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Caught - Part 5

Title: Caught
Pairing: The only one that matters S/X
Warnings: m/m sex
Disclaimer: None of it belongs to me, I make no money
Rating: 18
Summary: Spike wants Xander for a pet, Xander has other ideas
- none of this is beta’d. This is the last part, those who've read and commented
- thanks loads! It's really appreciated.

Part 5

Xander was relaxed and surprisingly happy, he had finished his book and it had gripped him all the way thru. He put it down and lay back so that he was prone on the sofa.
He ran his hands over his leather clad legs.
He felt really hot, just the feel of them made him want to have sex. It was a good job he’d had his book to read or he might just have jumped Spike they way he was feeling now. The shirt too. No wonder Angel always wore silk and leather, kinky bastard. He ran his hands over the shirt feeling his body respond. He really shouldn’t aught ’ta be doing this. He certainly wasn’t going to make the mistake of jacking off again.
So he really should take a few deep breaths and think about something else. He picked the book up and went to put it back on the shelf again feeling the leather and silk caress his skin. Shit, he better stop moving about as well. This was torture.

He found another book which he thought might take his mind off sex and started reading. It worked and pretty soon he smelled food.
“Here we go pet – what you been up to while I wasn’t here? Nothing ya shouldn’t I hope.”
“I have been very circumspect after last time. I’ve been reading. I did some thinking and er, decided that reading was of the good like you said. Expand my knowledge yada yada yada.”
Spike smiled, he knew that Xander had been aroused by something while he was out cooking his grub. Most probably his clothes. Leather and silk always made him want to fuck - he was pretty certain it had the same effect on Xander too.

“What’s the offering tonight my caring Master in waiting?”
“Why luv, do I detect progress?”
“Sarcasm Spike, thought you were a past Master if you’ll pardon the pun!”
“I am luv, but I live in the hope you’ll see the error of ya ways.”
“Dream on! Now - I’m starved, what’s for it?”
Spike put the tray down on the sofa next to Xander. It held the fruit he’d asked for plus a dish of some strange looking cream. His main course was a salmon fillet with asparagus, mange tout and duchess potatoes and this time a glass of chilled white wine.
“I don’t eat fish. It’s all…fishy!”
“Well you’ll bloody eat this. Go on try it, you might like it.”
Xander took the proffered fork and took a small corner off the salmon gingerly putting it into his mouth. He chewed and then handed the fork back to Spike.
“Don’t you like it at all luv?”
“It’s a lot nicer than I thought, but I think it’ll taste a lot better if er, you ah, kinda feed me?”
“Yeah, I find that too luv. Here try the veggies as well.” So his pet liked being fed did he, good, cause he enjoyed feeding him.

Xander didn’t sit on the floor as he had previously, he knew he’d be doing that tomorrow. He sat on the sofa opposite Spike and accepted the food as it was offered, eating all of his well prepared and tasty meal, then had a few sips of his wine. He decided he liked wine, it was way nicer than beer. He looked at the fruit wondering which to eat first.
It was fairly obvious how he was gonna eat the banana. The mango he just loved because of its texture and taste, it was sweet and delicious and reminded him of summer.
Strawberries and cream was apparently a very English custom. He wanted mango first and said as much to Spike. He’d have no choice at all tomorrow with what he was fed and in what order it came or if he would be fed at all, it was completely up to Spike.
He savoured the mango, licking at the juice delicately as it ran down his chin. Spike could tell he enjoyed eating it as much as he was enjoying watching, even tho Xander wasn’t trying to be provocative, just enjoying his food. Once finished Xander indicated he wanted to eat the banana, Spike raised an eyebrow and smirked.
“Just peel the damned thing then give it me. Apparently a pet needs to practice doesn’t he? So this is me practicing, not, let me assure you, that anything might come of it. Just let me do this.” Xander appeared nervous Spike thought.
“Luv, it’s just a bloody banana, it doesn’t matter f you want it cut up or if ya want to scoff it whole. If ya want me t’give ya some pointers I’d be more than happy.”
“OK, just let me try first.”
Xander opened his mouth and slowly pushed the banana in, managing to get a good half into his mouth before he gagged. Spike watched mesmerised as the fruit disappeared into his pet’s mouth and then he slowly pulled it out again and nibbled at the end seductively, or at least that was Xander’s intention.
He wondered if it was working. He flicked his tongue out and licked around the soft phallic fruit now quite enjoying what he was doing, nerves forgotten. He decided it was time to finish with his tortured desert and ate it as seductively as possible.
“Enjoy that luv?”
“I was about to ask you the same question, d’you think if I ever actually did it with a real er, if I gave a blow job, d’you think - would I do OK?” Xander needed reassuring that he hadn’t made a complete fool of himself.
“We can always give it a proper try luv.” Spike said moving towards Xander. He had been affected by Xander’s inexperienced attempt and wanted to feel the boy’s mouth around him.
It didn’t matter to Spike how clumsy and awkward he was, he knew that Xander would only do it if he wanted to plus he wouldn’t do it to any random bloke, that just wasn’t him.

