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Living With James

Authors: kimalis and kitty_alex
Title: Living With James
Pairing: Spike/Xander/James Marsters
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Please leaves tons of feedback!
Warnings/Squicks: Hilarious comedy, hot smutty smut, and violence
Summary: Fanboy Vamp!Xan, with a man-crush on James Marsters, has Master Spike wrapped around his little finger. James is turned. Xanny's Chirstmases have all come at once.
Chapter Summary: Vamp!James tries to adjust to living with a demanding sire and a perky but vicious FanBoy brother.
Previous Chapters: Meeting, Turning, Feeding
Notes: If you want to know what Xander's "singing" to on while on the computer please go here.

Disclaimer: We own nothing but the plot. We bend to Joss Whedon's will and try my best not to murder his characters. Also, We don't own James Marsters no matter how much we'd like to. None of this actually happened to James and we don't mean to offend him or anyone else associated with him. We repeat, this James is not in our universe!


“Xander! Turn down the volume on your head phones!”


“I know you can hear me! I’ll unplug the damn computer if you don’t stop it right now!”


“No internet! That’s it! No internet!”

James heard whining as he sat up and stretched. "Sadly, no one is fucking James Marsters."

He didn’t remember being moved. He remembered falling asleep in the warehouse then after that just a dreamless sleep. He looked around the room and realized it was quite gothic. Dark blues mixed with blacks and the only light color seemed to be on the ceiling. There were thick heavy drapes over the windows. It made sense since they were vampires. Sun spelled instant death. He got out of the king sized bed and looked at the blue comforter and rumbled sheets. He hadn’t gotten a good look at it the other night. Solid heavy iron, with long pointed spikes adorning the head and foot. The bed screamed Spike

He yawned and made his way into the bathroom, blocking out the yelling now that Spike had successfully unplugged the internet. He noticed he was without clothes again. His demon didn’t seem to mind, so he didn’t either. He started the shower and waited a few second before getting in. He hadn’t seen the entire house. He’d just briefly seen the hall before he was pushed out the front door by a very impatient Spike. He knew that the house was only one floor; maybe the two other vampires would give him a tour.

He got out and hummed, “Not A Millionaire”, to himself as he toweled off. He threw the towel on the floor and ventured out into the hall. The hall was a pale blue that matched the ceiling of the bedroom. Someone seemed to like blue or thought that the “black and blue” theme was funny. He guessed it was the latter remembering the company he was in. Pictures decorated the walls; some were weird while others were just disturbing. Some of the pictures were from sci-fi movies, like the ones you would pick up at a convention, while the others were of mutilated and bloody corpses. James stared at the disturbing ones for a bit. All the blood depicted in them was turning him on.


James raised an eyebrow at the room that seemed to hold Xander and Spike. Curiosity got the better of him and he opened the door. The first thing that caught his eye wasn’t Xander bent over Spike’s knee while Spike sat at Xander’s computer desk. It was wall to wall shelves of comic books and the small shrine to James in the back of the room that caught his attention. In the center of the room was a box of legos and what seemed to be the beginnings of the Millennium Falcon.

“Hey!” Xander said, when he noticed James in the doorway

Spike stopped spanking Xander to look at James standing in the doorway. They blinked at each other for a few moments.

“Enjoying the show?” Spike asked.

“I was just looking for clothes,” James said, thanking God he couldn’t blush.

“Spike’s rule number three; no clothes shall be worn in the house unless you have just stepped in or are going back out.” Xander recited proudly.

“If I, say, wanted to go out and wanted my clothes, where would I look?”

“You wouldn’t be able to find them,” Spike said. “You can have them back when you can follow the rules like Xander here.” Xander smiled at the praise.

“Well, then. Looks like I’ll just go out naked then.”

“Wait! It’s morning!” Xander said desperately.

“Hm, seems like fun to go strolling into the daylight.”

Xander struggled, but managed to get up. He quickly bounded towards James. He pulled him into a childish hug and refused to let him go. James looked at Spike who tilted his head back.

“Xan, go into the training room and get the Watcher’s journals?”


“I promise I won’t let him leave.”

Xander let go of James and looked at him with sad eyes before heading out of the room. He closed the door behind him, leaving Spike and James alone.

“I’m the one you’re mad at. Don’t take it out on him,” Spike said. “He’s a good pet.”

“Probably after you trained him to be one.”

Spike glared, “Yeah, maybe he was a non-consent turning too. But he needed it. He was miserable. None of his friends knew what they had. Xander is a good childe and loves to please. Don’t you dare ever talk bad about him again.”

