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|| Bloodclaim ||
You know they're doin' it
Feeding James 
20th-Apr-2008 05:16 pm
Author: kimalis and kitty_alex
Title: Feeding James
Pairing: Spike/Xander/James Marsters
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Please leaves tons of feedback!
Disclaimer: We own nothing but the plot. We bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters. Also, We don't own James Marsters no matter how much we'd like to. None of this actually happened to James and we don't mean to offend him or anyone else associated with him. We repeat, this James is not in our universe!
Warnings/Squicks: It's an RL AU (real life alternate universe). There is also a bit of blood play, lots of naughty touching, Xander is a vampire, Xander is fond of calling James "brother", and later chapters will have threesomes.
Summary: Xander is a huge fan of James Marsters.
Previous Chapters: Meeting, Turning

James stalked forward trying to be cool. Usually it was easy, but his reasons for being cool were completely different. He looked back at Spike and Xander. Xander waved animatedly at him and Spike just rolled his eyes. He took a deep breath then approached the girl in question. He stumbled forward and put his hand on the rail of the highest level of the Bronze. He was actually IN the Bronze. He gave a small smile at his soon to be dinner.

“Hey,” James said.

“Hey!” The girl squeed. “You’re James Marsters!”

“Um, yeah.”

“Can I get your autograph?”

“Oh, yeah. Sure you can!”

He looked at a napkin the girl shoved into his hands. He signed it and she snatched it back, smiling.

“Thank you!”

She pushed through the crowd towards her friends. He smiled, she seemed like a very nice young girl.

“Bloody git,” came a growl by his ear.

“Hello to you too, Spike.”

“Now explain to me why she walked off with a napkin instead of two holes in her neck?”

“She’s a fan! I can’t eat a fan!”

Spike picked James up by the scruff of his neck and threw him towards Xander. Xander bounced on the balls of his feet and watched James scramble off the floor, trying to regain any sense of menace he still had. Xander smiled and put his head on James’ shoulder to comfort him, which seemed to send Spike through the roof.

“Xander, can you please show him how it’s done,” He said through gritted teeth.

Xander saluted Spike and was off into the crowd. In a matter of seconds, Xander had three girls crowded around him. He was pouting and flirting. The girls were really buying into his cute and innocent act. James made a note in his head that Xander was probably more dangerous than Spike.

“Come on,” Spike said tugging on James’ arm.

“Where are we going?”

“We have to pick up our food. It’s not like we can eat them here.”

Spike continued to tug James until they were out the door. They walked into a back alley where Xander was waiting with the girls. Xander pointed at the two vampires coming their way.

“See, I told you I knew James Marsters.”

The girls looked from James to Spike. Spike grinned while James gulped. One of the girls came up to him. She put her arms around his neck, clearly drunk. He closed his eyes. He could hear her heart beating and smell the blood underneath her pale skin. He wrapped his arms around her waist and looked around. Xander and Spike were already feeding on their girls. He looked at the drunken girl’s neck and felt his face shift. He sank his fangs into her neck and began to drink. His eyes almost rolled into the back of his head. He felt her blood move through her veins and into him. He took mouthfuls of her blood and felt it move through him. It rushed down to his hardening cock. He took one last mouthful and let go with a long moan. He let go of her and watched her body fall limp on the floor. His rock hard cock, pressed indecently against the leather pants he was wearing. He didn’t understand why he was getting off on blood. But, the way it rushed into his body and buzzed in his still veins. The warmth inside him made his hips rock and he couldn’t help but release another moan. He felt like a dirty slut, but he didn’t care. He was on a good high.

Spike heard his moan and grinned, “Enjoyed that a little too much, mate.”

James looked at his sire. Something deep inside him flashed red. He slammed his sire against the wall and frantically kissed him. Despite a smaller part of him telling himself he was straight, he didn’t care. He needed his sire. Spike pushed James back. Xander grabbed the naughty Childe and restrained him. He rested his chin on James’ shoulder and looked at Spike with puppy dog eyes.

“Please, sire,” James found himself begging.

“On your knees, Childe.” Spike used a voice James had not yet heard. It was commanding yet gentle at the same time and told James that his Sire would brook no resistance, he was torn between wanting and needing something from him and rebelling from the dominance of the directive.

When he failed to comply immediately Xander placed his hands on James shoulders and pushed him to his knees. James fell, his hands grabbing at Spike’s legs to stop himself hitting the ground.

“You need to do as you’re told, brother,” Xander whispered to him. “When you’re told.”

Spike looked at Xander with a raised eyebrow.

