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My goodness, you step away from the fandom for a little while and completely lose touch with everything!

I understand that people have been cursing me because I’d locked down my fic tighter than Spike’s ring (got to love that vampiric newness!) and that you couldn’t get anything other than Part 14 at catamite_fic. I’d made all entries private (or thought I had) as a result of Strikethrough last year, panicking and not wanting to be chucked off LJ for writing fictional brothersmut. I’d always meant to unlock the entries again once things settled down… but kind of forgot (I’d say it was a side effect of the chemotherapy but I’ve always been a bit of a ditz).

Anyhow, it’s all unlocked again and available for your reading pleasure at catamite_fic. I’m sorry: one, for causing frustration and two, because it’s a stalled WIP (but with 24 [quite porny] parts). *ducks rotten veg*

Part 1 is here. Over the next few days I hope to make the entries easier to navigate and to post a summary of "what happens in the rest of the story" for those who want closure.

Thank you for being interested in the story.
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