“Childe whipped,” James said with a grin.

Spike got up and growled, “Rent boy!”

James tackled Spike and they tumbled to the floor. Sharp plastic pieces stuck into his back as he and Spike rolled around on the floor. They were punching, kicking, and biting each other, each trying to rip the other apart. Only the sound of heavy books hitting the floor made them stop. A wide-eyed Xander was standing in the doorway looking as if he was going to cry. They both tried to speak.

“FIX IT!” He screamed at them.

“Xander…” Spike started.


“I didn’t…” James tried.


They both were startled. Xander grabbed his computer chair and rolled in front of them, narrowly missing one of James’ fingers. He sat in it and stared at them. He crossed his arms over his chest and pouted, waiting for them to begin construction. Spike stood up and picked off the lego pieces that seemed to have been welded to his skin.

“Xander, you don’t have to sit there. We’ll be good. While we put it back together for you, you can go off and break all twenty seven of the house rules.”

Xander narrowed his eyes, “Even number twenty?”

“Even number twenty,” Spike promised.

Xander looked up at Spike, who was standing between him and the desk. Spike stood still and silent, gritting his teeth as he saw Xander’s intentions. Very slowly, very deliberately, Xander scooted his feet and propelled the chair back across the room, taking great care to run over all of Spike’s toes with as many wheels as he could. A very satisfied Xander grabbed a pen and a few notebooks that were stacked by the computer. He left in a huff without turning back to look at them. The door slammed and they both jumped.

“What’s rule number twenty?”

“No hurting each other unless it’s during sex.”

James put the last piece onto the Millennium Falcon and sucked in a huge sigh. It was finally done. He looked at Spike who rubbed his fingers. Vampires were not meant to sit down for hours on end and put together lego structures. They got up and stretched in unison.

Spike opened the door for him. James smiled and thanked him. After spending the last six hours talking about vampires and what it was like being a vampire, James wasn’t completely comfortable with the fact that Spike and Xander were now his only family, but he was beginning to understand the way of things. James walked into the hall and cringed. He could hear his guitar and the squeaking of the bed from the master bedroom. Fuck, Xander. He wanted to go in there and rip the guitar from Xander’s hands, but the memory of Xander’s outcry from the broken lego accident flooded his head and he followed Spike into the living room.
“Want some blood?” Spike asked him.

“Would that involve going out?”

“Nah, got some in the fridge.”

“Not pig’s blood is it?”

“Fuck no; you’re one disgusting bastard, James.”

James chuckled, “What’s AB taste like?”

“O neg is the best, I think. Depends on the person.”

James snorted, “I got that!”

Spike laugh, “Yeah, real Einstein, aren’t you?”

“HEY!” James froze. Was he making conversation with Spike? Friendly conversation? Couldn’t be. “That wasn’t nice. Maybe you should go fuck yourself.”

Spike stiffened and his laughter died, “Nice piece of work you are. Never met a demon like you. Having a good sire-childe moment…” Spike ran a hand through his hair. “Stay here. I’ll get the blood.”

Spike stalked off toward what James assumed was the way to the kitchen. James sat on the black leather couch that was in the middle of the light blue living room. It was decorated like the hallway with a mix of goth and sci-fi. He put his feet up on the iron coffee table in front of him and stared blankly at the large tv in front of him. He would bet that half, it not all, the stuff here was stolen. He looked at the bookshelves. He noticed there were a lot of bookshelves in their house. James got up and went to inspect the titles. It was a mix again. There were horror movies, a few comedies, complete seasons of Stargate, and Buffy. He picked up season seven and looked at his picture on the cover. It felt like that was a life time ago.

“I got the blood,” Spike said behind him. “Sorry about that. Xan is a big fan. Guess you’re wishing he was a fan of Nicholas instead, huh?”

James put the box set back where he found it and turned around to face Spike. He bit his lip as he looked over the naked Spike with two green coffee mugs filled with blood. He looked really homey, which was a word James never thought he’d use to describe Spike. He took one of the mugs and shook his head.

“Nah, I’d never wish this onto anyone else.” He took a sip and blanched. “What the Hell is wrong with it?”

Spike sipped his, “It’s been sitting open in the fridge for six hours?”

“You keep these open?”

“No, you can thank Xanny for that. He knows it pisses me off when he leaves open packets of blood lying about. If memory serves, that’s rule number seven.”

James downed his quickly, “God, that was disgusting.”

“I’ll throw it out and make a run to the blood bank later.” Spike finished his blood. “Think he’s been stuffing about for long enough?”

