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Caught - Part 3

Title: Caught
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 18
Summary: Spike wants Xander for a pet, Xander has other ideas
- none of this has been beta'd

Spike led Xander over to the wall and moved one of the tapestries aside to reveal a door.
He pressed the door in a particular spot and it opened into a large dressing room with cupboards and shelves as well as rows of hanging clothes. Spike went to one of the drawers and removed a black silk scarf.
“Wow Spike, sneaky secret room, cool!”
“Gonna tie this round yer eyes pet kay?” Spike wrapped the scarf around Xander’s eyes tying it at the back. He raised his hand and made as if to punch Xander to test his blindfold – he didn’t move.
Spike stepped back to openly admire him, he wanted to take him so bloody much, make him his own, do unspeakably erotic things to him, make him scream his name, or even better make him scream Master! Fuck it, he’d cream his pants in a minute if he wasn’t careful.
“Are you staring at me?”
“Yes luv. I am.”
“Is there something wrong?”
“No love, you just look like a Dom’s wet dream is all.”
“Are you a Dom Spike?”
“Yeah pet I am, trouble is I think you might be a bit of one too. Come on let’s get ya some fresh air.”

Spike took his hand and led him out of the closet, thru the bedroom and out the door.
“Careful pet, steps up here – 10 of em.”
Xander hesitantly found the steps and mounted them counting each one, they walked along for a bit, then thru another door which Xander heard Spike close behind him, walking a little further and then he felt a waft of cool air on his face.
The sound of another door opening and then he knew immediately he stepped outside. The sounds of the night and the breeze blowing across his skin, the smell of the great outdoors. It didn’t smell of the city, he couldn’t smell the sea but he’d swear he could hear water; it was quiet, the only sound was that of the wind in the trees, peaceful and a little on the cool side. Xander shivered.
“You cold pet?”
“Yeah, bit breezy around the nethers, and I’m getting goose bumps!”
“Should a though on pet, here, know it’s not big enough but take m’shirt” and Spike whipped his shirt off, he was always cold, a bit of a breeze wouldn’t make much difference to him but he didn’t want Xander getting a chill.
“Can I take the blindfold off now we’re outside?”
“Sorry pet, yeah, here – let me” Spike loosened the scarf which fell across Xander’s shoulders, he made a grab for the proffered shirt and stuck his arms into the sleeves. It was a little on the small side but it was warmer than bare skin.

Xander looked around, turning a full circle taking in the scene.
“Where are we?”
“Middle of nowhere pet, doesn’t matter, you can’t get away, we are literally miles from anywhere.”
“Are we still in California?”
“What do you think pet?”
“I don’t think we’re still in the same country never mind the same state! Mind you, never really been out of California, so wouldn’t honesty know. It would be nice to find out where I am tho.”
They stood in front of an old ruin facing a lake with pine trees lining the bank, old cones scattered around their feet.
The moon was full and shining on the water, the wind ruffling the reeds and there was the smell of pine resin in the air.
It was beautiful.
But Xander couldn’t see where the house was; he turned to look back at the ruin. It really did look old, like hundreds of years; moss had grown over some of the old stones lying around.
The moon was so bright it was almost daylight, Xander turned again and Spike came into his line of vision. He looked ethereal in the moonlight, pale torso and halo of platinum hair, he made Xander feel lumpy, clumsy and out of place in this beautiful spot.

Xander thought he could easily stay here and be happy with Spike, he was attracted to him, god, always had been, he’d never be bored, he would enjoy being cared for by him, he’d definitely enjoy the sex and he’d probably grow to love him.
He could be very loveable, he had been most of today, apart from the argument they had, which – well, Xander sighed, best forget it or he’d get cross again.
But, there was always a ‘but’, he would never be his slave.
Spike had taken him against his will, kidnapped him just because he wanted him, no thought as to what Xander wanted, just see it, want it, have it.
He was a person, he was sentient, he had rights and he would not just give in to Spike.
He wouldn’t be a pet, he could admit to himself that it was appealing to be cared for, but not to have the right to decide for instance if he had a shower or a bath it just wasn’t on. he would not have his free will taken away from him.
If Spike wanted him it would be an equal partnership, or as equal as it could be with one half being a vampire. He was intrigued by the life of a pet, what he did, what he was expected to do and was keen to learn more from Spike. But he was adamant that he would not be a pet.

Spike could tell Xander was thinking hard abut something, and he could pretty well imagine what it was.
The boy looked absurd in his shirt with his arse hanging out. But as he stood watching him he realised that he didn’t want to be without Xander. He was a stubborn sod, but Spike felt sure that he could change his way of thinking. Xander was already softening, asking him all about being a pet so Spike was quietly confident, but still early days yet.

