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Caught - Part 4

Title: Caught
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 18
Summary: Spike wants Xander for a pet, Xander has other ideas
- none of this is beta’d

Part 4

He’d seen the ‘Sex Drawer’ as he now thought of it but wondered what was in all the other drawers. He opened the second drawer and was surprised to see all kinds of jewellery, chains for necks and wrists, also he thought for ankles in gold and if he was correct white gold too, one he thought was platinum.
It was a heavy chain, a small padlock attached to it with a ruby in the centre of the padlock. It was really tasteful, definitely something for a man to wear. Xander picked it up and held it. It felt solid, you’d always know it was there.
He liked it.
There were other small padlocks that went with it and all had different stones embedded in their centres, one was a diamond, an emerald, a topaz and one on its own without a stone which was made of gold, a lovely old kinda gold like the colour of his Grannie’s wedding ring.
He liked the topaz the best. There was a bracelet to go with it. Xander thought all of this must have cost a small fortune. There were other chains which were much more delicate, lots of ear rings, studs, hoops in gold mostly, some of the studs were gems, there was a particularly large diamond stud that was quite beautiful.
The oddest thing of all was an amber cross which Xander though was beautiful cause it had a complete insect in the centre of it, but why would Spike have a cross, he’d burn himself on it.

As well as standard items of jewellery Xander came across some more unusual pieces. There were some butt plugs made of metal with gems on the base, again a diamond, ruby, topaz and emerald, if they were the real McCoy Spike must have more cash than he knew what to do with.
A couple of the more unusual pieces caught his eye, he thought at first they were rings and tried one on a finger but it was far too large and then he suddenly realised where it would fit.
He blushed.
Something else he picked up was making him curious. It was kind of like a pin but thicker and it had a flatish head in the shape of a spiral with a ruby in the centre and at the opposite end it flared out slightly like a tear drop.
It was obviously some kind of body jewellery but he had no idea where it went, it was smooth metal about 2-3 inches long, not very heavy, with the head, he thought, being made of gold and the pin itself looked like steel.

He jumped, startled as he heard Spike’s soft voice behind him.
“Not seen one before pet?”
“N-no. You made me jump. I was curious. I looked in the top drawer and then moved on. What is this?” He held up the pin.
“It’s a cock plug or a wand I ‘spose you’d call it. It fits real easily into the end of your cock and the head stops it going any further and, well it looks very erotic an feels good too. Wanna try it for size pet?”
“Er, no. I think I’ll pass on that one. Doesn’t it hurt?”
“Not a bit pet otherwise folks wouldn’t use one would they?”
“Anything else take your fancy luv?”
“Yeah, a few things.”
“If you want to wear something then go ahead and do it pet. You choose.”
“Are you sure? Has anyone worn any of this before?”
“No luv. It’s stuff I’ve bought over the years waiting for the right person. Never found anyone I wanted to give any of it to – till now.”
“Wow. I feel kinda honoured then. So, I really should choose something.”

His hands hovered over the drawerful of highly expensive adornments. He really liked the heavy chain with the padlock but he couldn’t take that, it didn’t feel ‘right’.
He did like the look of the butt plugs with the gems on the end. He’d decided he liked being filled, he chose the one with the topaz on the stopper. It felt good in his hand, heavy. Spike was surprised at his choice, he thought he would have gone for something traditional, but he was pleased too.
“Want me ta swap em over luv?” Xander nodded shyly.
Spike manouvered him so Xander could see what he was doing in the mirror. He bent at the hip with his legs spread giving Spike easy access. He grabbed the end of the plug and pulled it out slowly as Xander watched him. It popped out leaving him feeling empty and strangely cold.
He didn’t like it, he handed the plug back to Spike suddenly realising as he did so that he could see him in the mirror, he was about to say something but felt the cool metal being pushed gently into him as it settled comfortably, the base felt a little odd but he knew he’d get used to it.
Yeah, it felt good.
Made him feel sexy/kinky/hot all at once.
He’d enjoyed seeing Spike insert the plug, especially the look on his face as he did. He was still watching him admire – he hoped that’s what he was doing – his ass, his hands were still on him, one gently brushing a warm buttock.