“What?” Xander asked defensively. Spike snorted.

From his position at his Sire’s feet, James was on eye level with Spike’s groin. He breathed deeply of the familiar scent and looked pleading up into Spike’s eyes.

“Please Sire,” he asked again with a pleading voice.

Spike saw the anticipation on Xander’s face, reached down and placed a hand on James cheek and nodded once.

James moaned and grasped the front of Spike’s jeans, ripping the button off and nearly tearing the zip apart to get it open.

Xander stayed close behind him, hands on his shoulders. He squeezed a little, “Easy, brother,” he said as he ran one hand through James’ hair and felt the vampire lean slightly into the gesture.

James pushed his hands inside Spike’s open jeans wrapping his fingers around the stiff length. His eyes widened as he draw it towards his face. He looked from Spike to Xander. “I don’t…I’ve never…” His eyes came to rest on Xander’s above him. “How do I…?”

Xander waited for Spike’s nod of permission then placed his hands on each side of James face turning his head back to Spike’s crotch. “It’s simple, brother. Just put that beautiful thing in your mouth and suck it like you’ll never see it again.”

He eased James’ head forward, towards Spike’s cock. James opened his mouth and took it in, looking questioningly up at his Sire. Spike stroked his hair and lay his hand over Xander’s on James’ cheek.

“Now…lick it, taste it,” Xander directed, gently caressing his face.

Spike watched James take his cock in, felt the cool mouth inexpertly wrapping around the head. He had a lot to learn but when you have your cock in someone’s mouth it’s not the time to be evaluating technique. It’s a time to be thankful. Besides, James had his brother there, guiding him; plus no small measure of desire driving his efforts. Spike raised his eyes and looked over at his other childe. Xander’s devotion to both Spike and James shone from his face. Spike lifted a hand from James and reached out to pull Xander to his lips.

Xander leaned over James and met Spike’s mouth, kissing his beloved sire with abandon. Below him he could see James desperately working over Spike’s erection. He ran his hand along James’ face, letting his fingers caress the jaw and lips where they joined with his Sire’s body. He moved his hand inside Spike’s jeans and cupped it around the cold balls, letting his finger stroke the smooth skin behind.

James heard his Sire’s small moans of pleasure and knew that even though he was no expert, he was doing this right. He had another man’s cock in his mouth and he didn’t care. It was an amazing feeling, the sense of power it gave him, although he knew in reality the power was actually held over him. He applied more suction to the length resting on his tongue and gently scraped his teeth along the underside as he withdrew. He swirled his tongue around the tip, tasting his sire’s essence and feeling a rush very nearly the same as the bloodlust that overtook him a short time ago. He began to work more vigorously slamming his head forward and back, his forehead hitting Spike’s belly and Spike’s cock thudding into the back of his throat. At the contact with his throat he gagged and swallowed against the head, each time dragging another groan from his sire. Making a mental note of this he reached up and gripped Spike’s hips.

Spike pulled free of Xander’s mouth and both he and Xander watched as James picked up his pace.

“That’s good, brother. Feel how much he loves that? Can you taste him?” Xander’s hand scratched lightly along James’ neck. “He’s going to come, I can smell it. He’s going to shoot that luscious come right into your mouth and you are going to swallow your sire’s seed.”

Spike’s body tensed and with a long howl he came, one hand clenched in James hair, the wrapped in the front of Xander’s shirt hips thrusting and slamming into James mouth. Xander squeezed the last drops from Spike’s balls and withdrew his hand, wiping the spills from James chin and licking his fingers clean.

Spike’s cock slid out of his mouth and he rested his forehead against his sire’s waist, feeling the dampness that was spreading over his own crotch. James didn’t understand. He didn’t understand how he was straight yet getting off on just sucking on Spike’s cock. He turned his head and looked at the dead bodies. He didn’t care. He didn’t care that they were dead. He shook his head and tucked Spike’s cock back into his jeans. James looked up into his sire’s eye. This wasn’t a dream. This was real. There was no waking up. He was a vampire now and this was his sire. He felt the hate trying to flood away. He closed his eyes and tried to hold onto it. James hated Spike for turning him, for making him feed on human blood no matter how good it tasted, for making James feel so good, and definitely for making him need Spike more than anything. What he knew of right and wrong was slowly being flipped around in his mind. Every time Spike or Xander touched him, he could feel a little bit of himself fade away and the demon take over more of his mind. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want to be some cliché movie vampire. But, the more the demon took over, the less he seemed to care. He rested his head back against Spike’s waist and felt Spike’s slim fingers begin to play with his hair. He wondered what would happen when the demon had completely taken over his memories, because that’s all he was now. That’s how it worked in the show; all that was left were memories.