It suddenly dawned on Spike that if that was the case then instead of moving towards accepting being a pet he was moving further away. Spike didn’t want to let Xander go.
He wanted him to stay and in his mind the only way to guarantee that was to keep him with him as a pet. He knew he’d go back to his friends if he were to let him go.
“You OK Spike? You went away, was I really awful?”
“Luv, you could never, ever be awful. Here - give me your hand.” Spike held out his hand to Xander who took it. Spike turned Xander’s hand over in his and put it over his crotch allowing Xander to feel the bulge. He withdrew very quickly, cheeks flaming.
“That answer you luv?”
“I thought I – jeeze Spike you could have warned me!”
“You blush so beautifully luv! Come on, finish yer grub, these are the best strawberries – English, not like your yank tasteless giant ones, these have a unique flavour. God I used to love the summer, sitting in the garden with Mother, having a cream tea, the bees buzzing, the smell of the earth and the flowers, writing poetry, it was bloody idyllic.”
Xander looked at him in a completely different light, he’d never thought of Spike having a mother, admittedly he knew he wrote poetry but the scene Spike just described made him suddenly appear a whole lot more human and a whole lot more sad and lonely.
His heart went out to him, no wonder he wanted a pet. It must be a solitary life for him.

Xander picked up a strawberry and dipped it in the cream and offered it to Spike. He accepted the fruit and plucked it gently from Xander’s fingers. Xander was becoming a little bolder and he dipped his finger in the cream and held that to Spike.
He enveloped Xander’s finger pushing it with his tongue up to the roof of his mouth and started to suck the cream off, once every trace of the cream was gone Spike started to play with the digit eventually allowing Xander to withdraw it. Xander then picked up a juicy ripe berry and held it between his teeth.
He wanted to do this right but was very apprehensive, he leaned towards Spike, and the vampire could see the uncertainty in his eyes. Spike leaned towards him and bit thru the fruit swallowing the piece immediately so that he could steal the other piece and then have Xander’s mouth all to himself. He flicked the juicy berry with his tongue loosening it from Xander’s hold, he chewed it so the juice would taint his mouth.
Xander was breathing heavily, Spike’s lips so close to his, Spike’s sweet tasting tongue slipping into his mouth, exploring, gentle this time, making Xander feel as if he wanted to melt into him. Spike held his head in his hands like he was a precious object, Xander felt wanted, cherished, content.

Spike pulled away slowly to look at Xander whose eyes were closed, when he opened them there was a look of wonder on his face.
Spike swore he could see something like love in that gaze. He hoped that was what he’d seen.
He wanted to see that every time he looked at Xander. Xander leaned back in to brush his lips over Spike’s, and Spike just couldn’t help himself, he pulled Xander to him and claimed his mouth, making it his own.
He tried to pull Xander’s compliant body onto his but the tray was in the way, if he flung it on the floor it would break the mood and startle Xander, he tried his very best to grab it with one hand and put it onto the floor without relinquishing his hold on Xander.
He succeeded without any breakages and pulled Xander on top of him lips still clamped together.
Xander was giving as good as he got from Spike and before long Spike’s hands started to roam over Xander’s body, feeling his chest thru the silk of his shirt then his hand slid in and onto naked flesh. Xander was so hot he was practically burning Spike’s fingers as they traced over his nipples making them harden, causing him to gasp involuntarily into Spike’s mouth.

