll light it and then it’ll be nice and cosy for ya.”
Spike set the tray down and went over to the logs and lit the kindling underneath to get a good blaze going, being very careful not to get too near the naked flame. He picked the tray up from the bed and took it over to one of the sofas, returning to unfasten Xander’s bonds.
“Please don’t hit me luv. Come over to the sofa and have something to eat eh?”
Xander sullenly got up off the bed and went over to the sofa. His arms and legs were stiff from being held in the same position for over an hour. He looked at his bound hands and then at the food on the plate.
“Please tell me you’re gonna take these off me so I can eat?”
“Can’t tell ya that luv. If I take em off now it’ll be like telling ya it’s OK to ignore stuff I tell ya. I don’t wanna argue, you’re hungry and the foods getting cold. Chef’ll be pissed if ya don’t eat it.”
“You have a vampire chef?”
“Only the best for you luv!”
“The spaghetti was pretty good, and it’d be a shame not to eat what he’s cooked for me. I’m only eating this so I won’t upset your chef y’know. I will not enjoy being fed. I still hate you.”
“OK luv. I understand.”

It was all Spike could do not to smile. He would enjoy feeding Xander. It was such a sensual thing, feeding someone else. He wondered how long to leave the mitts on. Definitely all day, which meant at least two more meals. Xander might be a little more amenable after his belly was full.
“Bacon or pancakes first or a bit of both?”
“I’d like a drink of that juice first please.”
“Want me to hold it for ya pet, or d’you wanna have a go?” Spike held out the olive branch.
“Don’t wanna drop it.” Xander mumbled.
Spike held the glass up to Xander’s lips, Xander’s eyes on him all the time looking for - something, a smirk, a sign that he was enjoying Xander’s embarrassment.
There was nothing, no smirk, if anything there was concern, but Xander was sure that was his own imagination. Xander gulped the juice and Spike watched him drink, following his Adam’s apple as it bobbed up and down as Xander swallowed.
Spike stopped after Xander had drunk about half.
“Bacon or ‘cakes pet?”
“It’s real crispy luv, can I use me fingers instead of the fork, easier to pick up?” Xander nodded begrudgingly. Oh yeah!! thought Spike as the enjoyment of feeding Xander from his own hand coursed thru him, making his cock harden, such simple pleasures.
Xander ate the bacon piece by piece as Spike fed it to him. Still no smirk, Spike looked – Xander couldn’t decide.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Xander said thru a mouthful of crispy bacon.
“I am luv, but not in the way you think. I’m not enjoyin it thinking I’ve got one over on ya if that’s what you mean.”
“What then? Surely you like to make me feel humiliated, get your kicks like that I bet!”
“No. To me this isn’t humiliating. It’s, well it’s kind of an honour, or it would be if you let me do this without bloody mitts on yer hands. Means ya trust me, and for me it’s a pleasure knowing that or it would be if ya did. And it should show you that I care enough to choose food you like and to want to feed it to you. Done right pet, it’s an extremely sensual experience, one that eventually I hope we can share.”

Xander had never thought of it in that way.
He would see what his next few meals were before he decided if he believed Spike. He was intrigued about it being a sensual experience, his idea of food being sexy was watching a girl eat a banana. He sniggered.
“What’s funny luv?”
“Girl eating a banana.”
“Ah. Get ya. Not on the same level pet. Want me t’show ya?”
“OK, bet you can’t tho – bet you can’t make me think you eating my breakfast is hot!”
“I accept your challenge luv – what do I get tho if I win?”
“You won’t win. Ok, if you win I’ll do one thing you ask, if I win – I get rd of these bloody gloves!”
“Deal! You ready to lose then?”
“Give it your best shot Bleachboy!”