“Why did you kidnap me? Why didn’t you – for want of a better phrase – court me?”
“Could you see me calllin round for ya, knocking on the door askin for a date? With your friends? With my reputation? I don’t think so luv. Sides, you’d a laughed in me face and I wouldn’t have liked that. So I took things into me own hands, and here you are, in my shirt bare arsed in the romantic moonlight!”
“Yeah, ‘spect you’re right, but if we’d have got closer, gone out playin pool or for a beer who knows how things would have developed?”
“They wouldn’t have let it get anywhere and you know it. You know she could never stand to see me and you getting along, and the witch always wanted to keep you to herself, so it was doomed from the start luv.”
“But Will isn’t like that; she’d want me to be happy.”
”On her terms pet. Women can be a bit funny sometimes, ya usually know where y’are with a bloke.”

“Why don’t you say her name?”
“Don’t like the nasty taste it leaves pet. Even thinking bout her gives me the willies!”
“You wanted her once, like you want me now, how do I know your feelings for me won’t go the same way as they have for her?”
“You luv are completely different. You’re not self centred, and you’re not a spiteful bitch either! Plus, if I was being totally honest, I even think you like me whereas I know for a face she hated me.”
“She happens to be my friend.”
“I know luv. Another reason I took ya, like I said, she never liked us getting along.”
“Do you feel the cold?”
“Ya don’t half jump about pet, bet that mind of yours is an interesting place to be! I don’t feel it I spose, but then I’m always cold, I like to be warm, hence the big fire, which I wouldn’t mind going back to. How bout you luv? Seen enough, had ya blast of fresh air?”
“Yeah. Can I come out again?”
“Sure thing pet, here let me put the blindfold back.”
Xander allowed Spike to tie the scarf back in place and prepared himself to be led back to wherever it was they came from.
It was a slight mystery and one he would give some thought to a little later. There was something sticking in his craw and he was going to tell Spike as soon as they got back to the room.
Spike guided him carefully back down and once there, door shut, Spike took the chain off Xander and then the blindfold. Xander walked over to the sofa and sat in front of the fire looking into the flames. Spike came to join him.

“Spike. You know I asked you if I could go outside again?”
“Yeah luv an I said ya could.”
“Well the thing is, I shouldn’t have to ask. I should be able to go out for a bit of fresh air whenever I want without asking or you thinking it was time I got some air. Slavery Spike, and I won’t be a party to it. Just wanted you to know where I stood.”
Bollocks. Obdurate little sod, knew it was to bloody good to be true, going so well for at least a couple of hours thought Spike.
“Just lookin after ya luv, want ta keep ya safe.”
“Well I might not want to be safe – what’s gonna hurt me standing out by the lake?”
“Might be bears, plus if it was daylight I couldn’t protect you.”
“I’m not a child.”
“An I’m not arguing. Pet’s only speak when their Master’s allow it.”
“And here was me thinking that it wasn’t too bad a life – scratch that! Why? Why do you need such control? I really don’t understand it. Explain it to me.”
“It’s difficult to explain luv - to someone who’s not a vampire.”
“Probably because to any normal person it’s just a whole world of wrong.”
“No luv, it’s not wrong at all!”
“Tell you what Spike, Ill be your pet – tomorrow, you teach me what to do today and we’ll go for it tomorrow.”
”So where’s the catch pet?”
“I’ll tell you tomorrow after I’ve been a god pet for the day – deal? And I won’t ask you to let me go, well not tomorrow anyway. What do you say? Teach me the basic’s and tomorrow you get your very own pet for a day.”

“So, you gonna give me a crash course?”
“My pleasure luv!”
“Where do we start then?”
“First off pet, you don’t speak to me unless I give you permission, if you need to ask something, tap my knee, don’t look directly at me and keep your eyes down all the time. When I tell you to do something you do it straight away, whatever I ask. I’ll show you the most common positions you’ll need to know, you’ll be doing a whole lot of kneeling. If you need to go to piss just tap me, kay?”
“I said no speaking unless I say you can.”
“Having a lesson here Spike! Gimmie a break.”
Already Xander didn’t like it. The eating bit was hot but having to not speak and be on you knees all day was not gonna be any fun, and how the fuck could this make you feel desirable?