Spike was taking this slow, revelling in the sensations he was experiencing, Xander wasn’t just a shag, this was so much more, he wanted him with a passion he’d never felt before, not even with Dru.
His boy was perfection, naïve, unschooled yet ardent, he was giving and caring – and now - now he was tensing up.
Xander was almost lost in the moment but as he felt Spike’s hands creeping lower down his body he stiffened, he wanted to carry on just kissing but he knew that Spike would want more, and god what he was doing was so good, he wanted to stop and yet he didn’t want it to stop.
He knew things would go far too far and he didn’t want that. Yes, he craved Spike’s touch, yearned for him but he wasn’t going to give in to his body’s desire, not until Spike freed him.

Spike reigned himself in and felt Xander relax again.
OK if all his boy wanted was kisses he would drive him bloody wild with them, and so he did.
Eventually Xander reluctantly disentangled himself from Spike’s embrace; Spike could see the lust burning in his eyes which made him desire his boy even more.
“Can’t take the pace luv?”
“No, just a poor human remember. Spike? I want to talk to you and say stuff, tell you things, but it’s too soon, do you – will you wait?”
“Wait for you luv? Course I will, but I gotta say, you’re bloody killin me here.”
“Sorry, I don’t want to, but – shit Spike, why don’t you just let me go? Just say ‘Xander this’ll never work, you’re free to go’ and then just open the door?”
Spike considered it for a couple of seconds but he didn’t want to let him go, he didn’t want to be alone, so knew the answer he would give as the words left Xander’s lips.
“Can’t do that luv.”
“Why? Vampire pride? It’s not worth it Spike.”
“It’s not that luv.”
“Then what is it? If you cared about me you’d let me go.”

Spike could see Xander was getting agitated, but the thing was he did care for him, cared for him bloody loads and that was why he was keeping him. He looked at Xander, and trying to be as honest as he could he told him.
“It’s cause I care that I can’t let you go. You’re too important to me luv.”
“Am I really?”
“Yes you bloody are. You should’a realised, you know what I’m like, if I want something I soddin’ take it.”
“Like you took me?”
“That’s not what I mean and you know it. If I wanted I could take you and fuck you into next bloody week and you wouldn’t get a say in it, but I haven’t have I? You know I could and I would – if I didn’t give a toss.”
“Tell me?”
“No. You first.”
“Now you’re being petulant.”
“C’n be if I wanna.” He said smirking. Their conversation had gone around in a circle, from Xander being lost in Spike to being mad, Spike getting defensive and ansty and now back to bantering and a dawning realisation for Xander.

At that moment Xander felt that he could love this creature utterly and completely.
Something must have shown in his face or his scent could have given him away, he didn’t know, but Spike’s features suddenly changed and he vamped out. It shocked Xander because so far he’d kept his human features firmly in place, but now his eyes had become golden and the ridges on his face were clearly visible.
“I can’t smell your fear pet. You should always fear your Master.”
“Why should I? My Master cares for me and wouldn’t hurt me, and because I have no free will and no spirit how could I ever do anything to displease him?”
“You exasperate me pet and you shouldn’t.”
“If I was a pet that would be wrong, but it’s lucky for you that I’m not. I want to touch your face, can I?”
Spike inclined his head which Xander took for a yes.
As long as he’d known him he had never touched Spike’s vampire face, actually he couldn’t remember a time when he’d touched his human face, but now he reached towards him and explored the surreal features of this creature of the night.
He touched Spike’s forehead and eyebrows traced the hard lines of his cheekbones then his nose, all the while those golden orbs studied him, fingers traced gently over his lips, mouth slightly open as he tasted the air. Xander’s finger traced those deadly, razor sharp fangs, lightly pressing the tip of one, allowing the incisor to pierce him, a tiny bead of blood welled out and dripped onto Spike’s tongue.