Xander was going to enjoy this.
There was no way on this earth that Spike could make eating bacon and pancakes sexy.
Xander however, didn’t take into account the ‘Spike’ factor.
Spike settled himself on the sofa, legs akimbo, relaxed, he took hold of a piece of the bacon and trailed it slowly thru the maple syrup pooled on the plate, bringing it to his open mouth, poking his tongue out to catch the drips of syrup before sucking the piece of bacon half into his mouth, eyes closed, before delicately biting it in half, he mmm’d in pleasure.
He could feel a dribble of syrup on his lower lip and his pink tongue peeked out again to lick the drip up, the flexible organ chasing the liquid until he had found it all.
The half piece of bacon remaining in his hand went back down to the syrup and he repeated his earlier actions, his eyes never once flickered over to Xander as he concentrated solely on the pleasure of eating the crisp salty bacon covered in the sweet sticky syrup.
Once he’d chewed the bacon he stuck out his tongue to lick delicately at his index finger making sure all the stickiness had gone, then he sucked each of his other sticky salty fingers into his mouth laving them clean.
He sighed happily and glanced over at Xander, a look of sheer contentedness on his face.

Xander was open mouthed and had been completely mesmerised by Spike’s display, his cock had started to harden in its confines but had been halted. Xander closed his mouth and swallowed.
“Was that hot pet?”
“I never thought…” Xander tailed off. Spike’s display had been captivating to say the least. The bastard had had decades to practice his technique no wonder he was good at it. But Xander had to admit it had been bloody hot.
“Yeah. Hot. Can I finish my breakfast?”
“Yeah pet. Shall we make it interesting? Wanna see if you can make it hot?”
“Me? Nah, never could.”
“Bet you can luv. Come on, I c’n give ya some pointers.”
Xander thought about it, he’d forgotten to be angry with Spike by this time and was feeling better cause he wasn’t starving now, so what the hell, it was a way to pass the time.
“Kay. Let’s do it!”
Spike picked up a pancake and tore a piece off and ran it thru the syrup, he held it out to Xander who just opened his mouth to receive it.
“Not like that pet, lick your lips and then open you mouth slightly and kinda poke your tongue out just a bit, all tentative like so I can place the ‘cake on it, then you take it into your mouth all slow – yeah, thats it, now chew or try n suck it, poking yer tongue out every now and then.” Spike laughed at Xander’s tongue poke.
“Getting there pet, but poke it out suggestively, not like yer havin’ a hissy fit!”
“Yeah, that’s it. Now let’s try it again, and feel free to try anything you think looks sultry n sexy.”
“You sure I don’t look a dork?”

Spike held out another piece of pancake to Xander who wrapped his lips around Spikes fingers and sucked the piece of cake out of his grasp. Spike swallowed audibly.
“That better?”
“Yeah, g-getting there luv.” Spike just wanted to hold him down and take him, that was the most seductively sensual thing he’d had done to him in bloody decades.
The boy didn’t even know what he’d done.
“Can I have some bacon with the syrup?”
Spike fed it to him apprehensively, wondering what Xander would do this time.
He leaned forward to take the offered morsel between his teeth from Spike, chewed slowly, swallowed and then returned to suck Spikes fingers clean.
“I think you’ve got the hang of it now pet.”
“You’re kiddin Spike, hey I quite like this, c’mon keep feeding me.”
“Do you realise that what you’re doing is very, very hot?”
Spike nodded.
Xander waited for Spike to feed him some more. This time he felt differently about being fed, he took the food from Spike, watching his reaction to him, and seeing it, he felt a strangely satisfying sense of power. He glanced down slowly at Spike’s crotch and saw the bulge in his jeans. Fuck!
He looked up equally slowly to his face.
Spike was breathing. Dead men don’t breathe. Had he made him breathe?

“Can I have some more please?”
Spike had made a monster. A sensual, hot, seductive, bloody gorgeous monster. He fed him the rest of his breakfast in a haze of lust. Xander revelled in the power he had so recently acquired.
“Yes pet?”
“Was that hot for you?” Xander asked cheekily.
“Fuck yes luv!”
“Do I get to win as well then?”
Spike had been outflanked by a mere amateur! He supposed he aught to be magnanimous.
Xander seemed happier than he had been since he woke up, and he wanted to keep it that way.
“Go for it luv – within reason, not gonna let ya go, so don’t ask.”
Xander was surprised Spike has acquiesced so easily. He hadn’t decided what he wanted.
“Can I think about it and ask later?”
”Kay pet. Want to drink ya coffee or finish ya juice – fresh squeezed by the chefs own hand!”
“Please, juice then coffee.”
”Kay luv.” Spike was pleased that Xander had reverted to his polite self, not knowing how long it would last he felt it wise not to mention it. Xander glugged down his juice and wiped his mouth on his bare arm.
“If y’d ‘ave said pet I’d ‘ave let ya use a napkin. Want ya coffee?”
“Yeah, please – did you put sugar in?”
”No, it’s bad for ya, but if y’like it a little sweet, how many?”
“How bout we try for one and a half? Don’t want ya getting a spare tyre do we?”
“I s’pose, but I do like a sugary fix.”
Spike added the sugar stirred and let Xander drink. He screwed up his nose a little but drank it down.
“I can get used to it – if I have to.”