“Yes! I want him off my guitar!”

Spike took the mug from James and set both mugs on the coffee table. Spike grinned and made his way through the hall to rein in his wayward Childe. James followed closely behind him, very much afraid for the state of his guitar. They both tensed as Spike slowly reached out for the doorknob and turned it. The door swung open as in some B-rated slasher film. The sound of Xander’s loud off-key singing violated their sensitive ears. Xander was hopping on the bed with Spike’s duster on while strumming on James’ guitar, oblivious to both their entrance and glares. Xander was fully enjoying himself. He was swinging the guitar back and forth as each bounce lifted the duster to reveal him in all his naked glory, his naked flapping glory. The smile on his face was bright and cheerful as he continued to sing.

“Oh we all live in a YELLOW submarine! A YELLOW submarine! Do to do da de!”

Spike grinned at James and caught his eye, “On three?”

James matched Spike’s grin, “How about on now?”

Spike’s eyes flashed gold as he pounced. He jumped in front of Xander snatching James’ guitar and carelessly hurling it onto an armchair. James growled at Spike’s treatment of his guitar as he jumped up behind Xander. Gripping the shoulders, he wrenched Spike’s duster from Xander. Crumpling it into a small bundle, he pitched it across the room, to land beside his guitar, crumpled. He shot Spike a nasty grin over Xander’s shoulder.

Spike place both hands square on Xander’s chest and shoved. Xander lost his balance, falling backwards, taking James with him down to the mattress

James felt something cool and spongy burst against his ass. His lip curled in disgust. “I think I sat on a Twinkie.”

Spike kneeled in front of Xander. “Let’s see. Open blood bags in th fridge, wearing my duster, touching your little brother’s guitar, jumping on the bed...eating in bed? Pet, you just went all out, didn’t you?”

Xander grinned, “Looks like you’re going to have to punish me.”

Xander’s rough foot rubbed against Spike. Rough? He looked at Xander’s feet and noted the socks with little cartoon bats. Spike chuckled and turned his attention back to Xander.

“You broke rule number three too. You know what that means?”

Xander’s face lit up with a hopeful smile. “More punishment?”

”More punishment. James, be a love and reach under the bed for me.” Spike nodded towards the side of the bed.

James looked at him questioningly but obeyed, while Xander’s eyes grew larger as he realised what was happening.

“No Sire, please, I wasn’t that bad. It was only a little Twinkie, and I was cold, and the guitar is so pretty… and hey! You said I could break the rules!”

Spike shrugged, “Changed my mind, Sire’s privilege.”

“But my Millennium Fal-”

Spike leaned forward and bit Xander's lips, “Fuck your Falcon.”

James had pulled a smallish box from under the bed. He looked into it, raised his eyebrows and passed it over to Spike.

“No Spike, please? Please?” Xander was beginning to squirm and wriggle towards the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry, I won’t touch your things again.”

“Do you want me to gag you as well pet?” Xander quickly shut up and shook his head emphatically.

Spike pointed at Xander and told James, “Hold him”

James looked at Spike, shrugged and wrapped his arms around Xander’s shoulders giving him a squeeze.

Spike sighed and lightly slapped James on the head. “Not like that. Idiot. Hold him down.”

While James was manoeuvring himself behind a still wriggling but silent Xander, Spike reached into the boxes, pulling out two sets of cuffs, one large, one smaller.

James had crawled in behind him, hooking his legs over Xander’s and wrapping his arms tight round his middle holding Xander’s arms still. Spike bound one of Xander’s wrists with the cuffs, wrapping it around a bed post before locking the other in place. He took the larger set and cuffed both ankles to a post at the foot of the bed.

“Spike, sire, I’m sorry. Let me out.”


“But I can’t move!”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Well that’s because you’re cuffed, genius. Now be a good boy for a change and stop whining.”


Spike held up a warning finger. “You broke the rules. You have to be punished. Now be a good Childe and suck it up.”

“Yes Sire.”

“Good. Now James, come here boy.”

While James was extricating himself from Xander, Spike moved to sit on the bed by Xander’s side. Slowly he ran a finger from Xander’s foot, up his leg, over one hip, circled his navel, scraped lightly over both nipples, pinched the claim scar on his throat and slid back and forth along his lips. Xander whimpered and tried to draw Spike’s fingers into his mouth, but Spike quickly pulled away. Spike dipped his head in close to Xander’s as though to kiss him but stopped just short.

“You want to touch me Xan? You want me to touch you?” Xander whined and nodded. “You want to touch James? Have James touch you?” He nodded again.