Spike’s lips closed around the finger allowing the blood to linger on his tongue letting it coat his taste buds. It told him everything he needed to know about Xander and it thrilled him beyond measure.
He sucked on the finger trying to garner another drop of blood; it seeped out of the pin prick wound and he swallowed it down, his eyes holding Xander still as he did so.
Spike flowed over Xander, his face pressing, snuffling into his neck, breathing in his boy’s unique scent, feeling the cold metal of his mark of ownership on the hot skin, he licked at the juncture of neck and shoulder, nuzzled and kissed the skin before his fangs slid slowly into the unresisting flesh.
He felt Xander slide his arms around him, he trembled underneath him but he pulled Spike closer; Spike’s hand slid to Xander’s crotch and as he felt the vampire’s touch his body betrayed him and he came, the pull of the blood from his body, his previous arousal and Spike’s touch all combined tipped him over.
He heard Spike groan as the taste of the blood changed with Xander’s release. He could stay here all night and drink from Xander, little sips every now and then, never enough to drain him, or even make him feel unwell, just a drop every now and then, until the taste faded and he needed another, but that was just fantasy!
He unwillingly withdrew his fangs from Xander’s neck licking the wound until it closed, and then slid down Xander’s unresisting body, unzipping his pants he started to clean the still warm spend from his boys smooth flesh. Xander didn’t have the energy to protest, besides it felt nice, the soft rasp of Spike’s tongue on his lower abdomen, it wasn’t until he felt it move onto his cock and start to lick there that Xander managed to make any sound.
“Hey, steady there, still sensitive.”
Spike continued to lick any remaining cum, only acknowledging Xander with a ‘mm’, he went from licking his cock to nuzzling the skin around the base of it, nicking the skin with his incisor so he could have the dual pleasure of blood and cum on his tongue.
It was a blissful moment, the two tastes combined to give him the very essence of Xander, he licked every last drop until Xander almost shone he was so clean, Spike zipped him back up and moved on up his body resting his face once more in the crook of Xander’s neck.
“Xander, so special baby.” he husked into his human’s hot flesh.

This was the first time Spike had used Xander’s name since he woke and he’d found himself a captive. He liked the sound of it, they way Spike said it, all husky and low, it made him shiver.
He felt now, after what had just happened, that he did belong to Spike, he’d ingested a part of him, his blood, which was in essence the thing that gave him life and now Spike had it inside him.
He felt they had a bond, he wanted to belong to Spike, but there were different ways of belonging, this way felt right, not like he thought it would feel if he were a pet, now that would feel completely different. He felt that in a way Spike was his too.
“You said my name. I liked it, say it again?”
“Xander. My sweet boy. You were right. Having you as a pet wouldn’t work Xander.”
Xander didn’t think he’d heard correctly, he must be hallucinating after having his life’s blood sucked from him by a sexy hot vampire. He could have sworn….
“You don’t want to have me for a pet?”
“No love, not a pet.”
Xander actually felt a huge disappointment.
He wanted to be with Spike, perhaps he wasn’t good enough for a pet, he could have been the best pet ever!
Well, he could, even if he didn’t want to. He was upset and thought maybe Spike didn’t want him, now he’d sampled the goods so to speak, in fact upset didn’t quite cover it.
He was devastated.
Spike picked up Xander’s disquiet and it worried him.
He’d told him what he wanted to hear hadn’t he? He didn’t want him to be his pet, he knew he wanted Xander to be more than that and felt the boy wanted it too.