Xander helped James up, “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll be just fine.”

Spike stiffened and growled. Xander stiffened too. James couldn’t tell what was wrong. He tried to remember how the vampires on Buffy sorted out changes in their environment. He remembered a vampire’s sense of smell could detect a threatening presence. He relaxed and closed his eyes trying to block out everything else. He breathed in through his nose, taking in a few different scents. He shifted through them until he found one that just didn’t sit right. It was foul, but close to the scent Xander and Spike gave off. He opened his eyes and growled violently at the alley entrance. The offending vampire rounded the corner. He opened his eyes and growled violently at the alley entrance. The offending vampire rounded the corner. He had on a tall, black top hat that matched his flourishing ascot. He had on a long black coat on with a matching black waistcoat. The collar of his white shirt was starched. His trousers were a black pinstripe that almost covered his leather black shoes. His brown hair was tied back with black ribbon. James coughed and tried to cover a laugh. The vampire looked like he had just stepped out of an Anne Rice book! “Lestat” was in full game face and growled at James.

“William,” he said to him.

James looked confused and pointed to himself. When the vampire nodded, James took a step back and pointed at Spike.

“Hey! I’m not William. He is. William the Bloody, that’s him.”

Spike shook his head. “Oh don’t be so modest. I can only hope to be as good as you, William.”

“Spike, what the Hell are you doing?”

He grinned and strutted over to James. Spike looked the new vampire in the eyes then bent in so that his mouth was next to his ear.

“I’m testing you,” he whispered. “Fail and I’ll stake you.”

As Spike backed away with a firm smirk on his face, James felt a lump forming in his throat. This was real; there were no stunt doubles or wires to help him land the perfect shot. Sure he had gotten into the occasional bar fight, but this was life or death. He looked over at Xander who motioned for him to put up his fists and get ready for the fight. James grabbed his cock in an offensive manner trying to intimidate the other vampire. He cracked his neck then put up his fists. At least he looked fierce.

“Come on; don’t make me wait all day.”

“Let’s do it then.”

James threw the first punch, “Sorry, but you’re not my type.”

The other vampire dodged and kicked James in the back. He screamed and tried for another punch. It was sloppy and glanced off the other vampire’s shoulder. He was feeling awkward and was wishing he had a manual or something so he could finally access his vampire strength and speed instead of getting the crap beat out of him. His palm finally made contact with the other vampire’s nose. James could hear the sound of it breaking and the other vampire wheeling back. He looked back at Spike who tossed him a stake. James was happy when he caught it with one hand. He drove the stake deep into the vampire’s heart and watched it turn to dust. He turned around and awaited his sire’s evaluation of the fight.

Spike looked him over, “It was sloppy. Extremely sloppy.”

“But good for your first time,” Xander added. “I didn’t stake my first one. You did good, brother!”

James grinned, “Yeah? So, I get to stay?”

“Yeah, you get to stay. Training starts tomorrow,” Spike said a bit exasperated that Xander completely undermined him.

“I’ll make…” Xander started to say but his words turned into a growl. “What the fuck? Why is she here?”

“This one isn’t as much of a threat as the others were,” Spike said completely unworried.

“We can’t take her on with James here. He’s too new. She could totally stake him.”

“Hey, standing right here. Who’s she? Who are we worried about?”

“The slayer,” Spike growled.

It felt like someone had dropped a cold ice cube down his back. His first instinct was to run. His next instinct was to wait for his sire’s instructions before running.

“We have to get him out of here, but we can’t risk leading her home,” Xander said. It was obvious to James that something dangerous was going on, and it wasn’t a new situation for Xander and Spike.

“Alright, alright. Let’s take care of your sweet little brother.”

James scowled at Spike but he didn’t see as he was already jumping up a nearby fire escape climbing towards the roof. James looked at the fire escape and knew he’d never make it at his current skill level.

“I’ll jump up and lower the ladder for you. That okay?”

He looked at Xander and was truly grateful, “Yeah, that would be great. Thank you.”

He watched as Xander jumped up with ease and gave him a small wave before lowering the ladder for James to climb up. “Come on, brother,” he said, pulling the ladder back up. “Spike will wait, but he always gets so moody when he has to.”

James followed his “brother” to the roof. Spike was waiting there, just like Xander said. Spike cocked his head to the side in a ‘what took you long’ gesture. He indicated that they should follow, then jumped to the roof of the adjacent building. James sighed; this was going to be a long night.

