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5 Days More

TITLE: 5 Days More
RATING: Adult entertainment due to m/m sexual activity
and language.
DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction. Conceived in the warped
hive of the BmblBee. She owns none of the
characters or products named and makes no money
from their use.
WARNINGS: Character death. Boys playing with boys.
Vampire/ human contact.

SUMMARY: Xander Harris is dead. Drained by a vampire in
the Longview Cemetery. When his body is discovered
his friends realize that no one has seen or heard from him
in the last five days. Willow comes up with a spell to send
someone back in time to find out how he ended up there
and possibly save his life. Spike is reluctantly recruited.

Thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banner and patient preread.

6:05 am Saturday morning
Xander Harris has been dead for 7 hours.

Spike braced himself. When the expected blow didn't come, he
glanced back over his shoulder in time to see Giles toss Buffy's
unconscious body over his shoulder. The older man then wrapped
his other arm around Willow's waist to give her support.

"I've read the Watcher's journal, Spike. I know what you need
to do, but I warn you, if it doesn't work, well, I can't allow the
boy to be out in the world the way he is."

Spike nodded his understanding and gratitude to the Watcher.
The three of them stumbled up the stairs, Willow taking one look back,
"Guess I can tell Buffy we're off the hook on those blow jobs."
and at last, Spike and his childe were alone.

Turning his attention back to the screeching, snarling creature, Spike
stared into the wild, feral eyes of a demon and his heart swelled with
pride. He saw the haze, the milky white film that coated the pupils
of the eyes and he smiled.

"Oh, yes, you are in there, aren't you boy?"
He chuckled as his only answer was the snapping of fangs in the
direction of his throat. Knowing they had no time to waste, Spike
slipped into game face and in a flash, sunk his fangs into the childe's
claiming wounds.

Immediately Xander stilled. His eyes grew big as the feeling of possession
flushed through him. He was owned. It shocked and amazed him. It touched
the outside of the yearning need that filled him. He whimpered his hunger and
confusion then waited to see what would happen next.

Retracting his fangs, Spike caressed the cheek of the wary young vampire.
"Are you hungry, childe? You need your sire's blood don't you?"
Xander's distress and high pitched whine rose another key and Spike
kept his voice low to comfort him. Maintaining eye contact to establish
his dominance, Spike tilted his head to the side.

"Bite childe. Drink of your sire's blood."

Xander may not have understood the words but the intent was clear and
he lurched, sinking his teeth crudely and sloppily into his master's throat.
Spike flinched in pain as his clumsy childe tore and ripped the skin.

After several swallows, Spike grabbed the back of Xander's head by the
hair and jerked him off. Pouting, Xander huffed as he continued to lick
the mess of blood off his lips and cheeks.

"Tsk tsk. Look at what a little piggy you are. What a sloppy childe."
Spike laughed at Xander's scowl. The boy knew he was being chastised
and he didn't like it. A low growl rumbled in the childe's chest.

The blood had gone a long way to calming him down but it wasn't what
would bring him round. It wasn't what would consummate the bond and
solidify the connection between them.

Reaching out, Spike pressed his hand against a raging hard on that
Xander wasn't even aware that he had. When the zing of the touch
squiggled in his balls and cock, Xander automatically began pawing at
his crotch seeking relief.

"You want somethin'? You want your sire to fuck you? You want your
master to show you what you need?"
Spike tossed his duster to the side and kicked off his boots as he spoke.
Xander watched, slack jawed while Spike went on to strip off his shirt and
pants. When he was naked, Xander extended his hand cautiously.
With one finger he poked Spike's hard erect cock and was delighted
when it bounced back.

"Enough play, boy. We got no time."
Spike grabbed the front of his childe's clothes and tugged.
Xander complied, immediately ripping to shreds the fabric that had, until recently,
been his favorite shirt. Spike was thrilled to see it go. When his childe attempted
to do the same to his trousers, Spike smacked his hands and removed the jeans
himself, leaving them undamaged.

He stood, now naked, in front of the creature he trusted to bring him
relief from the throbbing, aching need that burned inside him.
Though he didn't understand it, his young, new born demon recognized
Spike's claim on him and he waited.

Clamping his hand on the back of his childe's neck, Spike slammed their
lips together in a hungry, devouring kiss that left the young vampire
trying to breath. Fangs clashed against fangs, cutting their lips and
bloodying their mouths.
Xander clutched at his master frantically, craving more.

Finally Spike released him. His eyes blinked, breaking the dominating stare
for just a second, as Spike nearly regretted what he was going to have to do.
"I know you don't understand this Xan, but I have to do it. It's for
you. It's for us. It has to be done with dominance and force."

Xander cocked his head and frowned in confusion. He sniffed Spike's
body seeking understanding. His young demon recognized the older,
more powerful one. Before he had the chance to decide if he should
challenge or rollover, the fist came out of nowhere, slamming into
his face and knocking him off his feet.