The fire had started to take a hold and it was toasty warm sat on the sofa. Xander relaxed into the back of it.
The leather had been cold on his ass, but it was fine now, and thinking about his ass he looked down to see what awful contraption Spike had attached to his manhood.
It was like nothing he had ever seen or imagined before.
It had a padlock for one thing, it was see-thru and covered his entire cock, there was a ring around the base of his cock and also his balls. He was fascinated and appalled at the same time.
He wanted to touch it but of course he couldn’t with the mitts. It wasn’t uncomfortable but it felt noticeable as it pulled his genitals down with the slight extra weight.
“Spike, what is this – this thing?” he asked looking down into his crotch.
“Ah, well that luv is a male chastity belt. I hold the key. It stops ya getting hard and of course ya can’t er, jerk off either. Hygienic like, ya can shower or bath with it on and do all the other things ya want, ‘cept wank.”
Spike assumed that Xander would either want to have that or the mitts removed as his ‘prize’. He was surprised he hadn’t said anything else about it.
“Do I get to have any other clothes or am I just gonna live in these chaps all the time I’m here?”
“You do look bloody gorgeous in em love, an I hate to admit it but I’ve got em in three other colours! But, yeah, I’ve got some other stuff for ya.”

“So, if I were a proper ‘pet’ what would I be wearing?”
Xander nodded. He was curious. He wanted to know if Spike was treating him differently, if he was making concessions for him.
“Normally, unless they were being taken out with their Master, a pet would just wear a collar, possibly some jewellery on his cock and a butt plug at all times, so really luv, you’re very over dressed.”
“Girls too?”
“Yeah. Decorative chain round the waist as well as a collar.”

“And when they go out?”
“Never alone, always with their Master. Always have a chain attached to the collar. Depends where they go as to what the pet wears. He never wears shoes, usually he only gets to go out to clubs or private parties, into other Master’s homes, so he or she would be dressed to the nines. A very decorative collar - gold or silver with gems, genitals would be adorned with jewellery too and the butt plug would have a decorative end poking out between the cheeks. Most pets have piercings and so there would be fine gold or silver chains attached to the nipple rings, the collar, and they would all attach to the cock and butt jewellery. The pet would have make up on to make him or her look their prettiest, oh and y’d have gems wound into ya hair. Occasionally you’d be allowed to wear a covering, like some trousers, but they’d usually be leather, rubber or latex, very tight fitting so that everyone can appreciate the pets fine form. That’s about it.”

“Don’t they mind?”
“Mind? Why would they? They’re out in the public (ish) eye, they know they look fuckin hot, people desire them but can’t touch, their Masters want them to look the best they can, which makes their Master look good cause they have something nobody else has. Some pet’s are so desired that they’re kidnapped. You wouldn’t believe it pet!”
Xander thought he cold understand.
If he could make Spike all hot under the collar by eating from his fingers, what would it be like if he was a really hot guy dressed up like Spike said on show? You’d have to be pretty confident in your self, but yeah, he could understand the buzz it would give you.

Spike found it endearing in that as much as Xander had protested he would never be owned or be a pet, he was showing an interest in what being a pet entailed.
There was so much more to being a pet than being someone’s chattel. He hoped Xander continued to be curious, as the more he was, the more Spike could educate him.

“So then, what does the – er Master get out of it?”
“He has someone who is pleasing on they eye, pleasing in bed, but as well as that he has a companion, someone who he can share things with - who he can confide in, has a common bond with, someone who is loyal and who loves him and depends on him, someone he can take care of and above all someone he trusts and loves to the exclusion of all others.”