Spike showed him how to sit and kneel properly at his master’s feet, how to adopt the submissive posture, how to walk properly, he told him too that if he displeased his Master he had the right to punish him in any way he saw fit.
A couple of hours passed and it was all becoming a little bit hazy for Xander. It was a lot to take in, it was also something that he found highly distasteful and it made him all the more unwavering in his belief that it was completely wrong.
He tapped Spike on the knee.
“Yes pet?”
My knees hurt and I’m gonna get off them, plus I want something to drink and eat and I need a piss and we are not supposed to be starting this until tomorrow!”
“I’ll go and see what the chef’s got for ya dinner then luv, might be a while, so why not chill for a bit eh pet?”
“Can’t even read my god damned book while you’re gone. Can I have a shower?”
“No luv. Got my reasons and I’ll tell ya after we’ve had a bit to eat. Don’t get mad, y’know I won’t stop ya from washin, got a sensitive nose ain’t I?”

Spike left Xander to his own devices as he went to see what ‘chef’ could rustle up for his pet’s lunch.
He still wanted to feed him so finger food would be best. He had some chicken, he decided to cook a couple of breasts cut into strips, make a quick couple of dips, a blue cheese and a soured cream and chive one plus cook some potatoes cut into wedges, spud’s should only take about 45 minutes and the chicken was quick to cook.
He still had some cheesecake left and he’d give Xander another glass of wine as well as a nice cold glass of spring water with some lemon in, good for the constitution.

Xander brooded whilst Spike was away.
He’d like to snoop in that closet behind the tapestry but his hands were still in the bloody mitts, he might not ask for them to come off, cause Spike’d have to take em off tomorrow otherwise he’d not be able to perform his ‘duties’ properly.
He went over and moved the tapestry aside pushing on the door in the same place Spike had.
It opened and he went inside.
There were a few mirrors in here too which he wouldn’t have thought Spike needed, he ran his mitted hand over the clothes hanging up and stopped to look at them properly.
There were the three pairs of chaps in different colours Spike had mentioned, there was also a couple of pairs of, he assumed, latex pants too, some more leather trousers which appeared to be ‘whole’, there were shirts in every hue that went with his colouring, even boots and sneakers in his size. Hey, he remembered Spike saying that pets went barefoot all the time so what the? Spike obviously planned on him being here a long time.
He wanted to look in the drawers but couldn’t manage to open them, he especially wanted to see where Spike kept all his sex toys too.
He was a bit of an innocent when it came to that sort of thing so he was quite fascinated.
Well, he might get a chance after the next two days, if he could actually get thru tomorrow without busting a gut! Damn but it wouldn’t be easy.

He decided that he’d try and get the top drawer opened and put each mitted hand to the sides of it and kind of jiggled and pulled, and hey whaddaya know it came open an inch or so. He did more jiggling and it started to open enough so that he could see inside.
What he saw made him tug it open impatiently.
Spike’s stash of kinky sexy things.
He wanted to pick them up and examine them but couldn’t.
There were dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, some whips and paddles, yep he knew what they were for, something that looked like crocodile clips which he decided he didn’t want on any bit of his anatomy, cuffs - metal and leather, he spotted what he thought was a gag and something he assumed was a blind fold, it looked like the thing his mom wore when she went to bed, no sexy connotations there then!
There were tubes of lube in every flavour he could think of, lots of chocolate flavour he noticed.
He wanted to pick up and touch the plugs and dildos, some of the plugs were metal, some looked like see thru perpsex or possibly glass, without touching he couldn’t tell.
He was getting horny just thinking about them. He enjoyed the feeling of what he had inside him currently, it had given him a lot of pleasure when he jerked off before and if an expert like Spike used it on him he was sure the effect would be doubled.

He heard Spike clear his throat behind him.
“Found summat interesting luv?”
Xander blushed, caught red-handed.
Spike could smell the lusty aroma coming off him in waves which in turn made him just wanna….. he had to fuck his pet soon otherwise he’d explode with the build up!

“I, er, was curious. I’m a bit of a novice with stuff like this, so, well – y’know?” he finished blushing deeper.
“S’OK luv, everybody has to start somewhere, I’ll happily show you em and how to use em after you’ve had your lunch, alright?”
“Oh I just bet you’d be happy to show me!”
“Wanna use every single one of em on ya luv, show ya what real pleasure is!” Spike told him with a very heated gaze, but still a small smile playing around his mouth.
“Yeah, well, did you mention food?”
“C’mon luv and get yer grub. Seems I’ve got ta feed you again tho, you OK with that?”
“Yeah, when you’re hungry enough you don’t really mind how the food comes!”
Xander sat on one of the sofa’s, his mouth watering at the sight of the chicken and dips.
“Spuds are a bit on the hot side yet, so how bout a bit of chicken – blue cheese or sour cream n chives?”
“Blue cheese, lots!”
Spike too a strip of chicken and loaded it with the dip and offered it to Xander who practically took his fingers off!
No hot lip licking or finger sucking for him this time then!