“Xander, tell me what’s wrong love.”
“Am I not good enough? Is that it? I know I don’t want to be your pet, but still, for you to tell me I was right, I wasn’t expecting it. Do you want me to go?”
“Why would I want you to go? I said you were right, I don’t want you to be my pet, I want you to be – well what do you want Xander, do you want me? Be honest love.”
Xander needed time to think.
He didn’t want to mess this up. He wanted to be with Spike he knew that, so just tell him.
He took a deep breath.
“I want to stay – here, with you, I want to be yours, shit, I am yours! I just want – you. I think I’m falling in love with you.”
Spike felt an impossibly warm feeling in the pit of his stomach, it spread out and suffused his being. It was an odd feeling for him, one he’d not had in a long time.
“All I need to hear love. In fact more than I expected. I want you by my side not at my feet, well sometimes you can be at my feet” he said with a cheeky smile.
“I could do that, no problem, even call you Master every now n then if you want me to.”
“Yeah love, that’d be ….. hot, you can be my pupil and I can still be your Master. Ya don’t know what hearing you say that does to me love. I want you Xan, can’t wait to have you, make you completely mine!”

Xander was basking in a warm glow of his own, he too felt happy and content, all he wanted to do at the moment was cuddle his vampire lover, he hoped Spike was OK with that.
He was.
He did have the hardest hard on of all time, but shit, it’d wait, he had his boy and they could shag anytime, this, the start, was something to savour, something to remember, a memory that he could look back on and relive over and over, take it out and know the elation he felt now.
“We settled then love? You’ll stay with me, not be my pet, be my …mine?”
“I gotta have a title, I can’t just be a ‘mine’. What about my boyfriend, or my partner. My lover, I like that one, even tho well, er…..”
“I like it too pet, and don’t you worry, before the day’s out that’s what you’ll be. How about ‘my Consort’?
“And that would be?”
“My spouse.”
“Kinda like we were married?”
“Fast worker aren’t you?”
“I do try. What d’you say?”
“Is that a one time offer, if I ask for a bit of time would that be OK?”
“Depends on how much time love. How much time d’ya need t’say yes?”
“Pretty confident are we?”
Spike moved and looked at Xander, all pretence of banter gone. He was deadly serious.
“Xan, I – I can’t take a No.”
“You don’t have to, I just need to get my head around it is all. I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s kinda sudden, I just have to get used to ‘us’. I want us and commitment, but can we wait a while for the ring swappy thing?”

Xander did want Spike and vice versa, but as Xander has told him he wanted to have time to adjust, things had moved very fast indeed from him being with the gang to now and he needed a period of adjustment.
“Spose it has been a bit of a rollercoaster for ya pet, and we don’t swap bloody rings, just blood, oh and semen but if ya want old human tradition, I’ll wear your mark of ownership!”
“That is just so unfair, rings are not marks of ownership, it’s a sign of commitment.”
“An you wearin my collar ain’t?”
“OK, we should agree to disagree otherwise we’ll end up having a really bad argument and I don’t want to argue. I want to snuggle.”
“Snuggle is good pet, but I really, really wanna do a little more than that, I could hammer nails in with me knob it’s so soddin hard!”
Xander started to giggle at the picture Spike had just painted for him, the giggles turned into guffaws and pretty soon he was holding his sides as he laughed and laughed at the idea of Spike hammering nails with his rock hard cock.
To Spike it was no laughing matter, it was bloody painful and he needed release badly.
Xander calmed down eventually due in fact to the kinda hurt expression on Spike’s face.
“I’m sorry. It was just a crazy mental picture. I – I’m ready if you want to - y’know? Spike?”
Xander had gone from near hysterical laughter to being apprehensive about having sex with Spike.
He was a virgin when it came to man sex, he didn’t want it to be uncomfortable, but he wanted Spike and it was natural for him to be hesitant.
Spike could sense he was anxious.
He needed to reassure his love that he would never ever hurt him, and certainly not in such an intimate situation.
“Xander, I’m gonna make this good for you, well, if I can last more than a few seconds. Actually it would help if I did something now and then it’d make things much better when I claim ya.”
“Bloody hell, shag ya, fuck ya, take ya, basically it’s all claiming ya!”
“You forgot one.”
“Did I really pet, and what would that be?”
Spike knew exactly what Xander meant and he was mean teasing the boy. Xander pouted.
“If you dunno then I’m not saying.”
Spike loved that pouty mouth, he’d get to love it even more when it was wrapped around his dick, but his precious boy was still new to the game.
He relented.
He’d tell Xander what he wanted to hear.
“When I make love to you Xan for the very first time I will be claiming you, no two ways about it pet. And I will be loving you, make no mistake.”

