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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

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6 am Saturday morning
Xander Harris has been dead for 7 hours.

The short, piercing scream brought Buffy instantly awake.
It was the second time in the last few hours that she had heard
that same sound and knew instantly that it meant the worst.

Leaping off the sofa, she dashed toward the small wooden basement
door, shouting for her Watcher as she passed the stairway.

Without waiting for a response from the older man, she tore down into
the darkness and was horrified at what she saw. With one hand around
her throat, the disgusting demon that used to be her dear friend, held
Willow several inches off the floor, shaking her like a rag doll.

Buffy could see that, still alive, Willow was rapidly losing strength and
Her struggling was slowed and sluggish, her eyes rolled back.

"Drop her, you fucking monster. Let her go!"

The yellow eyes snapped in Buffy's direction and even his new inexperienced
demon recognized the threat of a slayer. Tossing her to the side, Xander
gave no more thought to his victim as Willow's body slammed into the
wall of bottles, knocking several to the floor in a crashing mess of glass
and expensive wine.

When she hit, she felt the wave of nausea flow from the bones that snapped in
her arm and ribs. She rolled to her side and curled up, gasping for breath and
trying her best to disappear.

Xander immediately dropped to a crouch. Snarling and backing away like an
animal trapped in a cage with no escape. It wasn't fear that drove him backward,
rather a strategy, a positioning and preparing for the attack that was sure
to come.

Buffy couldn't catch her breath. Indecision made her pause.
Was this Xander? Could he be reasoned with? Was there a chance?

It was in that one moment of weakness, of hesitation that Xander smelled
the scent in her change and he knew it was the time to attack.
With a speed and agility that her old friend had never possessed, Xander
flew at her, his eyes flashed in the dark and his claws lunged for her
throat. The high pitched yowl that pierced the air turned the women's blood
to ice water.

With his lips stretched back and his fangs snapping towards her neck, Buffy's
slayer instincts kicked in and she landed a solid punch to the side of his head,
knocking him back and off balance.

Just as he leaped back to his feet, Giles appeared at the top of the steps.

Giles turned and ran back toward the library and his stash of weapons.


Spike woke up suddenly. He found himself lying in the graveyard
next to the small fenced in area of horse thieves and cattle rustlers.
He was outside his old crypt and the scene of the crime.
It was the place where this bizarre week had begun.

Leaping to his feet, he was driven by several urgencies.
His body could feel the uncomfortable stinging of a thousand fire ants
that signaled the coming dawn and more importantly, his memories
that crashed and spun together told him that he needed to get to Xander.

Like oil and water poured together in a clear bucket, his recollections of
both lives, rolled around together inside his head. Together, yet separate,
it was confusing and amazingly simple all at the same time.

He knew one thing for certain, his stupid, careless wish for adventure
and purpose to his life had definitely been answered.
The universe had a one hell of a sense of humor.

But now he was back. His then and his now were again one person
and both hims had only one driving purpose. Reach his claimed, his
childe, before Buffy did.

Down the access road and straight to the main street, he dashed left,
barely avoiding being hit by the VW who blasted his horn and slammed on
it's brakes.

Feeling the coming dawn, Spike pulled his duster up to cover his head
as it sent a sharp, burning warning climbing up his spine. He knew
like Saul's wife, if he were to look back, he too would be turned to a
pillar of salt, or in this case, a pile of ash.

Just as he was beginning to doubt his ability to make it in time, his feet hit
the small brick courtyard of Gile's back yard and he sprinted for the door,
crossing the threshold just as the first rays of the golden light exploded over
the eastern most edge of the horizon.

"Giles, Goddamn it, where the hell is that fucking stake?"
Buffy was quickly becoming overwhelmed. For a newly risen fledge,
Xander was proving to be a strong, formidable opponent.

He had caught her off guard with a head butt and two rapid punches
to the face and head. This time she had come back without hesitation,
kicking him in the stomach and slamming her fist into his mouth slicing
her hand open on his sharp fangs.

She was doing her best to buy time till the Watcher returned with the
piece of wood Xander himself had lovingly carved for her on her last
birthday. Neither of them could have imagined that Mr. Pointy would
have been used on it's creator.

Adding to the chaos and confusion was Willow who cried and shouted
from her corner.
"No, Buffy, don't hurt him. It's Xander. Don't hurt Xander."

Giles voice directly behind her flooded her with relief as her hand shot up
to catch the weapon he threw her way.

The second her fingers closed around the piece of life saving wood, the
door at the top of the stairs exploded sending splinters flying, raining down
around them.

Light from the upper level of the house served as back ground, glowing
and illuminating the figure that burst into their line of sight.
Leaping from the top step, the black coat billowed out like wings
as the cloud of smoldering smoke from the rising sun gave the vampire
the very impression of the oft described 'bat out of hell'.

Landing with a solid 'thud' at the bottom, he spun a round house kick
that planted a boot soundly into Buffy's chest, knocking the stake from her
hand and sending her tumbling over the small, low wooden, butcher block table.
Slamming head first into the same rack of bottles that Willow had bounced off of,
Buffy hit the floor beside her friend and instantly scrambled back to her feet.

Spinning on around from his kick, Spike immediately latched on to the snarling,
spitting, clawing fledge and shoved him back against the far wall, pinning him
there by his wrists.

Pandemonium reigned as everyone shouted at once. Buffy had retrieved her
stake and shouted orders, frustrated that no one would obey.

"Get back. Damn it Spike, let him go. I have to stake him! It's not Xander
Willow sobbed, dragging her damaged body across the floor.
"No, Buffy, don't hurt him, please."

Spike's voice boomed through with the most authority.
"Stop it, Fuck you, Slayer, get away from him. I can fix him, Get out!
All of you, get out! I can fuckin' fix him!"

Buffy stood frozen, her arm high in the air, the stake aimed to pierce
both vampires' hearts. The Slayer in her screamed "DO IT! DO IT!"
Her heart said, wait.

She looked at Spike who was still standing with his body flattening that
of the wild, feral, vampire that wanted nothing more than to butcher and
rend the lot of them.

"Please, Buffy, let Spike try."
Buffy's eyes darted over to the red head who had pulled herself to her
feet and was now begging for the life of their friend.
Buffy's heart pounded in her chest and her breath came in shallow gasps.
She desperatly wished she knew what to do.

Her arm lowered and she looked again at Spike.
She wanted to believe him, but was it possible? Could Xander still
be saved?

Suddenly just as she was about to give in and do as he ask, she saw
something else. Something in his blue eyes that turned her blood to
ice and dropped her stomach to her feet.


With a blood curdling scream, and a renewed fury, Buffy again raised her
arm and lunged the stake forward. Spike immediately covered the childe's
body with his own praying the stake wasn't long enough to pass through
his body and touch Xander's.

At the last second, before the wooden stake could find it's mark,
a heavy bottle of vintage wine, a 1951 burgundy, crashed down on
the top of Buffy's head, sending her tumbling to the floor.

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