“How come I can see you?” Asked Xander standing up and turning to look directly at Spike.
“Special mirrors pet, all of em, one in the bedroom as well, knew a bloke what owed me a favour and this was the favour. Bloody pleased with em too! The one in the other room should make things interestin’ – eventually!!”
“Dream on bleach!”
“You like it pet?” he inclined his head towards the plug, Xander stood enjoying the weight of the plug inside him.
“Yes, thank you.”
“Good. Is there anything else that caught your eye?”
“Most of it, but I couldn’t take anything else.”
“Why not pet, no one else I want to have it.”
“Maybe later.” Xander slid the drawer shut.

“So you want to tell me what some of these baby’s are and why you use them?” Xander asked opening the top drawer again.
“Mostly plugs, bit o bondage gear, I’ll go thru them section by section and you can ask questions – teachin pet, not trainin eh?”
True to his word Spike went thru all the bits and pieces in the drawer telling Xander what each thing did how to use it or wear it, occasionally Xander would ask a questionand Spike would give him a truthful answer.
Once Spike had gone thru the entire contents of the drawer he pushed it shut.

Spike led Xander back thru into the bedroom.
“I’d like to claim my prize now pet. You ready for it?”
Xander felt a little bit apprehensive, Spike could be a sneaky bastard at times and he might spring something on him he just didn’t want to do.
“Take a bath with me?”
“Is that it? Really, is that all you want to do?”
“No luv, definitely not all I want to do, but I enjoy a bath and I’d enjoy taking one with you.”
Xander was unsettled and touched by Spike’s honesty. He was becoming more and more enamoured of him, he had to remember to keep up his guard. He would not be a pet.
“Yes, I’d like that.”
“Good. Me too. Shall we?”

They wandered into the bathroom and Spike turned on the taps to the tub. Well tub was a bit understated for the huge sunken bath, it was more like a hot tub but bath shaped, nearly as deep as a hot tub tho and it had shaped areas which were like seats plus steps at one side due to its depth so you could get out easily.
Xander thought having a lake nearby was a good idea as it looked like you’d need a small one to fill this tub! Spike put a few drops of scented oil in the water flowing from the tap and the delicate perfume immediately filled the air.
“That smells really nice – what is it?”
“It’s sandalwood pet – like it?”
“Yeah, its kinda spicy and warm smelling, nice.”
The tub continued to fill and Spike asked Xander to test the heat of the water, he liked it hot but he didn’t want Xander to be scalded.
“Come here pet and I’ll take that off ya so you can wash properly.” Spike indicated the chastity belt. Even tho it was hygienic Spike felt he would much rather wash Xander properly than keep up Xander’s punishment. Boy knew he’d be punished for further misdemeanours so lesson learned. Xander stood so that Spike could take it off feeling extremely embarrassed as the padlock that held him in confinement was unlocked.
Yeah, if this was what being a pet entailed he was glad he wasn’t going to be one. Spike eased the device off and cradled Xander’s genitals in his hand. Xander stepped back quickly.
“Whoa! Steady on there!”
“Pet, you gotta get used to me touchin ya – had em in me hand before.”
“Well, yeah but I was unconscious the first time and the second time I was so mad that – well – and this is different – I’m not used to it, and besides, it’s not your god given right to touch me, specially there.” Xander really didn’t know how to react and had done the first thing that came to mind. Panic.
“Don’t be shy luv, got some nice tackle there.”
”Yeah well it’s not used to being man handled, just occasionally woman handled – if I’m lucky!”
Spike smirked.
“I can soon change that pet, specially as you’re gonna be my pet tomorrow!”
“Hey, I said no sex!”
“Coppin’ a feel of ya tackle isn’t exactly sex pet. What ya so worried about?”
Xander knew he would enjoy it, hell any red blooded male would enjoy his balls and cock being fondled, OK so maybe not by a man, but Xander liked Spike and would like what he’d do to him, it was a given. He didn’t want to like it and he didn’t want to want it either, not yet, not until Spike realised the error of his ways and admitted that it was wrong to keep a human pet.