“So, if you want all that from a pet then why did you pick me? Still not sayin for a minute that I will be a pet, cause nobody owns the Xan-man! But, I am intrigued I spose.”
“You fit the criteria pet.”
“What? Pleasing on the eye, an you think I’m loyal and trustworthy and dependable, not forgetting that you’ve never bedded me!”
“You take a look at yourself in the mirror pet and tell me what you see.”
“I think I’ll pass on that one if you don’t mind!” Xander blushed.
“OK, I‘ll tell ya what I see. I see a really fit bloke in the first flush of youth, handsome, brave, strong, he’s got a good sense of humour, he’s curious, he has a brain, he’s loyal as they come you can rely on him and trust him with yer life.”
“Like I believe that!”
“He can also be very dense, stubborn and a pain in the bloody arse!” Spike said, voice full of humour.
“I get nothing out of butterin you up pet. What I said was true, even the dense stubborn pain in the arse bit too. Why won’t you look at yourself?”

Xander blushed again.
“Summat you not telling me pet?”
Xander shook his head and Spike thought it best to drop whatever it was, they’d come so far after such a bad start he didn’t want to jeopardise the ground he’d managed to make up.

“Would you torture me into doing what you want?”
“After what I’ve just told you what a Master wants from his pet? Only an idiot would do that. I don’t think of myself as being one. ‘Sides, it wouldn’t be you would it, I’m used to the mouthy git I’ve got here.”

“Have you ever been a pet?”
“Nah, been beaten, abused, raped by someone who was supposed ta love me, but he never considered me a pet, a pain yeah!”
“Angel? He did th-that to you?”
“And more pet, he was a vicious bastard. Know what it’s like don’t I? Never put ya thru anything like that. Anyway, don’t wanna talk about him. What would you like to do pet, apart from leave!”
Spike had seen the way Xander looked and knew something was coming.

“Do Master’s and pet’s have a kind of bond then?”
“Like reading each other’s thoughts ya mean?” Spike laughed.
“No, I spose I mean like Sire an Childe”
“An what would you know about that pet?”
“I can read Spike, and Giles has books, ergo knowledge gained!”
“You are funny sometimes pet, you never fail to surprise me when I least expect it.”
“Is it dark now?”
“Yeah luv, why?”
“Will you take me outside?”
“Is that your prize then?”
“Hell no, I’d just like to be in the fresh air for a bit.”
“If it makes ya happy luv then that’s what we’ll do, but first I’m gonna have t’put shackles on yer – tell ya what, I’ll chain ya to me then you can walk about freely-ish. OK?”
“Suppose it’ll have to be, better than dead man walking!”

Spike took the chain and attached one manacled end to Xander’s ankle and the other to his own wrist.
“I need to blindfold ya till we get out pet, don’t want ya seein the rest of the place.”
“If it gets me fresh air y’can gag me as well!”
Spike gave Xander a very lustful look.
“Don’t tempt me pet. Bad enough feedin ya now you know how t’do it right!”
20th-Apr-2008 04:23 pm (UTC)
Ya know, there must be something really wrong with me.

I know I shouldn't like this sort of fic, but I can never help myself and I always read them.

Great story, I love it.
20th-Apr-2008 04:45 pm (UTC)
mmm, lovely addition to this. Eager to see what Xan does when he's led outside -- and after.
20th-Apr-2008 06:37 pm (UTC)
this is just absolutely lovely keep up the good work
20th-Apr-2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the great new chapter. I love Pet!Xander fics. It's great to see another chapter so soon
20th-Apr-2008 08:25 pm (UTC)
Seems that Spike and Xander are getting on better with each other.

Yay for the quick update!
20th-Apr-2008 11:40 pm (UTC)
You are an evil, evil person!!! Mys doesn't like these kinds of fics! She just can't get into them. Hells, she even told herself she wouldn't read more after yesterday's offering, but here she is being a right git and kinda enjoying this. Mainly 'cause Mys gets so fed up with ppl who know nothing about the scene trying to write it, but you're actually pulling it off. Mys is officially impressed.
So, if it's not too nosy, 'Nilla Wafer or Oreo?
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