Xander’s heart fluttered, he was certain, his stomach certainly did. Spike was gonna make love to him, he loved him, he did, or…..
“Xander, stop it. Do you think that I would kidnap you, keep you in chains, try to make you want me, depend on me, do all the things I’ve done since you came here if I didn’t care for you? Do I have to say it?”
“Not if you don’t want.”
“You are a – god Xan, you bloody exasperate me!”
Xander held his arms up and tried very hard to do his best sexy look. Spike stopped being exasperated by the lustful look in his boys eyes.

“Take me to bed?” Xander asked hesitantly.
Spike stood and scooped him up in his arms, Xander put his around Spike’s neck and kissed the side of his face.
Spike placed him on the bed as if he were precious, carefully and considerately, before he started quickly undoing Xander’s pants, and pulling them off in one swift move, flinging them on the ground.
He’d seen Xander completely naked and he was lovely, but laying here on the bed, apprehension and lust warring on his face, cream silk against his tanned flesh, legs splayed in invitation, he was a vision. Spike started on the buttons of the shirt, he wanted to rip but made his fumbling fingers undo each button.
“Spike, leave the shirt on. Please?”
“If that’s what you want love.”
“Thanks, I – I like the feel of it.”
“Know what you mean” Spike said as he lowered his face to Xander’s belly and peppered kisses around his navel.
He gave a little bite and then quickly jumped up, kicked off his boots at the same time pulling off his Tee and throwing it away, he unbuttoned his fly with undisguised haste, his hard flesh pushing out to freedom, he had his pants down around his ankles and off in the blink of an eye and back to kissing that tanned flat belly before Xander had a chance to watch.

Spike worshiped Xander’s body with his tongue his teeth and his hands and within minutes Xander was a writhing sweating quivering mass.
Spike pushed his legs gently apart, raised his knees so his feet were flat on the bed and pushed them as far apart as he could. The topaz in Xander’s ass glinted in the light, Spike got his lube from the side of the bed and plastered it over his throbbing cock, he could hear Xander’s panting breaths and hear his small moans as he grasped the base of the plug and pulled it slowly out, manoeuvering himself so that his cool cock touched the hot opening to Xander’s body.
“Xan, all you need to do love is when you feel me pushing in just breath out, promise not to hurt love, promise. Having the plug in will have helped, it’ll have stretched you. If I hurt you tell me n I’ll stop OK pet. Ready?”
Xander nodded his head and felt pressure on his ass, he breathed out a long breath as he felt Spike slide into him.
He was way bigger than the plug and he felt the cool hard flesh against the sides of his passage, his body closing around and trapping it inside him. Spike trembled at the sensations coursing though him, he fought the urge to just fuck wildly, his fingers were gripping tightly onto Xander’s knees, Spike had closed his eyes in ecstasy but now opened them to look at his lover.