Xander got half way thru his food and had had enough.

“Spike, will you take the mitts off?”
“Thought you might ask for that luv. Come on then gimmie yer hands.” He unfastened the mitts and Xander luxuriated in being able to flex and wiggle his fingers.
“That is such a relief. Y’don’t realise how much you use em do you until you can’t?”
“You wanna finish off then?”
Xander stood and stretched, his cock about Spike’s eye level. Spike was transfixed, but just as suddenly as he’d stood, Xander, instead of sitting back down, knelt on the floor between Spike’s legs.
“Feed me.” He said looking directly at Spike, no hint of submission in his eyes.
Spike picked up a potato wedge and dipped it in the soured cream offering it to Xander who delicately stuck out his tongue and licked all the cream off the wedge then proceeded to take it and Spike’s fingers into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the food and fingers. He withdrew from the digits biting at the morsel of food keeping it in his mouth. Spike picked up some chicken and dipped it holding it out to Xander. He again made a sensual feast out of eating, Spike couldn’t tear his eyes away, and all too soon the food had gone. The cheesecake was the only thing left.
“I think I’ll enjoy this myself if you don’t mind Spike. Tonight if you can get some I’d like strawberries, mango and banana with some cream for dessert – is that OK?”
Spike nodded.

“Was I good?” Xander asked knowing only too well that he had affected Spike with his teasing.
Spike grabbed Xander by the shoulder’s pulling him up so they were face to face.
“Shouldn’t tease me luv, can’t take a lot of it – don’t wanna hurt you and I might if you push too far” and with that confession he pulled Xander to him kissing him hard, forcing his tongue into Xander’s mouth, fucking it, owning him.
He pulled away gasping.
“Want you so bad pet – just don’t push, might not be able to stop meself.”

Xander was in shock, he’d never expected that, god it was so hot! He’d never had a guy kiss him like that before, and if that was what it was like, strong and hard and demanding, well he wanted more. He didn’t want Spike to fuck him tho cause that would make him think he agreed with the pet thing.
No matter how hard it was, and it was getting quite hard he thought looking down at his crotch, it was equal terms or not at all.
He wondered what sex with Spike would be like.
He’d thought about it, well not Spike, or any other guy in particular, definite thoughts and occasional actions with his right hand thought, but he’d never had the confidence to actually do anything about it.
And now here he was with Spike, and Spike wanted him.
A lot it would seem.

“Promise not to tease, well, I’ll try not to. Thanks for taking the mitts off. I wanted to see what it felt like. You feeding me but with me being able to if I could, like you said. It was – empowering, yeah that’s the word. Another word is ‘hot’! You kinda have the control don’t you?”
“You got it pet, with the right training you could be a perfect tease, make me go all weak at the knees with just a look.”

“If you want something to train get a dog Spike. Or, now here’s a quirky thought, you could teach me stuff, how about having a willing pupil instead of a trained monkey?”
“Sarcasm doesn’t suit ya pet. Trainin’s another word for teachin.”
“No it isn’t. When you train something it’s usually cause it hasn’t even thought that it wants to learn how to do something, it doesn’t have a thirst for knowledge, or the capacity for independent thought and therefore won’t go out and learn things of it’s own volition.”
Spike looked in surprise at Xander.
Boy had thought this through.
Spike was beginning to have a nagging doubt in the back of his mind that maybe – nah! He’d let Xander do the pet thing tomorrow, that would surely change his mind.
“And another thing – I will not have sex with you. All the other subservient shit I’ll do, but no sex.”
“Luv, you’ve just taken all the fun out of it now!”

“So, saying that, all you really want is a whore to fuck whenever you please and who will do whatever you want sexually, waiting to please at your every whim?”
“No luv, there’s much more to it than that, you’re makin’ it sound very unsavoury and it really isn’t.”
“I am so not convinced Spike. Look, my dessert’s getting lonely, I think I should put it out of it’s misery and eat it!”

Once again Xander had completely gone off topic, it baffled Spike how he could switch from one thing to another so quickly, boy must have a jumpin’ bean for a brain! He watched Xander wolf down the cake and polish off the wine. He drank some of the water and then looked for a napkin to wipe his face, which made Spike smile a little.
Now he’d eaten, Xander wanted to do something, he was fed up with his confinement, there was no TV so he couldn’t veg out, it’d be rude to sit and read his book with Spike here, he didn’t particularly want to get into an argument again over the pros and cons of being a pet.
He stood, wandered around the room and decided to go into the closet for a further rummage.

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