Landing flat on his back, Xander bellowed his fury and tried to scramble
back to his feet. Spike pounced. He sat firmly on Xander's hips, squarely
over his cock so that neither man could touch it. Spike could feel it twitch
and try to move under him. He again grabbed Xander's wrists and held him

Throwing his head back, Spike released a blood curdling howl that left
no doubt as to who the king of this jungle was. His head then snapped
down and he glared, his yellow eyes flashing. Xander froze.
Something stirred in his mind, a memory of humanity, then it quickly
slipped away.

When he was sure his boy had stopped fighting, Spike lifted himself and
settled back between Xander's legs. With his hands on the back of
his childe's thighs, he lifted his legs high and wide. Leaning his
face down, he licked behind the boys' balls, sucking each one in his
mouth, and ran his tongue up the underside of Xander's throbbing sex.

Before the boy could react, Spike swallow his childe's cock down to the root.
He took several strong sucking passes on it, scarping his fangs lightly
over the thick, veined skin.

Xander squirmed and wriggled happily. Almost immediately a tingly feeling started
in his balls and cock and he knew whatever was coming was defiantly of the good.
Spike stopped. He released the urgent, fleshy head with a 'pop' and withdrew.

Xander was stunned. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at Spike face, humping and
grunting pitifully. Spike responded with a finger pointed at the young demon's face.
"No! Stay!"

Spike looked down on him sadly. As much pain and blood shed as Spike had caused
and relished over the years, this is one time he regretted it. Unfortunately, it was
necessary. If Xander was to be his, his childe, his companion, and not just a mindless
fledge, he had to be consummated by his sire as soon as he rose.
And it had to be sealed in blood.

Quickly, and before he could give it any more thought, Spike shoved Xander's thighs
back up and indicated he was to hold them. Thinking his owner-demon was again
going to please him, Xander happily complied.

Spike immediately lined his heavy, ready, leaking cock up to Xander's innocent
hole. He again locked eyes with his childe, gave a dominant low growl, and
he shoved, forcing his way inside.

Xander released his legs and yeowled as the shock of pain and burn split through
him. Whatever small shred of human was there screamed and tried to escape.
The demon crowed. The feel of it's sire's cock inside it's body, rubbing, touching
and pounding brought a pleasure so far beyond the sexual need it was satisfying,
that Xander thought he just may die again.

Spike closed his eyes. He couldn't have stopped the movement of his hips
if Buffy herself had been standing there with a crossbow aimed at his heart.
The feel of the tight channel squeezing and flexing around his rock hard
cock was amazing. Slicked with his childe's blood, Spike now understood why
Angelus had taken such pleasure in the young blond's body.

Feeling the familiar ache and draw in his balls, Spike opened his eyes and stared
down into the look of worship and awe in the still filmy, glazed pupils.
Wrapping his fist around Xander's leaking, bouncing cock, Spike began stroking.
Xander's hips jerked forward and his hole pinched.

Spike had strained, holding back, but finally knew it was time. He relaxed his
body and let the orgasm crash through him. When the flood of salty sperm
stung the inner tears painfully, Xander's body responded.
Shooting spurt after spurt of milky cum over Spike's hand and his own
chest and stomach, Xander rode the waves of pleasure, yowling and howling,
till his body was spent.

He laid, flat on his back, eyes closed, unmoving.
Spike stared down, fear and anticipation swam in his stomach like a plate
of spoiled potato salad. Finally, he couldn't stand it any more. He was
sure something had gone wrong, he just knew that he had screwed up again.

"Xan? Love?"

Slowly the deep brown eyes opened and fluttered sleepily. The milky haze,
the cloudy film that had coated them was gone. Now they shone, bright
and clear with love and awareness.

"Spike. You kept me. Am I turned? I don't feel any different."
Xander stared at his hands, both front and back. Neither commented on the
oddity that they were still lying with Spike's cock stuffed up his ass.

Spike blew out the breath he had been holding and relief warmed his cold body.
He chuckled as he carefully slid his softening cock from Xander's sore hole
and leaned down, placing a kiss on his boy's smiling lips.

"Ouch. Damn, Spike. Next time use lube."
"Sorry, love, had to do it like that. Next time it will be a lot easier, promise."

Xander waggled his eyebrows.
"Well, maybe not TOO much easier. Hey! I really must be a vampire.
So, you did it after all. I guess I was afraid you wouldn't."
Spike held him close, covering his face with kisses.

"How could I let any other vampire touch you? You're mine now Xan.
My childe, my companion, my friend, my love."

Xander threw his arms around Spike's neck and pulled him tight.
"My master. My Spike."

Tomorrows chapter is the epilogue. You just knew I wouldn't
leave it like this.

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