Spike suddenly pulled back and drew James up against his chest. “To quote yourself, pet. Sucks to be you.”

He turned himself and James around so they were both facing Xander. Spike leaned his chin over James’ shoulder and his arms came around his waist to lay flat over James’ stomach.

“Look at him Xander. Isn’t he stunning.” Spike lay a kiss on James neck. “His skin down here is so soft.” He ran his hands in smooth circles over James muscular torso all the while kissing, licking and nipping James throat.

“Oh Xan he is so tasty,” Spike let his fangs drop just enough so one sharp point let a single drop of blood escape James neck. No more than a pin prick, but the smell was so potent it reached Xander in seconds. James moaned and leaned back into him.

Xander twisted and strained against his bonds, but could not reach the source of that arousing scent. His cock had immediately hardened and he knew there was no relief to be had.

“Taste?” Spike collected the small drop of blood on the tip of his tongue and then leaned in close to Xander. The boy had stretched his head as far as he could to meet his sire but Spike stopped with his tongue less than an inch away. He blew a gentle breath across the droplet and into Xander’s face, trusting the vampire’s senses to detect the small amount.

Xander, threw himself back down onto the bed scowling at Spike, “You suck.”

Spike laughed and flicked Xander’s nipple with one finger, “No kidding? Now , James, I think I was right about…”

Sitting back up again Spike gave his attention back to James. His hands slid from James stomach up to his chest and sharply tweaked both nipples. Hearing James short gasp, Spike again looked at Xander. “Did you hear that Xan? Here the noise when I touch him? You know what it feels like don’t you, when I touch you there”

“I’m not looking anymore. You can’t make me look.” Xander had his eyes squeezed shut.

“Are you sure about that love?”

Spike turned James head laid a loud wet kiss on his mouth. Spike was sure to add moans and smacking sounds as he thrust his tongue in and tasted his newest Childe. James couldn’t help but respond to his sire’s damp but fervent attentions. He groaned as Spike’s finigers worked at his nipples and his tongue assaulted his mouth .

“You can stop that right now, I am not going to look.”

Spike pulled away with a wet, slurping sound. “Whatever you say, pet.”

He slid his hands down James chest coming to rest between his legs. “Open you legs up for me, that’s my beautiful boy.” James let his knees fall to the sides and felt his sire run his cool hands along the length of his thighs, gripping his knees and pulling them further back. James cock was fully erect and glistening at the tip. “Oh it’s a right shame you can’t see this Xander. He is so beautiful, so hard for me.”

Xander let out a small squeak but did not open his eyes. Damn Childe was stubborn today. Spike collected the drops of fluid onto his finger and waved it under Xander’s nose. “Can you smell him love? I’m gonna taste that, I’m gonna put it in my mouth and let it spread all over my tongue. You know what I’m gonna do then Xan?”

“La, la,la, la, I can not hear you, la, la, la.” Xander’s protestations were belied by the fact that his cock was rearing and dripping over his stomach and his hips were rolling upwards just a touch.

Spike followed through with threats and placed the wet finer in his mouth. “Oh that tastes so very good….almost better than-”

“Spike, you bastard.”

“Thought you couldn’t hear me love?”

”Shut up.”

Spike leaned back into James mouth and kissed him deeply, sharing the taste of James seed in his mouth. His hands came to rest over James cock, drawing a heaving moan. “Oh this is a thing of beauty. It’s hard and smooth and so thick I can hardly wrap my hand around it.”

Spike looked over to Xander and caught his eyelids twitching closed. Chuckling to himself he continued his narration while stroking James. “James do you like it when your sire touches you?”

“Oh….yes sire.”

“James do you like it when your sire holds your magnificent cock tight? When his hands pull all those feeling from the very centre of you?”

“Sire…please. More.” James was panting and twisting beneath Spike’s ministrations.

“If only you could see this Xan, his eyes are closed, he’s breathless, his cock is hard and wet in my hand, he’s trying so hard to fuck my hands.” Xander was letting loose a series of small noises, moans, whines and whimpers. He was thrusting his hips erratically, knowing he would not achieve release but unable to control himself.

“Sire, I’m sorry. Please let me go.”

“Ok, Xan I’ll let you out.”

“Oh, oh thankyou sire, let me out now.”

“Oh now? You want out now? Um, no.”

“I fucking hate you, you shithead.” Xander screamed “You fucking liar!”

“Oi!. I’m evil yeah?” Spike knew Xander’s words carried no weight, he could smell the love and desire rolling off his boy. He paid the words no heed.