Spike lit a cigarette and leaned against the wall to watch his Childer. Xander was lying next to James, stroking his hair. He was in a sound sleep on the floor in the warehouse they had found to hide in for the night. Spike was proud of his new Childe. Even though he had a lot to learn, he learned quickly. The demon inside him was fierce and added fight to his already resistant personality. There was no doubt in his mind that James would become a master someday, even though he didn’t want that day to come. He looked at his other Childe. Xander’s demon was naturally submissive, coupled with Xander’s caring nature; it was hard to believe that something fierce and deadly lurked beneath. Spike was glad that Xander was his Childe and so willing to please him without fight. Spike didn’t know what he’d do if ever had to fight with the creature hiding inside Xander.

Spike took one last drag of his cigarette before dropping it onto the ground and stubbing it out. He took off his duster and folded it carefully. Sitting down against the wall he unlaced his boots, pulled them off and sat them neatly on his coat. He continued to watch his Childer with a smile on his face. He was quite satisfied with his lot in unlife. At this moment only one thing niggled at him. Since James had joined them, Spike had missed that quiet time with Xander. He had been feeling a strong need to reconnect with his treasured Childe. Spike got up and stood behind Xander. The other vampire hadn’t noticed his presence, so, unseen; he knelt down behind Xander and kissed his neck.

Xander purred when he felt familiar cold lips touch him. Spike took Xander’s hand, coaxing him away from the sleeping vampire and into a loft above them. At the top of the stairs Spike paused to open the door, Xander pressed at his back, arms wrapped around his waist. Turning in his arms, Spike took hold of Xander’s head and kissed him. A long, slow deep kiss that spoke of love and promises.

“I still love you the most,” Xander whispered against Spike’s lips.

“Show me.”

Spike reached into his pocket and pulled out a small tube of lube and put into Xander’s hand. Xander smiled in wonder. This was a rare treat; his Sire was allowing him to top. With this one single act, Xander could show Spike exactly how much he loved him. Xander was determined to make this just as special for his Sire. He fell to his knees and brought Spike’s hands to his lips. Pressing a kiss to the palm of each he whispered his thanks. Spike pulled his beautiful Childe to his feet, kissing his forehead.

Xander held tight to Spike’s hands, but pulled back and looked around the room they were in. Dark, but no problem for them. Sparsely furnished too, but, there! At the far end of the room, covered in a plastic sheet, was what he had been seeking. Pulling gently on Spike’s hands, Xander led him to the long, low couch yanking the cover off.

Xander tossed the tube onto the floor beside the couch then gave his full attention to his cherished Sire. Spike was handing over all control to Xander. It was an extraordinary experience for Xander, he would make the most of this time they had alone together.

Xander reached his hands out to lightly hold Spike’s waist. He slid his fingers gently under the edge of Spike’s shirt and let his hands rest against the muscular sides. Slowly Xander slid his hands up, pulling the shirt higher and higher. Spike lifted his arms and Xander peeled the shirt from his Sire’s body. Dropping the shirt on the floor; Xander stepped closer and undid the button on Spike’s jeans, he held Spike’s gaze steady and slowly lowered the zipper, lightly brushing his fingertips over Spike’s erection as it was exposed little by little. Xander slid his hands inside and, working from front to back around his Sire’s body, loosened and lowered the pants to the floor. Xander dropped to his knees, following the paths of the jeans, blowing a cool breath over Spike’s groin. He heard his Sire taking an unneeded breath and instantly knew the effect he was having. He stood, quickly stripping his own clothes away.

Xander ran his hands along Spike's arms from shoulder to wrist finally entwining his fingers with Spike’s.

Walking Spike backwards, Xander gently lowered his Sire to the couch, laying himself full length along Spike’s body. Letting go Spike’s hands and using his own to brace himself, Xander laid his lips against Spike’s collarbone, he pressed with the lightest touch, then shifted to the long white column of throat above. Placing tiny, feather light kisses up to the jaw, Xander felt Spike’s body trembling against his. He worked his lips up over the jaw to the full bottom lip, stopping to lick and suck gently before pressing his mouth to Spike’s in a soft kiss.

Xander tried to hold his body slightly away from Spike’s, wanting to reduce the pressure against their stiffening cocks. As he pulled his groin back, he moved his hips in small circles, creating a tickling touch over both of them. Spike gasped and moaned at the teasingly light strokes of Xander’s cock over his. Xander responded to Spike’s questing tongue by deepening the kiss. His hips moved in an easy motion that he mirrored with his tongue in Spike’s mouth.

