Nicole (blue_icy_rose) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search

I'm hoping you guys can help me out with this fic. I thought it was by Velvet Crypt but I didn't find it so either I missed it or it's by someone else.

Anyway, the only part I clearly remember is that Spike is injured enough that he can't move or respond to anything but he can still hear what's going on (which I know describes the beginning of Velvet Crypt's Finding Home but it's not that one) and Xander's dad comes down to the basement. Xander has just enough time to hide Spike in the closet and promise that he won't let his dad hurt Spike and then Spike is forced to listen as Xander's dad rapes him. The only other part I remember is that Xander manages to crawl into the closet before he passes out and I think Spike takes care of him after waking? Not sure on that part.

Sound familiar to anyone? Please? *gives all of you Puppy Dog Eyes O' Doom*
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