“Water OK luv? Get yer kit off and get in.”
“You gonna take the collar off then?” asked Xander dropping his chaps and stepping down into the tub.
“No luv, that stays on all the time.”
“But it’ll feel shit when its wet, all cold and eww.”
“Something y’ll get used ta.”
“Somehow I don’t think so.”
Xander sat down in the hot aromatic water which came up to his chest. He watched Spike undress, he had to admit that he had a beautiful body.
He sneaked a look at his man bits and was impressed, well hung and blond fuzz there too, he didn’t expect that, thought he’d be dark. He decided he’d better not look any more, he could feel how looking was affecting him and he wanted that to stop now, before it got any worse. Spike could smell Xander’s arousal and smiled.
He wanted him to want him, it was as it should be.
He clambered in after Xander and leant back in the shaped part of the tub. It was blissful, he loved the warmth of the water, it was one of his favourite ways of relaxing and he lay supine with his head over the edge of the tub, eyes shut letting his mind and body unwind. He luxuriated for a minute or so before opening his eyes to look at Xander.
He was looking right back.
It was a very open honest assessing look. Xander smiled. Such an attractive boy.

“Come and lean against me pet, your back to my chest, promise I won’t do anything I shouldn’t.” Xander wanted to, knowing he would enjoy it, but at the same time he was afraid he would enjoy it too much and his resolve would crumble. He cautiously turned around and settled back against Spike who gave out a deep happy sounding sigh.
He wrapped his arms around Xander and nuzzled his neck between collar and shoulder.
“A good Master cares for his pet in the best way he can. I like to be clean and I know you do, so every day we’ll have either a bath or shower, possibly twice a day if I feel like it and I’ll wash you, your body, every nook and cranny and I’ll wash your hair, I’ll dry you off and then dress you as I see fit. You, as my pet, will wash me with as much care as I show you. I really enjoy havin a bath and might spend as much as an hour in here, hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as me.”
“Two people that care for each other would do as much, one doesn’t necessarily have to be a pet. If I had a partner I’d do that willingly. I wouldn’t do it willingly as a pet.”
“You are a bloody wilful little sod!”
“Why thank you Master, I aim to be as immovable as possible!”
“I can’t wait for tomorrow.”
“I’ll just enjoy you doin what yer bloody well told with no questions or arguments!”
“Yeah, well you might enjoy it but I’m pretty sure I won’t.”
Spike’s arms tightened around his pet. He wanted this boy to be his, it was all he could think about.
If only he knew how very important he was to him, Xander might see things differently.
“Right, now I think it’s time I scrubbed you clean.”
“Hey, not that dirty, no need for scrubbing!”
“OK luv, I’ll be gentle don’t worry, now pass me the soap and the sponge.”
Xander passed over the sponge and soap and Spike lathered up, holding a wrist he held out his arm and started to sponge it down. He could feel Xander’s tension.
“Ease up luv, you should relax and enjoy this, it’s supposed to be pleasant an’ if it’s not then I’m doing summat wrong.”
“Sorry, new and unusual experience, I’ll try and chill.”
“Tell ya what, you just keep leanin against me and I’ll loosen you up, give your shoulders a rub, that aught t’do the trick.”