Xander felt Spike’s hands at his back trying to pull him closer but he resisted the pressure. He had been given permission to take control and he would not give it up so soon. Xander shifted on of his arms sliding a hand over Spike’s chest to a small hard nipple. He clasped it between finger and thumb, pulling and rolling. His hand scraped lightly across Spike’s chest as his fingers sought out the other nub to give equal attention.

Xander increased the strength of his kiss and Spike thrust his hips up to meet his Childe’s. He ground slowly against him for a moment while reaching for the small tube that lay nearby. Turning Spike onto his side and positioning himself behind, Xander squeezed a large amount of the slick into Spike’s palm. Taking hold of Spike’s wrist, Xander guided his hand down behind Spike’s balls and pressed it against his opening. Xander moved his hand away, hooking and lifting Spike’s leg, easing access for both of them. Xander leaned forward and watched as his Sire prepared himself, rubbing his own hard length rhythmically along Spike’s cleft.

Spike panted as his fingers worked, stretching, widening, sliding in and out to ready himself for Xander. Spike’s other hand came up to rub against his own hard cock Xander’s breath came faster and harder as he took in the erotic sight of his Sire pleasuring himself. Lost in sensation, Spike twisted his head to the side, allowing Xander access to his throat. Xander froze in awe as his sire bared himself in this submissive fashion. He felt an instant rush of urgent passion and tried to calm himself. He pressed his lips to Spike’s cheek and waited a moment until he had regained control. Spike, too, stopped and lay still under him. When Xander could continue, he kissed his way down to the soft hollow between Spike’s throat and shoulder. He licked at the skin, tasting his Sire’s unique essence. Shifting to his demon’s face he allowed his sharp teeth to rest lightly against Spike’s skin. He moved one hand to Spike’s mouth, rubbing his wrist over the long, sensitive incisors he found there. As his own teeth sank into slowly Spike’s throat he felt Spike bite into his arm. At the same time Xander positioned himself at Spike’s hole and sunk in with one smooth stroke. Both vampires groaned and bit down harder.

He felt a violent tremor through Spike echo in his own body as he penetrated his Sire every way he was able. Sinking his teeth in slow and deep, he matched it with an unhurried pace sliding in as far as he could and pulling back and almost out of Spike. Intense feeling brought about by the blood and sensuous, gentle movements, clouded his sense. He continued his lazy assault on his Sire, until he felt the punctures and his wrist and Spike’s throat begin to close. Withdrawing his teeth, feeling Spike do the same, he repositioned himself between Spike’s legs, wrapping them around his waist.

Xander increased his paced, his deep brown eyes met the passion filled blue below him. His body rose and fell, his and Spike’s breath coming is short sharp pants; every now and then their lips met briefly but then they pulled away to lock eyes again. Sire and Childe saw equal measures of passion and love reflected back at them. Xander plunged deep into a writhing Spike, drawing whimpering gasps and overlaying them with his own mindless sounds. Xander reached in and lay one hand between himself and Spike’s throbbing length. He let the motion of their bodies increase the pressure on the sensitive head of Spike’s cock, drawing tortured breaths from him.

As one, the vampires tensed, arched, slammed their mouths together and howled their completion. Xander pulsed his cold seed deep inside his Sire and felt Spike jerking and convulsing as his streams of come spilled between them. Spike’s channel clenched, loosened, clenched, drawing every last drop from his Childe. Xander collapsed on Spike, wrapping his arms around the slim shoulders, holding his adored Sire to his chest. Both lay still as their bodies calmed and their breathing gradually slowed down to nothing. Xander raised his head and gazed down at Spike.

Xander languorously raised his head and gazed down at Spike. “Thank you, Sire.”

“You are a glorious Childe, I couldn’t be more proud of you.” Spike smiled, pulling Xander into a deep demanding kiss, biting into Xander’s lips to show his pleasure and re-establish dominance.

Xander slid out of his Sire's body. “We should go back down to brother,” Xander said with a hint of contented purring. “We don’t want him to be worried if he wakes up and we’re not there.”

Spike groaned his reluctance to move. “Later, pet. He'll be ok, if he wakes, he'll smell that we're still here. Right now, I want to kiss every part of your beautiful body."

Xander laughed softly, "I love you, Sire."
20th-Apr-2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
i adore this series, keep up the good work
20th-Apr-2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
:D Thank you Thank you Thank you! This series is really fun to write so I hope we keep it going for awhile.
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