He moved around inside Xander making the boy moan even more, his back and neck arched as he tried to bring Spike deeper into him.
Spike withdrew gently and equally gently pushed back in. He really couldn’t take much more, Xander was a beautiful sight.
This was a beautiful thing.
Another few slow thrust and that was it for Spike, he’d made himself wait long enough, Xander was panting, moving his hips, squirming so deliciously that Spike couldn’t hold back, Xander’s eyes shot to Spike’s face as he felt the change in his demon love, Spikes thrusts became faster and harder and as his features morphed he heard Xander speak.
“So beautiful my Spike.”
He came hard inside his boy, body juddering with the force of his release and the joy running thru him. He looked down at Xander as his orgasm slowly subsided.
“I love you Xander, you are mine."
Spike touched Xander’s cock and he came, body jerking in time to his spurting dick. He’d never known an experience like this before, all those other times he’d fucked women and he’d never felt this level of satisfaction.
Spike didn’t ever want to leave the warm grip of Xander’s arse, but he needed to clean himself and Xander up. He reached for the plug and as he withdrew he slid it back in place, then bent his head to lick the semen from Xander’s body and to scoop it from his own.
“Will it be like this every time?”
“No love, it’ll be much better.”
“Fuck Spike, can’t think it could ever get better than that.”
“First time love, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did too. More than.”
“You didn’t bite me, I was expecting that. I – I liked it.”
“Good” Spike said as he caressed Xander’s thigh, licked it and gently bit into the soft musky smelling flesh.
Xander moaned again as he felt the blood being pulled from his body, this, he thought, was nearly as good as sex.
Spike took a few pulls of Xander’s blood then licked the puncture closed.
“Glad you like me bitin’ ya. Made me ready to go again if you are love?”
“Insatiable much? But, er, yeah, please. Won’t be able to cum but I’m sure you will be. An I like to feel you. Does this make me the girl then?”
“If ya wanna view it like that then yeah it does love.”
“Do I ever get to be the boy?”
“You do love, and I shall look forward to that immensely!”

“So, where are we then Spike?”
Another of Xander’s leaps.
There he was ready to pound his baby again and all of a sudden its ‘where am I’?!! He would never be bored with Xander by his side, not if he lived till he was 500.
“If you must know we’re in Scotland.”
“Scotland like England?”
“Yeah, but it’s a separate country, full of Scots, not English folk!”
“And how many minions have you got?”
“Bloody hell Xan, is this 20 questions? I wanna get back ta shaggin the arse off ya!”
“It’s not even been 5 questions, and I like to know stuff, so come on, how many of the populace have you turned to grovelling minions?”
Spike had the decency to look rather guilty.
“Well love, didn’t want ya t’feel ya could escape any time so – well I lied, after all what do you expect from an evil creature? No minions, no chef, just you n me pet, a loch and miles and miles of nothing.”
“So how do you get the food then?”
“Give me bloody strength! Tesco delivers, now shut the fuck up and let me shag ya!”
Xander laughed, he loved to bait Spike, it was so easy when he knew all he wanted was to take him.
“Is that any way to speak to your new Consort? You’ll be sleeping in the spare room if I have any more!”
“Oh I’ll be giving you some more love, lots and lots more, in fact I don’t think we’ll be needin that plug for a very long time. An just so’s ya know, no spare room either!”
“Can I ride you?”
“Oh Shit Xan!”

How could he think that this wonderful man/child would be a pet?
He must need his head examining.
The thought of Xander riding him did things to his insides, knotted him up and wrung him out. He would never tire of that either.

Xander and he belonged together.
Not as Master and Pet, but as equals.
A Vampire and his Consort.
He wouldn’t have it any other way.


  • The Love of the Bullied 22/25 + Epilogue

    Title: The Love of the Bullied 22/25 + Epilogue Author: Forsaken2003 Pairing: S/X Rating: R Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon…

  • The Love of the Bullied 21/?

    Title: The Love of the Bullied 21/? Author: Forsaken2003 Pairing: S/X Rating: R Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon Comments: Always…

  • Buffyverse Top 5 Opens in 2 Weeks!

    It's time to pick out your costume, start carving those pumpkins, and decide on goodies to share because it's almost time for the 2021 session of…

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  • The Love of the Bullied 22/25 + Epilogue

    Title: The Love of the Bullied 22/25 + Epilogue Author: Forsaken2003 Pairing: S/X Rating: R Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon…

  • The Love of the Bullied 21/?

    Title: The Love of the Bullied 21/? Author: Forsaken2003 Pairing: S/X Rating: R Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon Comments: Always…

  • Buffyverse Top 5 Opens in 2 Weeks!

    It's time to pick out your costume, start carving those pumpkins, and decide on goodies to share because it's almost time for the 2021 session of…