Spike felt the tension in Xander’s shoulders and eased his fingers into the warm flesh, kneading the muscles, un-knotting them until he felt Xander slump and the weight of him got that bit heavier as he relaxed completely against him.
Spike picked the sponge back up and started once again to clean him. He was tender, careful yet thorough, even when it came to washing his genitals and Spike felt him tense up he didn’t stop but carried on as he had done over the rest of Xander’s body.
Xander relaxed when Spike moved down to his legs to wash them.
Spike finished Xander’s ablutions and let the sponge go and it bobbed up to the surface.
His hands rested gently on Xander’s thighs, his pet was completely calm and relaxed. Spike’s hands gently travelled up Xander’s thighs caressing his lower abdomen up over his chest to his neck, his fingers tracing up under the collar then dropping down again to wrap around his waist. He hadn’t been this content for a long, long time.
Xander sighed.
“This is far too nice. You’ve really got to be a lot, lot meaner so I can hate you y’know? You gonna do my hair? Try and pull it and make a really crappy job, otherwise I might just come to enjoy this far too much and expect treatment like this every day.”
“Sorry to disappoint ya pet, but you will get treated like this every day. Now shuddup and just relax. Do ya hair in a while, too comfy to move just now.” Spike pressed his lips to Xander’s head, inhaled his scent then tipped his head so that he could nibble at his neck.
It gave Xander goosebumps. He couldn’t ever remember anyone treating him like this, as if they cared, almost as if he was loved. Spike ran one hand up over Xander’s chest and held it over his heart, fingers splayed trying to touch as much of him as he could.
He could feel the beat of his heart speed up as his hand covered it and he moved fractionally away from him. He shushed Xander, starting to rub his stomach in soothing circles and Xander relaxed back into him.

It was one of those moments. They were both happy and relaxed, Xander wasn’t thinking about the horrors of being a pet and Spike was luxuriating in their closeness.
They stayed like that until the water started to turn cool.
“We should get out pet. But gotta say, best bath I think I ever had. How bout you?”
“Mmmmm, yeah. Do it again tomorrow?”
“Sure thing pet.”
“Hey, you didn’t do my hair!”
“I can give it a quick wash if ya want luv.”
Spike gave Xander’s hair a wash and condition. As soon as he was finished Spike made Xander get out the tub, following quickly he grabbed a towel that was warming on the radiator. He rubbed Xander down until he was just about completely dry, Xander was only slightly embarrassed.
“Do I have to reciprocate?”
”Course pet! Perk of the job innit?” he smiled.
Xander got a clean warm towel and made a fairly decent job of drying Spike off, but he really didn’t put as much enthusiasm into it a Spike had.
“Think I can have some clean clothes, possibly some that cover all of me?”
“You not been warm enough luv?”
“Yeah, but that’s not the point.”
“Being as how you’re gonna be a proper pet tomorrow I think I might let you choose something to wear for now. Shall we pet?” Spike held out his arm in the ‘after you’ gesture and followed Xander having an unrestricted view of his whole body to ogle.
He did have the prettiest arse, he was gonna really enjoy pounding that and he hoped it would be fairly soon.
“Stop looking at my ass.”
Spike laughed, his boy was such fun.
He’d never be bored with him.