Spike’s own cock was full and pressing hard against James’ back. “James, my love, I want you to touch me, put your hands on me.” James reached behind and took his sire in hand.”

“Oh that’s it. You know how to do this.”

“Rip the fucking thing off him James, he won’t be using again after today. Go on, just pull it right the fuck off.” Xander’s voice cracked over the last couple of words.

“Xan, love you want me to shove something in you mouth to help you be quiet?”

“Yes! God Yes.”

“Not that Xan, I was thinking more along the lines of a ball gag.”

“Sick fucker.” Xander fell silent except for the harsh pants of his breath.

“Now my James, lets see what we can do about this.” He gave James cock a final squeeze and then, gently moved James to kneel beside Xander. James was lost in this game of Spike’s. He was being used and didn’t care one tiny bit. It was so erotic to be told what to do, to be on show, to be teasing the man lying before him. James eagerly moved as Spike wanted.

“Your cock looks amazing like that James, So full and throbbing. I know exactly what I am going to do with it.” Spike straddled Xander, making sure he did not touch Xander’s straining cock with any part of his body. He leaned forward, taking James cock in his hands. “Oh this is mine.” He opened his mouth and took it all the way in, then slowly drew back, moaning loudly as he did.

Xander had given up all pretence of not watching and stared wide eyed at the scene that was playing out mere inches from his face. James had his head thrown back and was thrusting himself into Spike’s open mouth, both his hands wounds in Spike’s hair. I t would look to an outsider as though James were dominating this encounter, but he was fully aware that Spike was in control and he was quickly losing his.

Spike was giving himself over to the taste of his Childe, the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of his mouth. He grasped his own cock with one hand taking up a steady pace that matched James movements. Above all this though was one niggling thought swimming around and around in his head, he had to give voice to it or it would hound him. He stopped James with a hand on his belly.

“Hey Xan, you know what I’m doing?”

Xander looked from the long pale length sliding into his sire and something clicked in his mind.

“Oh my god…you're sucking James Marsters !”

“I’m sucking James Marsters.”

James looked from one to the other, shaking the fog from his head, “oh for fuck’s sake!” He roughly grabbed Spike’s head, pulling him back down.

“Shut up and do it then.”

Spike latched on and began working in earnest. James had been a good sport and deserved a decent reward. He licked around the soft purple head, sliding the length deep into his throat and swallowing convulsively. His own hand worked faster, pushing him towards completion. He felt James tense and tasted the cool jets shooting into his throat, he swallowed all that James had.

Sitting back up he faced Xander and continued the short, rapid stroked on his own cock. Xander was watching him, thrusting his hips up and Spike allowed Xander to work his cock against Spike’s cleft. Xander needed only a few short bursts before he too came roaring his completion and coming against his sire’s skin. Spike’s hand flew and in a instant he arched and bucked up into his hand, grunting harsh noises as he let his seed flow over his childe.

Spike fell back and rolled off Xander, coming to a rest against James. He lay still until the tremors had stopped shaking his body.

Looking at James and Xander he felt satisfied. He honestly had the best Childer a sire could hope for. He leaned up and pressed a kiss on James forehead, then the same for Xander.

”Still hate me love?”

“Evil fucker."


“I love you sire.”

“Love you Childe.”

Spike turned back to James, “Hey, want to watch Buffy?” .

“Sure, I’ll make popcorn!”

”What? What? No! you don’t even like Buffy!” Xander struggle against his cuffs. “Fucking hell, let me out!”

Spike ignored his Childe's tantrum and looked confusedly at the other vampire. "James what the hell is that? Oh for fuck's sake Xander, you got Twinkie all over his arse. Come here now James."

"Oh, thats revolting, I thought I got it all." James was twisting around trying to see.

"Hold still I'll get it," Spike turned him around and leaned in to lick the last of the Twinkie cream from his Childe.

Xander's thrashing increased and the bed began to shake. "Spike, you are a complete fuck. STOP LICKING JAMES MARSERS! You didn't even want him. He was meant to be mine. STOP IT SPIKE."

"Boy, now would be a good time to shut the fuck up." Spike pointed his warning finger.

"Let me go"


“But, I’m all wet.”

“See how much I don’t care.”

“I lied you bastard. I still hate you.”

James called back over his shoulder from the doorway. “Season six? I was naked in a lot of that one?”

“Sounds great, turn it up nice and loud.”

"I hate you too James. Your acting was shallow and one-dimensional. DON'T YOU FUCKING TOUCH MY DVDS!"

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