They went into the dressing room and Xander had a look at the clothes hanging up. The ‘normal’ trousers were all leather (what a surprise) and he chose a chocolate brown pair that even tho he hated to admit, felt beautiful to touch and he was sure they would feel great against his skin.
He flicked thru the shirts noticing that they were predominantly silk and chose one in cream which he thought would go well with the pants.
He dressed quickly, still self conscious in front of Spike.
He tucked the shirt into the pants and turned around, his hair still damp and tousled. Spike thought he looked bloody gorgeous, if he had breath it would have been taken away.
“Do I look OK?”
“Summat missin pet, hang on a mo.” Spike went over to the drawer and opened the one with the jewellery.
He picked something out and went back to Xander removing the leather collar.
“Close yer eyes luv, wan this to be a surprise when ya look at yerself in the mirror, see how fuckin hot you look!”
He had taken the heavy platinum chain out and had chosen the padlock with the topaz. He took off the collar and fastened the chain around Xander’s neck letting the small padlock hang in the hollow of his neck.
He turned Xander to face himself in one of the full length mirrors.
“OK luv, open yer eyes.”
Xander opened his eyes and saw himself in the mirror with Spike standing behind him. He looked – quite unlike himself. He realised the chain around his neck was the one that he’d liked and it looked good, he liked the feel of it, it was heavy enough to make him notice that it was there.
“I think I look OK – don’t I?”
“No think about it luv, you look set to sizzle!”
“I like the chain Spike, it feels – good. Better than wearing that collar.”
“They both have the same meaning pet. The lock signifies that you belong to someone, you’re owned in just the same way as the collar, just a little more subtle.”
“I still like it even knowing that. Thanks for the clothes. How come there are so many when I’m supposed to walk around buck naked all the time?”
“Your normal clothes are shit pet, and I thought it’d be good for ya t’dress nice every now n then. Plus it’s always nice to unwrap a pretty package!”
“Thanks – I happen to like my clothes, they’re comfy, bright and cheap.”
“I noticed the bright and cheap pet, can’t say anything bout the comfy.”
“Are you gonna cover yourself up anytime soon?”
“Wanna touch do ya luv?”
“In your dreams – don’t want you to catch cold is all!”
Spike was fairly sure that was a big fat lie. But he should get his kit on.
He picked out his usual black ensemble, dressing slowly, giving Xander a bit of a show.
Xander tried not to look, but even if he turned away he could see Spike in one of the mirrors. He had a perfect body. Xander started to blush at the route his thoughts were taking. Spike could smell his arousal and was pleased. He was maybe starting to come around after all.

“Do you think we could go out tonight – I mean not ‘out’ out, but for a walk or something. I’m kinda getting cabin fever. Could I possibly wear shoes if we do?”
“Don’t even think of takin off pet, but yeah, we can.”
“And how far would I get if I even started to run? The length of my shadow probably, I’m not an idiot Spike!”
“I realise that pet. Right, now you’ve got rid of the mitts do you want to read a bit more of ya book?”
“Yeah, could do. Do you have a TV, or a DVD so I could watch a film or something?”
“I do, but I think it’d be good for ya to read, broadens the horizons pet. We can watch a film later.”
“OK. It was a good book, and you’re right too much TV isn’t good. I’ll read.”

They went into the bedroom and Xander picked up his book and was about to sit down in the high backed chair when Spike asked him to come and sit on the sofa with him.
“Just like we were in the bath pet, you can keep me warm. I like you to lean on me, feels good.”
Xander was surprised and pleased.
He’d thoroughly enjoyed resting against Spike and could admit to himself that it did feel good.
“Kay, as long as you don’t fidget.”
“Vampire luv, can be still for hours on end. Come on” and he patted the space between his legs. Xander settled down, legs up on the sofa, back against Spike. Safe and warm.
“You comfy there?”
“Perfect pet.”
“I wish you wouldn’t call me that. Cause it’s never gonna happen. Luv’s good tho!”
“Oh really?” said Spike in an amused tone. Xander snuggled – it was the only word for it – into Spike and started to read his book from where he left off. A good three hours later he’d begun to feel a bit peckish.
He started to fidget, even the soporific effect of Spike’s fingers running thru his hair had stopped working their magic in the face of his growing hunger.
“Is that your belly protesting luv?”
“Fraid so. Is it feeding time at the petting zoo yet?”
“I suppose I could go get chef t’rustle you up summat. Shift yer arse and I’ll go get some chow.”
“Can I have pizza?”
“You don’t know the meaning of the word luv. You gotta have healthy food t’keep ya fit and strong.” And so you’ve got enough stamina for me to shag ya for hours on end thought Spike to himself.
He left chuckling to go and fix Xander something to eat. It was starting to get dark as he made his way into the kitchen.
He thought it’d be nice to go out for a stroll with Xander and he checked on the weather by opening the door and poking his head out. It was a clear evening and looked as if it would stay that way. So an excursion was in order.
Now what to cook the boy?

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